Get to know the Libra man characteristics

Libra is the 7th Zodiac Sign since the Astrological calendar. Libra, in the Greek, means the scale. Thus, the symbol is the scale.

Astrologers believe that Air element has gifted with higher intelligence than the rest three Elements ( Fire, Earth, and Water). Libra is the second Sign in the Air Element. Before Libra, we have Gemini also the first Airy Sign. The third Airy is Aquarius Zodiac Sign. It sounds weird when the name “Aquarius” in the Latin language mentions water. However, Aquarius indeed is an Airy Sign in Horoscope with Astrology.

Like Gemini Zodiac, Libra loves to collect the knowledge, the objective in order to gain the BALANCE in any situation. Unlike Gemini, once Libra analyzes the situation in all aspects. Libra will listen to all the parties saying -> stay objective-> ask more detail questions-> take notes-> find some facts, objective -> and final, think hard in order to find a solution can satisfy all parties.

Unbalanced scale

It leads to a little problem. Before the Libra scale balances, it has been up and down both sides. At that moment, Libra is considering, is calculates with the logistic mind. Libra Zodiac doesn’t allow emotions involves when balancing. And… in the relationship, Libra sometimes puts their own emotions, feelings on the scale-> and then ask themselves if the current girlfriend/boyfriend is the right one for them? Libra will think how much emotions, feelings need to invest in the relationship; how much money, time, effort, and other stuff in order to have a harmonious relationship. Libra final goal is balancing love and money, mind and heart

One more Librarian characteristic that you would mistake with another Zodiac Sign. In Psychology saying, Libra Zodiac is the extrovert. The network is the biggest Libra asset. Libra is social, more in a friendly zone than Leo. Leo urges to be the center of attention while Libra charms other people by the politeness, the gentleness, the grace. Libra also willing to help other people regardless of their social status. Libra is very easy to make a new friend. Libra is generous to helping the new friend AFTER LIbra receives help from that person. Give and take is another important concept in Libra life.

With the main ruler planet – Venus, Libra both genders pay attention a lot about beauty. It could be a self physical beauty appearance. It could just facial beauty. It could be just building a beautiful body shape. It could be the beauty in art. It could be the beauty of job performance. Or the nature beauty.

(Directly way) Hunt and be hunted

With the ruler Venus, and the Air element, Libra man has a handsome face. Libra man’s also good at facial expression. The most remarkable about Libra man facial beauty is his light smile. Libra man usually smiles lightly. Even he is super excited and happy, Libra man smile still embeds something grace, sunshine, not so rude, not so offense.

In the love relationship, Libra man is wanted because he is a womanizer. You don’t see the naughty ideas when you first date with Libra man, but he is definitely the hunter. He is very active when he sees an interesting lady. He gives about 5 signs that Libra man likes you.

He uses all his brainpower to get your attention. He knows his good-looking is one advantage. He knows his gentlemen defeats the majority of men included your ex-boyfriend. He knows the limit for the first few dates. He knows he should not ask anything so privacy on the first date.

And then, Libra man walks slowly to you with the confident body language. His eyes still maintain in the area where you are located. If you have a friend with you, it will be one more advantage for Libra man to leave the impression.

Thus, Lady, what should you do If you want a Libra man?

In this direct way, hunt and be hunted is the strategy. With your normal woman 6th sense, you can easy to notice Libra man is approaching your place. Why you let Libra man active and take the control first?

Libra man likes a smart woman. Libra man doesn’t like a very strong woman. You don’t need to pretend to be strong in body. You can educate yourself to have a strong mind. At first, you would not see the benefit of a strong mind. After you have a few dates with Libra man, a strong mind will help you. Actually, it would be you who will help Libra man makes the final decision: love you or nothing.

Don’t be passive. Be active and approaching Libra man if you can sense his existence. Remember Libra man emphasis the give-and-take concept. You take a few green signs from Libra man. You need to give back your green signal too (if you are single and interesting on Libra man XD If not, please give him a clear Stop sign! One of Libra man flaws is he still flirts with some normal female friends in his network). It would give Libra man a feeling that you are a smart woman. You have the ability to build a mutual intellectual connection with him. That would be something interesting to him. That would make you stand out of his ex-girlfriends list, and temporary has more bonus points comparing with his potential girlfriend list.

Be yourself. And then, enjoy his hunting. You will need to balance his hunting with your hunting too haha

(Indirectly way) Act like an elegant, grace Princess

Let’s say you meet a Libra man by accident. You receive his help. Under your eyes, Libra man is the hero who saves your day. Libra man is so handsome, friendly, a light smile. You don’t know why you keep looking at Libra man eyes. Then, you have a chance to ask the Libra man name. You also share the contact with you since he’s friendly and kind of easy-going about making a new friend.

Next, you message, call, talk a few times with Libra man. The more you spend time with Libra man, the more you want to know him more. You feel being stuck when the relationship is staying in the friend zone. You want to go further than it. Nevertheless, you don’t know clearly what to do for the breakthrough.

