We enter the 4th month of the 2020 year. With the normal calendar, it’s one special year. In some meanings. For example, the 2020 year has the February month with 29 days. Most of all, the significant event all human being is facing -> it is the virus.

Right now, the virus has the name as COVID 19 in common, SARS CoV 2 in some medical facilities. You have tracked all the information about this virus as it happens in the USA. There has a lot of myths, ideas about this virus. However, it never confirms in the official ways.

Let’s review the facts from our USA government Departments-> and then, some small piece of information, perhaps it considers as the myths.

What is COVID 19?

Do you wonder about the name of this virus? Do you know the history or 🙂 perhaps background? Let’s review facts from some reliable and trusty sources.

Name: (officially) COVID 19 = Coronavirus Disease and 19 is the year 2019. -> this fact, you can easy to find on Wikipedia. Even it’s not official like the USA government, millions of people trust Wikipedia as the online source.

Coronavirus is are a group of related viruses that cause diseases in mammals and birds. In humans, coronaviruses cause respiratory tract infections.


Based on Wiki, this virus has the background.

Background: it happens before in some Asian countries. The virus, at first, happens in the animal (pig, chicken, cow,etc.) with a massive death. Special pig. By contacting with animal, some people get this virus from 2002-> it under control around 2004 -> then, 2012, this virus develops into the new form-> so it has the different name according to the situation-> one more time, it takes nearly 2 years for all involved countries keep in the control. -> now, somehow, this virus transforms one more time and attack our human.

Since USA CDC ( Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) and WHO (World Health Organization) state many times in their official website, you won’t find anything further facts than it (because I am normal civilian ? )

Here is the direct link back to the USA CDC-> at there, you find:

  • Symptoms and testing
  • Prevention
  • Daily life during the outbreak
  • What you need and MUST DO if you are sick
  • Information for extra caution
  • FAQ
  • Travel
  • School and other things in community
  • Case and update news

When COVID 19 happens?

Unofficial way, it happens somewhere around December of 2019. At that time, nobody believe it would blow out as the serious disease.

And then, January 2020 is the official time China Government and Wuhan officials confirm the virus spread in local people.

Where COVID 19 first start?

In reality, Wuhan is the location where doctors find out about the virus. The victim also the killer brings this virus from the urban of Wuhan city. And now it’s still spreading around the world


Who is the first victim of this COVID 19?

About the first victim in the world aka in China, it’s a man.

And people said: that man is the first victim and also the killer of more 40 thousands people.

Who first find out about this virus?

One doctor in one Wuhan hospital is first person aware about this situation. However, other higher rank people skip the report at that moment and now we have one million people have this virus in the worldwide.

How does it happen? and How it can spread so fast like mice/rats giving birth

It has the story. Some people tell that story as the myth. Some even don’t know how it happens.

The story Chinese population shares:

It was a middle-age man. He was travelling to urban area of Wuhan city for relaxing. During the adventure, he “was excited so much”-> he wanted to discover more in the forest. He did what we want. And get lost.

At the critical moment in his life, he decided to kill some bats in the nearby cave for the hungry stomach.

And then, he was rescued by forest rangers. They transferred him to the hospital nearby as the common case -> at there, one doctor paid attention to his condition because he had some unusual symptoms comparing with malaria.

This doctor took closer supervisor and report the case to the higher rank level in the hospital. He also worried this would be the new kind of virus-> The doctor reported to some city officials

Unfortunately, officials plus others didn’t believe in his words and his “special patient” at the moment -> this happened around December 2019. Around one month later, that special patient plus the doctor, who warned others, are dead! because of the new virus at the moment.

If you am curious how it spreads-> no need to think deeper and further. The COVID 19 virus has been spread like we have known these days: through the breathing close air with the infected patient. -> this is how far we know.

In China and Wuhan city, when the virus hit the crisis, the spread happens less than 3 foots.

Last is about why

About the reason… we don’t know what is the true. It has many rumors and myths.

Many Chinese population is angry and cursing on the man who eat the bat meat in the urban area.

Many Chinese people said that man is so stupid and so ego that he implicated the whole population in the world -> that man name definitely listed in the “Great series killers in the human history”.

At the end, I would like to share the reason this post is written.

To you, this virus brings challenges?

Then, have you ever think about the opportunities this virus brings?

