No one tax the dream. Pisceans people usually daydream. Even so, do you think everyone deserves to be loved and love? Love in the dream will be different from reality? Or Pisces people can find the best relationship in their dream?

Starting with two Signs most compatible naturally with Pisces

Are you sure Cancer is one of two signs the most compatible?

The main reason Cancer Zodiac is one of two the most compatible with Pisceans -> both signs are the same Water element-> it makes the solid foundation connection between Cancer and Pisces. It doesn’t matter about the couple between Cancer woman with a Pisces man, Pisces woman with Cancer man. The sync is always there. Without talking many words, the couple understands what it said in their minds by looking at each other eyes, look at each other body language.

Since they are water elements, their personalities are born in common already such as caring, emphasis on emotion and feelings, stand strong to protect the love oned, etc.-> Once they get together physically, they feel they are born to be together. They feel they are the best couple in the world. Their relationship isn’t selfish. They put effort to make each other happy-> for example, they will dream about many romantic dating days. They talk together about the plan. Cancer sign will do what it can, in reality, to make the join dream becomes true together. -> seeing the love oned smile-> that is one kind happiness.

Sometimes, both of them daydream so much that it becomes supernatural-> of course, it is super hard to make it come true. It’s possible but the realism in Cancer Sign will make Pisces sad a few times. Because the reality is so different.

What is another?

Another best lover for Pisces Zodiac is Scorpio 🙂 Same reason but little different displays. Still caring together (Scorpio doesn’t show much caring like Cancer Sign). Still know each other’s needs without saying. Still create romantic memories for each other. And more the sameness between them.

The little difference lays in Scorpio Zodiac. Sometimes, Scorpio becomes angry when Pisces’ attention is not on Scorpio. Scorpio’s coldness creates some illusions from the Pisces viewpoint.

Even it has some small problems, but the couple Pisces with Cancer and Pisces with Scorpio are the best.

One lower level of compatibility

A stable relationship with Taurus

To Pisces, Taurus acts like a space launcher. Our human wants to fly to the Universe -> we start from our hard Earth-> it needs to be stable enough for the rocket flight. -> The relationship between Pisces and Taurus slightly turns to the one-way give-and-take.

Most of the time, Pisces Zodiac usually is the one who demands more things. Taurus Zodiac isn’t usually active to ask the flavor because what Taurus sees is the reality-> Taurus doesn’t daydream nor nightdream very often. (Even dream, Taurus would dream about money and own some beauties included human beauty and product beauty) -> from small things to unrealistic things, Pisces all want it. Each time, Taurus makes one Pisces’s dream come true-> Pisces is very happy. -> and then, Pisces continues to ask the repeat with the next dream…

While Taurus can use the money to make some Pisces’ dreams come true, but Taurus asks the payback in different forms. Sometimes, Taurus will ask to f**k more times in the bed. Sometimes, Taurus uses the money to buy some alone moments (away from Pisces’ crying). Sometimes, Taurus uses the money to force Pisces to do what Taurus wants.

Anything has it’s limit. Even Taurus stamina can stand a long time, but it still has the breakthrough point. After many demands from Pisces, Taurus starts to feel annoying. Pisces sometimes keep mention about those not-see-by-eyes. Pisces asks Taurus to feel by heart.

To you, does Taurus give too much and receive too little in this relationship?

Little worry about Capricorn, but it’s still a lovely relationship

Capricorn Zodiac also is another Earth Sign. Like Taurus, Capricorn gives a strong foundation, a strong backup, a reliable shoulder (even it’s Capricorn woman) to Pisces. The difference with Pisces-Taurus relationship is the distance.

Capricorn Zodiac, no matter male or female, is always ambitious. Capricorn would spend more time in the career. It makes less time being together with Pisces-> it gives Pisces the feeling of emotion-distance. Not only about emotional, but Capricorn is also busy doing things at the workplace. Pisces would not have many chances to meet Capricorn’s face at home, or at least somewhere belongs to them only.

By loving Capricorn, Pisces reduces the ego, the daydream. Pisces definitely puts more effort in to prepare food -> take care of Capricorn. Pisces would bring the food, clean clothes, or what Capricorn needs to the workplace. While looking at Capricorn eating food, Pisces would be exciting to share what is the dream last night. Pisces still wants to make a comfortable zone for Capricorn.

However, in this relationship, Pisces needs to become stronger, braver-> to share the thoughts, the creative ideas, the daydream with Capricorn. Capricorn will listen as the time allows-> Capricorn will review with the realistic points-> and then, Capricorn will create it as a project-> ask Pisces to join -> the purpose: make the dreams come trues together.

Because of love, Capricorn still teaches Pisces about the structure and how it can make all Pisces’s dream come true-> it has only way-> through efforts and hardworking.

Dreams never come true when it doesn’t have the plan nor do the actions.

Another compatible sign: Why it needs the common between Pisces and Virgo for a relationship?

Pisces is the completely opposite sign with Virgo. It’s 180 degrees opposite on the 12 Zodiac wheel. It leads to two scenarios: it could be the best ever relationship, or the relationship never happened.

The relationship between Pisces and Virgo symbols for the classic battlefield between heart and mind.

classic battlefield between heart and brain

In the love relationship, it has always the moment, individual needs to choose between the emotion and the consciousness. Should I listen to my heart? Or I believe in what I research?

You can understand Pisces is the heart on one side. Another side is the brain with Virgo. Pisces lives and see the world by emotions and feeling. While Virgo tries to change the unbreakable surrounding through the plan, the preparation, the research.

Pisces and Virgo could experience the first-sight-love. However, it doesn’t last long when Pisces and Virgo learn more about each other. At first, Pisces might admire the wiseness from Virgo and Virgo cherishes Pisces’ golden heart when Pisces sympathies and help others.

However, the lifestyle, the viewpoint still derives from the difference.

Pisces could be a scholar in the academy, but in reality… those knowledge might not useful.

While Virgo does more practice by hand. Sometimes, Virgo still uses the brain to find the solution for situation-> still, the process could be done manually.

Pisces doesn’t understand what Virgo plans to do. And Virgo finds it’s uncomfortable when discussing the unreal ideas with Pisces.

This kind of relationship could be the winner in a flip. With some conditions:

  • Both Virgo and Pisces need to communicate together-> the purpose: get on the same page together.
  • Virgo should compromise more with Pisces about small things. While Pisces reduces the demands.
  • Most important: the love between Virgo and Pisces is still there while the attraction fades.

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