Here is the indirectly way suggestion for your situation: act like an elegant, grace Princess -> show up near Libra man area-> let him notice you don’t want to stay in the friendzone with him anymore.

The Basic idea like that. If you want to know more details step, continue to read.

After a few times communicating with him, you want an event for the breakthrough. With this indirectly way, you have two choices: asking your own friends to help or you get out of your comfort zone and make Libra man notices about you.

The first scenario: asking your own friends to help. It’s kind of easy.

Step 1: you need to talk heart to heart with your own friends. If you have some male friends, don’t be afraid-> just ask their help. if one of them don’t want to help you, well, well 🙂 it looks like you have a tail right inside your network. Anyway, the main goal for step 1 is arranging with your friends both male and female-> creating a small social meetup -> and then, you message to the Libra man and invite him to join in.

If the result doesn’t turn out like your plan, Libra man might create an excuse since he is busy to attend to his own social event. -> that’s your chance to move to the second scenario! Politely, ask Libra man if you can join in with him.

Step 2: no matter you go to your own friend meetup or you go to Libra man event, you need to prepare a few things.

The first thing you need to prepare: your style cloth. You will get out of your comfort zone and try a new style for Libra man? Or you feel you are the most beautiful when you wear your comfort clothes?

Libra man is an idealist. He cherishes the beauty too. His want-to-see-imagine is an elegant princess. You would choose some simple clothes that boost your feminine such as a medium-size skirt. You would spend some money to do your hair in the hair salon.

About your makeup, wear lightly. With the light makeup, you can highlight your most beautiful facial part.

graceful, elegant young lady image

If you have a necklace, choose the design suitable for your elegant cloth. Even you don’t have a necklace, that’s fine. Actually, you can take advantage of it. When you meet the Libra man, you can ask him how you look like. Enjoy his compliment and a little flirting. And then, you need to ask his opinion because you feel your set cloth is missing something. Libra man is smart. He knows nice jewelry will make your set complete.

The second thing you need to prepare: doing your homework. After Libra man agrees to let you join in with his social event, ask him more questions about the event. What the social event is about? How many people would be in the place? etc. You need to aim yourself a certain knowledge about the social event’s topic.

Libra man doesn’t like the lady, who walks on his side, is a beauty without the brain.

The third thing: you need to eat a little bit in advance. The social event is the place for communication and exchange. It’s not the place for you to eat there. Just the unspoken rule you should know before going.

Step 3: When you arrive at the place with or without Libra man on your side, you still need to do some actions in order to attract the Libra man. Action is kind of simple: get yourself likable in the crowd.

Remember you are not a show-up princess. An elegant, graceful, tender princess is better in Libra man eyes.

During the event, you can reveal a little bit about your emotions, your feeling about the Libra man for the crowd. -> that is the final goal for this indirectly way to attract Libra man: Let him know through his network

(Another way) Being creative as an artist

This third way is the way when you think outside of the box. Being creative. Being creative doesn’t mean you need to become an artist.

Libra is interesting in art, music, movies and social network. With two ways above, we focus on using the social network to attract the Libra man. With the last way, you will need to focus on art, music, and movies.

Art is a big topic. Under Art, we have a lot of kind of art. All of them classifies into 4 main categories:

  • Literature art such as fiction, drama, novel, poetry
  • Performing art such as dance, music, theatre
  • Visual art such as drawing, painting, architecture, etc.
  • Last is multidiscipline art.

You can learn more detail about Art with Wikipedia.

If you don’t have the gift or any interesting in any kind of art, don’t be stubborn and choose what you don’t like. Music and Movies are also two more sub-types of Art. Libra man usually relaxes by listening to music and enjoying watching some movies. Sound more common to you, right? Seem you just discover the common interest with the Libra man, right?

For relaxing the mind and the stress, music is the easiest way. Libra man also chooses this simple art. He favorites light music. Besides it, Libra man also listens to other genres. And he can sing some songs!

However, there is one unspoken rule. You should not give any opinion or comment about his favorite music. You should not criticize his music. You should respect his music taste.

Here is just one example of light music 🙂 Don’t misunderstand it would be the Libra man favorite music!

Libra man doesn’t have much requirement about movies. He enjoys all kind of movies. With each movie, he can see more different angles of many things in this world. Libra man is the only man that doesn’t sleep while he watches a romantic movie with you. After the art, you would surprise on the next date when Libra man acts as the character in the movie. That is one strength about Libra Zodiac. Both genders have the ability to be actors, actress. They are good to express emotions, feelings through their face and body language.

Libra man has been attracted to you. Are you curious about the compatibility between you and Libra man? Check out Libra compatibility part 1. If you can’t find the compatibility between your Zodiac Sign and Libra in part 1, Libra compatibility part 2 will share with you what both of you should do for the long-term harmonious relationship.

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