There has the saying:” challenge also is the opportunity”

Below is my thinking about what COVID-19 brings:

FearDelivery and shipping service is boosting -> which brings more job in this kind of service
The Risk of DeathIncrease the demand and the need for essential production
Lost some incomeGroceries still open because the human need to eat and drink
Lack of necessaries and essential items in the liveThe chance for everyone to learn more about technologies -> for telework, study online from home
Deeply running out: – Hand sanitizer
– Face mask
– Paper such as paper toilet, napkins, etc.
Huge opportunities for all companies for the online business
General health (Ex: fly season in the USA from May to August yearly)New opportunities for individual and small business to open the online business
Challenges for extrovertsGreat opportunities for all cleaning services and de/anti-virus (resident, commercial services)
Think wiser, simpler and more creative
Cherish other’s lives because this COVID 19 has killed thousands of people in the worldwide and still counting
Temporary “vacation” with “Stay-at-home” order from USA President and from other countries officials/leaders.
While “stay-at-home” order, the chance to rest and strength body
Freelancer jobs opportunities and other kinds of online jobs
Great opportunities for investment in the stock market since this virus brings the crash-> Do you excited to buy the stock at a low price and resell with the higher price after one or 2 years from now?
( In the past history, we – human – can control similar types virus of COVID 19 after 2 years.
Here is the link-> after clicking on the link, find the table outbreak. You will see the time frame)

As you can see, the opportunities are overwhelm the challenges. I believe the list opportunities are longer than it. I just list some with the short time thinking. I know I still miss some opportunities.

Leave your list answer for “what opportunities this virus brings?”

10 Replies to “What is COVID 19 about”

  1. I am blessed to see such an informative article. Because It is well-timed. So I appreciated this post very much. Here you have discussed in detail about COVID 19. It is an amazing article. Here all of the discussion is of importance. I think this article is useful for everyone. I agree with all your depictions. I have learned a lot from this article.  For this, I’m so impressed. Thanks for presenting beautifully. I think everyone should know this article for COVID 19.
    Lastly, I would like to share this post on my social media so everyone can know about COVID 19. Thanks

  2. Hi,

    I hadn’t heard about this man’s story who ate bat meat, but I do know that some people have burned innocent bats to death, wrongly blaming them for the disease. They burned them alive which is a terrible thing to do …

    The other thing I read is that this virus originated in a Chinese market where illegal wildlife meat was sold. What do you think of that theory?

    1. Hi Christine, honestly those are just the myths and rumors from people. The story I share in the post -> I also hear from someone else. 🙂 So, I am not surprised much when I hear your rumors. 

      Scientists don’t have time to search deeply about the reason and the root. -> they just confirm one thing: this virus derives and develops from the animal.  

      The most important task for scientists now is finding a suitable vaccine for the COVID 19. Some American scientists start some experiments with some potential vaccines -> we hope they can find the right vaccine to control this COVID 19. Not only in the USA but people around the world also hope that someone or one organization can successfully create the vaccine. 

  3. Interesting hot topic! I heard about the story about the man who ate bats. If the story is true, it is really sad that just because of one man and the whole world is suffering from the virus.

    It is so true that whenever there are challenges, there are opportunities.  At this time, I hope that many people will change their mindset and look for opportunities.

    1. Hi Christine 🙂 

      About the story, the man eats bat-> it’s a myth, a rumor -> because this story has the point matched with Science so I decide to share in this post-> the point: this virus original derives from the animal. -> look back at the beginning of this post, you will see the link of Wiki-> there has the information. 

      Lastly thank you for your supporting words 🙂 for some people need a long time to change the mindset. We can not urge them since we are all adults. When the time comes and the situation meets, they will see more opportunities. 

  4. Hmm..this is an article of very informative details not until now i didn’t know of much about this virus that all i know about it is that its deadly…..as it not yet very rampant in my country but i think i would set up and get my self kit up against this virus

    1. Hi there,

      This virus has affected a group of people. When we convert the number of people has this virus in the world (one million and still counting) into the percentage-> We will see it’s just a small percentage compared with the whole world 7 BILLION population. 

      Even so, we should caution because this virus can lead people to another world. We don’t want to lose any loved one in our life. 

      Cheer up and take care of yourself there! 🙂 

  5. Covid-19 has really been a thorn in the flesh for all around the world as it has been one of the most worlds feared disease not because it kills fast but because of its mode of spread as it has now been recorded among on of the most contagious disease..thanks a lot for sharing this awesome article

    1. Yeah, David 🙂 we fear this virus because how fast it spreads. Until now, over 4 months, we reach one million people who have this virus, more than 40 thousand people died because of it 

      -> those numbers over the number people get cured and come back with the normal life. 

      -> now everyone hopes any scientists can create a suitable vaccine to control this virus soon…but… they said the process definitely takes more than one year long for make sure the vaccine works effectively 

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