This is the first post within the Libra Month – when the Sun enters the Libra Zodiac Sign from September 24th until October 23rd.

5 Signs Libra Man likes you

Some Libra Man physical attractions

No matter where you have a chance to meet a guy, check out below physical attractions If the guy in front of you is a Libra Man. If so, he should have:

  • A handsome face overall. However, his beauty doesn’t very outstanding if he engages in the crowds. When you come closer, you will notice how handsome he is. His beauty is kind of light, charming and kind of friendly. If comparing, his facial beauty’s likely the Fall sunlight in the afternoon through the treeline. Not so bright, not so hot.
  • The well-divide hairstyle. Actually, this physical attraction is just a myth. It depends on that Libra man. Since the Libra means the scale, the balance in the Greek, his hairstyle naturally stays in equal 5:5 on each side. I can tell this since I have known a older-age Libra man before. Most of the time, that Libra man hairstyle is 7:3 ratio. After a while movements or the wind, his hair comes back to the 5:5 style.
  • High forehead
  • His eyebrows are little thick and dark, but somehow, well equal about the longitude.
  • Almond-shaped eyes
  • His nose is not so high but slim, and kind of equal ratio
  • You will notice Libra man usually smiles very lightly. With some Libra man, you will see his light smile very softly. He doesn’t laugh so hard, so loud like “haha” or laugh so hard on the floor. Even Libra man has a big surprise and very happy, his mount, his teeth still stick together, but the smile opens widely on each side.
  • Once you can see the widely smile, you have a chance to see his dimple. Check it the next time because his dimple is not easy to show off.
  • About his body shape overall, Libra man is kind of taller than the average man height, and well-balanced on each body part ratio.

For example Libra man

Robb bank Libra man example
The rapper – Libra man example

Very active to chasing on you

With all the physical gift from the Venus planet, Libra man class as a womanizer. Once Libra man is interesting on you, he will be very active and take the first move. He knows he has the intelligence in all aspects from carrier to religious to political to entertainment and so on. His cleverness has a certain level in each aspect. Thus, Libra man knows how to choose the right moment to start a conversation with you. To you, you will feel this guy knows how to choose to go to the right place, at the right time in order to give you an unforgettable first impression. He might be the superhero to save your day even he’s stranger to you. He might be the highlight in the dating group event. He might appear as a romantic as he wants with a guitar and a love song. He doesn’t forget to close with a strong ending with a rose on his mouth-> slowly walk to your place and give you the rose in a romantic way. (hehe, you can let your imagination to have a romantic daydream a little bit. Libra man has the ability to make it happens in real life!)

After that, Libra man will act like a real prince. He will be gallant and pull/push the chair for you to sit down.

Then, Libra man will start the conversation first. He would warm-up with some common social questions. He also introduces himself. With the elegant way. Not so rude, but polite. Not so much but enough for you to remember what is his first impression.

Next, Libra man will add one or two, perhaps more flirting ideas for a little fun time. He slowly pushes the conversation into the higher intelligent level.

He will close the conversation, the first date with your contact number on his phone. If you are still cautious, it doesn’t matter to Libra man. His goal is having something to keep in touch with you. He is interesting to know more about you!

After getting your contact, Libra man will spend hours to hours for company with you.

It’s just the Libra man common strategy. He usually wants the relationship starts at the friendship. That is his strength area. First, he adds you into his enormous network for multiple purposes. Second, he communicates with you more since he interests in having you as his girlfriend.

He will arrange his schedule to spend most of his time to company with you. He starts out as a friend-> a little closer than normal friend. Not a business friend. Not beneficial friend. -> a best friend of you. He wants himself as the best(male)friend who is always available to be with you, to hear your concerns, to comfort you when you are sad, share the happiness when you have one, cheer up you if you have the sorrow.

Flirting by giving you more compliments

Once Libra man is interesting on you, he will ignore your flaws. He just focuses on what makes you beautiful. If you have a beautiful eye, you will hear the compliment from Libra man. Not so directly. Perhaps by a poem, a song. If you have a nice body shape, Libra man would ask you for a dance.

