Libra woman is a popular one. No matter where she is, men, other women can’t help to like Libra woman. Libra woman gets so well with others since she is school to University to the workplace to strangers on the streets. Libra woman is very social and charming.

How about her love life, the romantic relationship? Libra woman is popular with men of any ages. She has many tails. Even they have equal potential to be Libra woman’s boyfriend, the competition rate is quite higher than other Zodiac women. However, what attracts Libra woman in a long-term relationship? Perhaps until the marriage stage and thereafter? Before exploring 12 examples criteria below, you should check out 5 signs Libra likes you.

Body in shape vs Chubby

Just like all woman. Libra woman first will look at the physical attraction. However, Libra woman cherishes more if the candidate has the body in shape. It could be the man natural body shape. (there is a type of body that doesn’t grow fatly no matter what you eat, how much you eat. The body shape remains as the natural). It could be the hard-work of months practicing in the gym.

If you have a little chubby body, don’t lose hope so fast. It’s just one aspect that Libra woman considers when she chooses her future partner. You could surprise Libra woman by your willpower: transform from the chubby body into 6-abs-packs.

man body shape with 6 abs

Do you think Libra woman will be moved, touched when you show that she is the reason for your change?

Fair vs Favorite

Libra woman most charming is about her fairness. Sometimes, her objective plays mediator for many conflicts and arguments. Even with herself, she sometimes has the problem to balance everything in her life. Libra woman is definitely standing up if she witnesses the unfairness.

Thus, Libra woman allows her tails the equal opportunity to chasing on her. That is the fair act Libra woman offers.

In the love life and romantic relationship, the socially accepted model is one boyfriend-one girlfriend and one husband-one wife. It’s kind of conflict with Libra woman fairness. If she favorites one specific man, she feels it doesn’t fair with other men who are chasing on her. It leads to the common situation that almost every single Libra woman has.

It’s an open relationship. Libra woman dates more than one man at the time. Even Libra woman has an official boyfriend, she still allows herself to have another boyfriend. That happens a lot at the dating stage.

The reason behind is about flirting.

Flirting vs Non-flirting

Flirting is the fun part where Libra woman enjoys during the dating stage. Libra woman often flirts with others in her network. That action sometimes smoothes her activities.

You get the idea, right? A guy who knows how to flirt has a better chance to be an official boyfriend for Libra woman. However, don’t overdo it. Libra woman still has the logistic mind during the dating stage. Her sixth sense can tell you are flirting for fun or serious mind for a long-term relationship with her.

Gentleman vs Bad guy


There has a period of time when the bad guy type gains popular in society. At the time, a good girl usually hangs out with bad buy.

However, it doesn’t apply to the Libra woman. LIbra woman has a little traditional. The classic Chivalry has a bonus in her mind and her heart. Chivalry is the just beginning sign to prove that you know how to treat a woman or not.

Bad guy type is the first type Libra woman tries to avoid at all cost. Libra woman knows her value. She is smart enough to control her future partner. She understands the bad guy only leads her to a dead end. Positive guy will bring more harmony.

Only the real gentleman with a kind act is at her top potential list. If you fake the gentleman quality, Libra woman would make up some reason for her leave.

Being gentle to her is good. Kind to other people around without Libra woman in sigh is better.

Good looking face vs Normal

One more aspect of physical attraction to Libra woman. People usually say a man with a good-looking face has some advantages. One of them is attracting to Libra woman. Libra woman is born under Venus affection. She enjoys the beauty. A good looking face definitely pleases Libra woman more.

Healthy lifestyle vs Junk lifestyle

Everyone has their own lifestyle. Libra woman has her own too. She expects her future partner AT LEAST a similar lifestyle with her: eating right, not eat so much because Libra woman wants to stay slim. Her future partner can eat more portion. She doesn’t mind because she understands the man-body takes the nutrition different from the woman. Sometimes treat yourself with gourmet, it’s fine. Exercise is a must.

Smoke-> ?‍♀️

Drinking-> ?‍♀️

Having a healthy lifestyle means you control yourself good enough. You have good health. -> You have a good ability to being a father.

