This post is the following after the post “What do they understand Libra woman?”. This is the next step after you learn more about some Libra woman’s characteristics. Now, you would understand a little bit more about Libra woman.

Continuing, do you feel where your relationship with Libra woman is? You and Libra woman are still in the friendship stage? You want to breakthrough and go further, higher stages? You want to be with Libra woman for a long time. Perhaps, a long-lasting marriage too 🙂

Below is the compatibility between your Sun Sign and Libra woman. Under the Horoscope with Astrology view, Astrologers need to take a deeper look at your natal chart, Libra woman natal chart-> and then, check one more chart that is the combination between your chart and Libra woman chart. They will look at other factors for indicating how well you are compatible with Libra woman. The elements astrologers will look at are Mars planet, Venus planet, the Moon Sign, the house position. if the join, combination chart of both you locates in the 4th house position. That information tells that you and Libra woman has a high chance of getting married. However, about the after-marriage life, astrologers don’t guarantee.

Libra Aries compatibility – A sweet dangerous relationship

sweet but dangerous

Libra and Aries’s couple is a sweet dangerous relationship for some reason. If you don’t know, Libra is the Air Sign. Aries is the Fire sign. In the horoscope circle, Libra and Aries are the opposite Zodiac sign with 180 degrees apart.

It means Libra and Aries are very attractive to each other because of the differences. This is the sweetness at the beginning of the relationship. Both feel fun and attractive to a new person. The differences also are somehow attractive. Libra sometimes flirts and Aries supports it.

Normally, Libra is very popular in social events. Libra likes to debate, discuss everything from the small things such as today what clothes should wear, what the combination clothes emphasis the grace, the simple, the beauty into the big things like study plan, carrier, find the partner for marriage, buy a car, buy a house, take care of old parents, etc. Libra usually uses the head to put everything for weight, for considering.

Aries… aigoo~ at first few months getting know Libra, Aries is excited because every time Aries talks with Libra, it brings some challenges for Aries. -> in the simple physical image, you flow more air to a fire-> the fire burns more! Aries also bring some warm to Libra’s heart.

Slowly a few more months dating pass, the difference in their own Zodiac fights.

In the beginning, You – as a Libra Zodiac – you feel good when you have an Aries as your partner. Your Aries partner usually is full of fire, alive, active in almost everything. It’s your Aries partner who makes your life become more excited when you can discuss almost everything with your Aries partner.

Slowly, you feel your Aries partner doesn’t like you more. You feel your Aries partner is easy to lose the temper when both of you discuss things together such as what food dinner both of you will eat? what day both of you will have a date? who will be the one who makes the plan for a romantic day? It likes you – Libra will do the job since your Aries partner doesn’t know much about romantic.

You also feel you have one more difference with your Aries partner. You need time to consider, to decide. You need to collect more objective before giving the final decision. However, your Aries partner is different. Your Aries partner has a quick mind and easy to tell you the final decision. You feel don’t understand much about Aries’s decision. Where is the logic behind that decision? You feel a little offended when your Aries partner said the final decision is made by the feeling. Just feel it is the right choice. That’s it!

Patience and Consistent are the two main keywords for Libra Aries’s couple needs. Both of you need to control your leadership, control the desire taking control over your partner. You should sit down and share your idea. If your Aries partner has some signs of losing temper, you should tell your partner to take a turn for doing things together.

If both of you are stubborn at the time arguments, both of you would be stuck in quicksand

Libra Taurus compatibility – Childhood best friends to lovers?

When you first meet Taurus, you feel like you have found one more best friend. You have a little regret that why you and Taurus don’t be a childhood best friend. You and Taurus have many things in common. Both of you cherish the beauty. When you shop for the grocery, both of you share the same viewpoint. For deciding what kind of fruits to eat, you and Taurus don’t argue at all. When both of you choose fruit, you will choose fruit that has a beautiful appearance. Appearance is important for both of you. You tend to take care of appearance more since it’s beauty.

When you stay with Taurus, you feel content, comfortable since your Taurus partner understands you well. Thanking for that, you make Taurus romantic dreams come true. When you have some new ideas for a romantic date, you can discuss it peacefully with Taurus. Your Taurus partner listens to your idea careful. Taurus allows the time for you to decide which idea you want to do first. This is the result of the mutual patience from both Libra and Taurus Zodiac.

Libra Taurus compatibility is good until the marriage. For the after-marriage life, the couple has a little problem. When you live with Taurus under one house roof, you have more time to learn more about the Taurus lifestyle. You also understand more. This leads to a little problem. It’s Libra who realizes the differences. You like to attend social events. You like to hang out with friends. You just said it’s a friend to Taurus. Your Taurus partner doesn’t happy much because of the obsession. Besides, Taurus doesn’t like to be social very much. Taurus likes to have a stable life.

The solution to the small problem:

  • Taurus should yield first. Taurus is more stubborn than Libra. Taurus needs to be more open. Don’t be anti-social so much. Going out with Libra to a social event, it’s kind of fun time and finds a little excited
  • And Libra. You need to learn how to accept Taurus stubbornness. Taurus needs more time to accept some changes in lifestyle. Just like you how you need time before deciding the final choice.