Lady, enjoy Libra man’s flirting since it’s art. Not raw, not rude, not complex like other Zodiac men. At the moment, LIbra man only puts you in his eyes. ( At another period time… it’s hard to tell what would happen in the future.)

Delicate, artistic approaching

Other Zodiac men use different approaching to you. With Libra man, music, movies, and arts are the main three weapons he usually seduces all ladies. He would share his favorite music. You can expect that his favorite music is the light music, the romantic non-lyric melody, some classic, some modern. Just don’t critical and give any opposite comment with his favorite music. That is the first rule NOT to do when you are dating with Libra man.

At the end of the date, Libra man can suggest in advance about the movie for the next date. He will ask what genre movies you would like to watch with him. The theatre would be the appropriate location since it’s not so public and still romantic enough for a dating couple. Libra man can leave the decision on your hand. You will surprise if you push back the final decision to Libra man. He will have a little hesitant moment. He would ask more questions for the balance, for compromise to make both parties happy.

woman in art gallery

If you get to know Libra man for a few dates, you can be active and invite him to an art collection. Even you don’t have much knowledge about art, paintings. Still, ask Libra man for a date in an art collection. His knowledge, his opinions will surprise you when he is your free personal guide in the collection.

Hesitant since Libra man waits for your response

Well, this last sign in the 5 signs Libra man likes you depends on you. Libra man has been active and chased on you. Until a point, Libra man would stop those romantic actions and think. Libra man puts his logistic mind, his heart, his emotions, feelings about you into a scale. Then, start to balance and consider. Libra man will wonder if his feeling to you is real? If you were the only one, another half, the right person for him? What if you want to go further and farther with him? Would he love you and treat you right as his future wife? Is he ready for marriage? Does he still want to flirt with other girls?

You will notice this point when you can feel Libra man half of the time is so sweet to you as a good boyfriend. Half of the time, he would ignore you and treat you just at the normal friendship level. He might still make love with you. He might live with you. He might still take care of you.

However, Libra man is still hesitant to introduce the relationship to both families side.

If the time comes, you will be the one to help him to make the choice. It might hurt for you but you should give Libra man a choice. The choice between love or nothing.

If you’re still stubborn and desire to have a long term relationship, check other information in his natal chart. If his Moon Sign, his Mars planet forces with a good aspect with your natal chart, you will have a better chance to follow your stubbornness! Fighting and good luck to you, Lady!

5 Signs Libra Woman likes you

Some Libra woman beauties

For this one, I can share a little bit. In the past, I have met two Libra women. Once is my University classmate friend when I am still in my home country – Viet Nam. Another Libra woman, actually, a younger lady who I meet at the time I study English As the Second Language in community college. Both of them are Vietnamese ladies. Even so, Venus still gives the equal gift for all Libra women around this Earth. Just my two Libra women I know are the Asians. (for easy to follow, I will use their nickname. My University friend Libra names Si. And the younger Libra lady is Rosella)

Both of them have a V-line shape. Since they are Vietnamese, the height just meets the Vietnamese woman standard. Both of them are naturally black long-over shoulder hair. That is the normal setting. I still remember there is a time when my University Libra woman Si changes her hairstyle. Wow! Even with her friends are barely recognize who is she because when she changes her hairstyle, she looks like a different person. I mean she’s still attractive, but her friends kind of mocks that she looks ugly. Well, I still say a good thing about Si since my Mars planet is in Libra Zodiac. It means I am attracted to Libra women. I am kind of mature now so I can control for not doing the bad thing to my current girlfriend. (actually, my current girlfriend has one Libra Zodiac in her natal chart, so I’m still consisted to propose her in the future :3 Just still don’t know when is the right time for proposing)

For some Western Libra women, they are offered by Venus a full at the bottom lip and thinner with the upper lip. With the clear skin color, a little white, Libra woman facial is good-looking.

Here is Miss Farida Waller Thai Miss Universe 2012 – one Libra woman

Farida Waller Thai Miss Universe 2012

Comparing with some normal Chinese young Libra women

One the left side is Libra woman with Cancer Moon Sign. And the right is Libra woman with the birthday on September 26th.