Independence vs Dependence

Normally, Libra woman wants to be independent about her carrier, her financial. In the romantic relationship, Libra woman needs some spaces for herself too. That would be the time for her to lazy in her cozy bed, to lazy eating snacks instead of properly meal, to sleeping late until noon, for her to relax by listening to light music, and her favorites songs. If you pay attention, you will find it’s little weird when Libra woman has her own favorite songs. It’s kind of crossing her balance, her fairness. Nevertheless, Libra woman doesn’t care about fairness since she can’t help to like some specific songs. It helps her to restore and balance herself with her image when she’s out of the house.

Open mind vs Fixed mind

Libra woman will say goodbye to a fixed-mind man very soon since she can’t find the connection between her and him. It will lead to some conflicts, some arguments. Libra woman will be cool and don’t keep any contact with the fixed-mind person since it harms to her health. Libra woman wants to have a harmonious relationship. If it was too hard to find, a peaceful relationship is a minimum.

Since Libra woman is the open-mind type, she wants to find the same quality in her future partner. One more reason is to avoid the misunderstanding, avoid the jealous. Libra woman has a big network. She usually has to interact with others. Talking with some men in her workplace, in the street, in the online social network is the thing can’t avoid it. She looks for a man can accept her social side. She also wants to talk, discuss openly many aspects of life, in a love relationship.

Patience vs Hurry

Libra woman somehow finds the hurry is annoying. She is the idealism type. Everything she wants to do, it needs to time to satisfy her own requirement. In the workplace, the Libra woman wants to do her job properly and as good as she can. She also wants to prove with her supervisor about her job quality.

In the love life, Libra woman believes patience will reward later. She needs to observe many aspects of the man. For example, the 12 headings in this post are some examples that Libra woman will consider when she chooses the future partner. Libra woman will check one by one. -> put it in the summary-> comparing with other men for finding the Mr.Right.

Popular in public vs Know in personal

If you are popular in your public network, it’s good for you. It’s also one attracting aspect under Libra woman eyes. Somehow, she finds the connection, the common point where she can discuss with you. She might interesting what you do behind the scene. Is there anything new she can learn from you?

If she has a chance to know you better in person, she would accept it, but don’t expect she agrees so quickly. She is not an easy-going girl. When she accepts your offer, she knows she will need to give back something for even the odd. That is just her way. Balance and fairness.

Wealthy safe vs Hearty safe

Choosing between money safety and hearty safety, Libra woman hesitates. It’s a hard decision. It likes the most tradition battle between the brain and the heart. Libra woman knows if she has more money, she can do things she wants. She can buy some beauties she admires. That’s on her side only. If she receives a material gift, Libra woman will find a way to return the favor. In most case, Libra woman will search around -> buy some material-> handmake little gift-> decore it-> gift it to you. Then, her mind is good when she feels she doesn’t own you anything.

Somewhere in Libra woman heart, she is still a woman. She urges the hearty safety more than money. She can earn money by herself. Even she usually treats other men equally, but she still wants to feel being loved, be spoil. If another woman gives Libra woman that feeling, Libra woman doesn’t mind to like that woman. Libra woman doesn’t mind to being lesbian.

Wizen brain vs Flat brain

About the last one, it’s about one old saying in a few years ago. Some scientists say that a beautiful brain is the one which has some wizen, some creases, some curve. If you look for the example of the flat brain, the mouse’s brain is the common type.

The brain’s curve symbols for brain activities. When the brain is young (at the children age), our human brain is flat. In some delayed children, their brains are kind of flat. The doctor says that’s “Lissencephaly”.

Since we start to learn new things, knowledge expands the brain volume-> Since our head bone has limited space, the brain creates some wizen on the brain surface for the fitness. It’s our human brain’s masterpiece!

Thus, the wizen brain simply means that person has more knowledge. Libra woman wants to have that kind of brain. Her brain actives more when she sees some visual arts, when she feels the beauty in literature arts, when she enjoys some performance arts.

Even Libra woman doesn’t tell but it would be happy when she has a companion for a theatre, for a music concert, for a movie. Libra woman would be happier when she can discuss things related to the art with you.

Those 12 aspects above are just some examples of aspect that Libra woman considers. With specific Libra woman, she can add or minus depending on the potential partner.

If you have more than 6 aspects above, you are entering the intellectual connection with Libra woman. You will need to know some more in order to understand Libra woman as your lover. Perhaps, Libra woman would agree to be your future wife after she observes how well is the compatibility between her and you. You can do the research in advance and in behave of Libra woman. Libra compatibility part 1 and part 2 are the source’s destination.

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