You know about Venus Planet in our solar system already, but do you know that planet is named after a Greek/ancient Roman Goddess?

Venus is the hottest

[…] in both Astrological point of view and the Cosmology.

Let’s dig into the Cosmology first.

Venus is the second planet from our solar system. She (Yes! Venus Planet is she because the planet named after the Goddess. Another reason is Venus’s beauty and brightness from the Eart perspective) has just~ a little slimmer than our Earth. Comparing about diameter, Venus’ hip is 12104 km. While our Earth’s 12742 km.

Venus planet orange surface

She is closer to the Sun, so her temperature also is hotter than Earth. In fact, she is the hottest in our solar system (if we don’t count our Sun because the Sun is the main source of heat and power).

She covers herself with sulfuric acid droplet’s clouds-> it makes her appearance as a white coat. That coat takes the role as a mirror which reflects and then scatters the Sunlight. -> It’s the external purpose of her white coat.

About the internal purpose, the white cloud also keeps her skin “warm”. If you can touch her coat, you would feel comfortable since the temperature there is similar to our Earth surface.

Venus can melt Lead easily

With full containing carbon dioxide (CO2) and nitrogen (N2) plus a thick atmosphere, her internal temperature is 880 degrees Fahrenheit (470 degrees Celsius). Her body temperature is so “warm” that can liquid the Lead metal material easily.

“She takes just over 224 Earth days to make one complete orbit around the Sun (sidereal orbit)” -> It counts as one completely day-night circle. Her day ends after 117 Earth days. However, she only takes one and half her day to completely orbit around the Sun. -> She is done with her job because one year in the Venusian time has 225 Earth-based-days.

She has the ability to do that because her rotating direction is completely opposite comparing with our Earth direction rotate -> it means Venus orbits “backwardly”, from East to West.

Why Venus birth situation is hotter than Jennifer Lawrence?

In ancient Sumer and Babylon where the precursors of horoscopic astrology originated, the planet Venus was associated with the goddesses Inanna and Ishtar, respectively. These goddesses had a far greater repertory than their cognate goddesses Aphrodite (Greek) of temper and warfare.
The name Inanna may derive from Nin-Ana, Sumerian for “Lady of the Sky.” In her Phoenician version as Ashtoreth, she may have been the “Queen of Heaven” condemned by biblical prophets.

Venus is one of the twelve Olympian gods. She was the goddess of love, fertility, and beauty.

The Titan Kronos had castrated and overthrown his father Uranus at the behest of his mother Gaia and thrown his genitals into the sea.

The sea started to foam at the place where he threw them in and from it arose Venus in all her beauty. The world was immediately struck by her charm and as she emerged from the water flowers blossomed under her feet.

Goddess Venus at her birth moment

Why Venus – Goddess of Love – cheats?

Only in Roman Mythology, Venus has many love affairs with both immortal Gods and mortals human.

Venus was married to Hephaistos, the divine blacksmith, and God of fire. Although the relationship symbolizes aesthetics in the arts and crafts, it was an unhappy marriage.

Hephaistos was ugliest God and had a limp but was the greatest craftsman. However, he loved her so much that he created a golden carriage to pull her around. The carriage was drawn by doves to match Venus’s own beauty.

However, Venus was not satisfied with this combination of her first immortal husband (the appearance reserves with the talent)

As the embodiment of sensuality and passion, she sought more attractive lovers such as Ares, the God of war.

True to her Near Eastern foremothers, Venus’ passionate nature led her to become embroiled in most of the battles and intrigues among the gods. She was in no way the naive, shallow beauty as the present day image of Venus suggests. Her admirers could rely on her support.

However, she severely punished anyone who displeased her.

And about Venus mortal lovers, the two most famous would be Anchises and Adonis, but she was also the lover of the Sicilian king Butes.

Okay, that is the mythology. Can we go to Venus meaning now?

Since Venus is the Goddess of Love and Beauty, all women receive her benefits. It doesn’t matter what Zodiac Sign Venus enters, the Goddess grants all women sense of femininity and female sexuality.

Venus also points women to seeking her own harmony. It could be in relationships, the love of another person, or love of beauty, and art.

Venus gives each woman her own unique charms and beauty. Special for Zodiac Taurus and Libra. The Goddess is the main ruler of Taurus women and Libra women.

Taureans woman inherits the Venus emotional dryness. It means Taureans women are very “clumsy” to express her love. Taureans women express her love in a different way. It’s through a stable financial life. They are “dry” because the Venus planet surface is super dry and hot that almost Earthy materials turn into the liquid shape. However, in the bed… Taureans woman isn’t “dry” at all. In fact, Venus offers Taurean high sex drive, and sensual skin but very low naughty imagination.

For Libra woman, Venus gives harmony, diplomacy and charm qualities. Plus one unique beauty both outer and inner.

Venus also has some contribution in the kidneys, the arteries pump blood enriched with oxygen around the body to the organs and the veins then transport the blood back to the heart.

That is all the core concept Venus gives to all women.

About men… Every single man is under one Venus affection: love.

However, Venus Sign in a man has two fold meanings.

In a man’s chart, the principal Venus tells what type of woman to whom he is attracted to. Venus indicates what qualities in a woman who that man is looking for. Well, it could lead to positive or negative…

At the same time, when a woman looks at the Venus Sign of a man, woman finds what he is attractive.

It shows how one loves and wants to be loved, how one expresses and wishes to receive affection. It indicates the kind of things that bring someone pleasure and what is likely to appeal to an individual’s aesthetic nature.

For example a man has Venus in Cancer Zodiac Sign

The First meaning that he is attracted to a lady

  • who is traditional;
  • who is willing to sacrifice some in order to be a full-time wife and staying-home mom;
  • who is the first one to support him by staying by his side and emotional support too.
  • who loves him and expect his love back in return.
  • and a few more personalities and qualities 😛
  • because, in her, he finds what he needs and what he cherishes about.

And when a random lady looks at his Venus Sign in Cancer, she would find this gentleman is very lovely because he can take care of her in the future. In both physical and mental. -> this thinking only appears in a lady who has the Cancer aspect in her chart only. XD

If she has the Sun Sign in Cancer, he would love her appearance.

If she has the Moon Sign Cancer, (different Sun Sign), he would find himself unconditional magnetize to her. He would love her true persona, the inner beauty of Cancer.

If she doesn’t have any Cancer Zodiac in her chart, she might find this guy is annoying -.- He acts as her father!!!

🙂 It’s just one example. You can learn more on Venus and Signs.

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