Overall, Libra woman beauty is grace, elegant, definitely leaves a good impression to any guys.

Think about you a lot during the day

Well, well, well. Thinking about you is a very common sign when a lady likes you, dude. Cancer woman also thinks about her special partner in every single minute during the day. However, you will notice the difference for Libra woman.

Once Libra woman likes you already, she will talk about you a lot! Of course, she talks on behind your back. Actually, Libra woman talks all the good things she notices on you. She shares with her co-workers, her colleagues, her normal friends in her network. With her best female friends, Libra woman will share more details on how good you are, how handsome your face is. They don’t know about your flaws because Libra woman doesn’t know either. Libra woman at the time focuses on the good things about you ONLY!

Thus, you can not see very clear this sign since Libra woman is shy when talking directly. The only way you will know is through her network. When the moment you can see one friend in her network, you will have a little surprise when they seem to know you before the meet-up. Her friend might say Libra woman talks a lot of you when they are together.

Create any reason for being with you

With the gift intelligence mind, Libra woman can create, make up any reason for being with you. The most common scenario Libra woman would use is her network. She would ask her friends to help. She might find the reason -> and then invite you to a double date with her friend and the boyfriend together.

double dating of two couples

After a few times using that trick, Libra woman would update the setting for getting closer with you. At the beginning of the next few dates, you will find Libra woman arrive at the appointed place. Alone. Next, Libra woman would say it’s supposed the double date. However, her friend and the boyfriend has something else more urgent. Thus, they can’t join. Libra woman might act a little shy and ask you for the solution.

Pay attention to Libra woman body language. In this situation, she is inviting you a privacy date that only you and her. It’s just her way. Not so directly, gently and a little feminine 🙂

If you are smart enough and say the thing matching with her idea, you will see how happy Libra woman. Even she is happy, her smile is still soft and light. She keeps herself elegant, grace as she can.

Show a little shyness when she’s near you

In reality, it’s hard for you to see Libra woman shyness. It’s not impossible. You might not understand and feel Libra woman shyness. if it happens, the place where it has a high chance for you to see Libra woman’s shyness is somewhere on the street, in the public place.

Take more care about her appearance when she’s with you

Sound very common for every woman, right?

Libra woman cares more than others. Libra woman shares one thing with Virgo woman: idealism. I tell it for sure since I experience it when I teamwork with two Libra ladies before. For a small project in the school, both Libra ladies eye on the appearance of the project. Both of them want to decor and change some layout to meet the teacher requirement. They also take more care of appearance before the presentation.

Outside the classroom project, I still see that behavior when both Libra ladies have social activities. You can tell I am not the person who Libra lady likes. It’s okay because I have a chance to stay nearby when Libra woman reacts with the guy she likes. I can observe Libra lady because, at the moment, I have a crush on both Libra ladies XD A crush is just temporary hehe it’s a cute feeling after all.

Thus, you should be careful. Don’t misunderstand because Libra lady usually treats well to everyone. You might receive a nice act from Libra woman at the time. She still repeats it with another guy because she wants fairness. When you see Libra woman acts more, do more, care more than normal to someone, that person probably is the one who Libra woman is liking and chasing on.

Last sign is depending on you if you can understand her mind and her body language.

Just like Libra man. After a while active chasing on you, Libra woman reaches the point: hesitant. She has been done many things for you. She has been given you some signs that she likes you more than just a friend. She spends time to think about how to make you happy, how to surprise you when you feel down.

Libra woman waits for your response back. She has been put her time, her efforts, her emotions, her feelings on one side of the scale. Libra woman expects the scale will balance it. She expects her special one will understand her mind. And she is long for someone can understand Libra woman heart.

It depends how clever, how smart you are in the relationship. If you quickly notice her green signs for the further stage in a relationship, Libra woman will be happy when she can receive back.

Give and take is the main concept for the scale balances. How much you can give to Libra woman, she will return with the same in her way. It’s the reason why Libra woman has a lot of guys chasing on her. You want to be a special person for Libra woman or just one of them?

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