Dear Libra, If you really love your Taurus partner, you should accept all the flaws. You shouldn’t let your leadership take over. If you keep insisting to chase on your own ideal partner’s image… you will miss out on the chance for a good marriage life with Taurus.

Libra Gemini compatibility – Intelligence match -> does love have room in this relationship?

Libra and Gemini are both Airy Signs. When both of you get together, you feel you have caught a good match. It’s the intelligence connection. You easily to find the good thing on each other. Day by day, both of you need something to keep your minds active. Both of you need intellectual stimulation.

You get it soon from Gemini because Gemini always has something news to share with you. After hearing from Gemini, you want to find more to seek if there has the knowledge, a new skill for you to learn. And Gemini is satisfied too since you support and join the conversation all the time. You make the Gemini mind open more for deeper knowledge. Gemini gives you an opportunity to learn more a new skill, new knowledge. It’s a win-win! ??

After that, both of you discuss, talk hours by hours. Both of you like to do that because it makes life less boring. Even both of you talk with each other a lot but both Libra and Gemini share one common bad habit.

Both of you never is good at expressing your own deeper feeling and emotions.

Both of you view expressing feeling and emotion is one act of the weakness. In front of other people, both of you use intelligence. And it works well enough. You think in the love relationship it should work well.

When the incident or the accident occurs, both of you tend to use the logic mind to analyze-> find the solution. You would follow your habit rather than be brave and talk openly about your own emotions.

Both of you might feel very uncomfortable when using emotion to talk. Special in the love life. Nevertheless, give it a try. Gemini is one soulmate that can understand you well enough. Gemini also is a good intellectual match for your marriage. How long you want to keep the marriage -> it depends on how both of you share honestly about the deeper emotions to each other.

Even the marriage life is about reality, but it will be strong when it is built from pure love.

Libra Cancer compatibility – Find the self-ideal partner image on each other?

Once again Libra Cancer compatibility is based on the different attractions. Both of you share only one thing in common-> that is the desire to have your own way. Somewhere in you, you want to control each other by using the indirectly way. You usually use some metaphor for what you want Cancer partner to do. However, your Cancer partner takes it as the objective. He/she doesn’t understand the deep meaning behind it.

Your Cancer partner tries to control you indirectly by using emotion. However, expressing emotion is the hard thing for you as Libra. One side is very good at expressing emotion to an intimate partner. One side is super hard to express deep emotions and feelings. This is the main problem in this couple.

Even both of you are in a different phase, both of you understand the compromise’s value. Thus, negotiation is a must-use tool. Because both of you don’t want to argue. Both of you want the relationship will be peaceful, happy.

It’s just you have your own needs. That needs are different phases with your Cancer partner. Cancer sometimes wants to stay at home-> be cozy, be lazy, have a quiet moment to relax, enjoy movies, enjoy some intimate, romantic actions. Just you as Libra has the desire to go out and being social.

The most dangerous thing in this Libra Cancer compatibility is the ideal partner image. Both of you have your own ideal partner’s image, but that ideal image doesn’t match together in real life.

Libra Leo compatibility – Fairness still exists?

Leo could be the fastest partner for Libra. If a miracle happens, Libra and Leo will turn the enemy relationship into a love relationship. Before it happens, Libra and Leo can’t get along so well.

The main reason is fairness between you. To you as Libra, balance, and fairness are important things. Leo person is the kind of person who wants to take all the attention. Leo’s self-centeredness is the most offended to you. It’s again to your idealism and fairness.

That is the reason you see it in Leo. And for you as Libra, you also do a thing made Leo’s angry. Leo person sees you are so cool. Leo person feels you are emotional distance. No matter Leo woman chases on Libra man. Or Leo man chases on Libra woman. What Leo does for you, it’s because Leo likes you. Leo impresses you by giving you some gifts. However, you share it with someone else. That injures Leo’s pride. Leo makes it ONLY FOR YOU!

Fairness and favorite… how to balance it in the relationship when Leo doesn’t listen to you!

Libra Virgo compatibility – do both of you tired to maintain a harmonious relationship?

If we limit this relationship at Libra Sun Sign and Virgo Sun Sign, this compatibility is nice. It builds from the friendship. If one of you wants the relationship goes further, we will need to take a look at the individual natal chart. And then, take one more look at the joining natal chart between you.

At first, with Libra Sun Sign and Virgo Sun Sign, this relationship is good because it is the combination, the meet-up between two refined individuals. Libra and Virgo have certain knowledge and intelligence. It makes the relationship becomes more maturely than other compatibilities. When Libra joins with Virgo, it always has the respect, the elegance, the intellectual connection and the inspiring. Both are clear about expressing ideas; collect objective; analyze. Even it has the incidents, the argument, Libra and Virgo use the debating rule. Both sides bring the thesis, analyzation, explanation. It’s kind of a good way to solve the problem but in the love life… emotions and feelings should have a louder voice.

If we limit at the Sun Sign, the problem is about Libra. Libra needs to learn how to express your own emotional needs. You also need to share more about your deep emotions. This is the main barrier before getting out of the friend zone.

If you have found the compatibility between you and Libra Zodiac, what do you think about the current relationship with Libra? Do you still have the same feeling as before? Do you still like Libra Zodiac as a friend? Or you want to be the boyfriend-girlfriend relationship? And perhaps beyond!

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