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Libra Libra compatibility – Two Librarians can be a good couple?

In reality, it’s hard for a Libra man to meet a Libra woman that still single. It’s a simple reason. Both are Libra Zodiac. Both always have the tails waiting for being boyfriend/girlfriend. It’s abnormal when a Libra man chooses a Libra woman as a girlfriend. It could be the social act for covering the unspoken news.

When they do, both Libra man and Libra woman want to build a “perfect” relationship. They want to show that in the public. They will do what they feel to put the “perfect” mask on their new-born relationship.

In the beginning, they understand what kind of relationship between them. It might be a benefit friendship for civilized purposes. And then, change into normal, casual friend. Next, they know and understand what to do for entering the love relationship. To them, they understand what is the “contract”. They just know how to make each other feel special, feel loved.

This couple Libra man and Libra woman would turn into a strong and very fond relationship IF one of them have the Mars/Venus in Libra Zodiac. That will significate the strong fond.

Even so, both Libra man and Libra woman still want to balance each other… as the result of that, they still avoid having the conflict as much as they can. Slowly, that behavior builds the dishonest right between them.

They are smart-> yes. They say clearly their ideas-> yes. They try to treat each other fairly-> absolutely. LIbra man treats and respects Libra woman as a woman, not like a game of chess, not like a toy, not a seasonal girlfriend/boyfriend.

Nevertheless, both the Libra man and Libra woman has the same deadly common in their relationship. Just the Zodiac Libra characteristic only: Libra is NOT comfortable to share their deep feelings. They have a hard time to share their deep feeling with each other.

When both Libra man and Libra woman masters the communication at the emotional level, they will turn into true love between Libra man and Libra woman.

Libra Scorpio compatibility – Mild and Intense

Libra Zodiac loves everything place in order. He/she needs a clarify for almost everything. Even you don’t have the answer, the solution for the current situation, just tell that truth. In the meanwhile, Scorpio can read human basic needs and wants. Thus, telling the truth or not doesn’t matter much to Scorpio since he/she can feel it, can guess it. Besides, Scorpio loves the intense feeling. -> this characteristic is opposites and sometimes thread to Libra. Libra might enjoy the companion from the Scorpio’s companion, but the more time dating together, the more Scorpio wants more. -> slowly, Scorpio desires makes Libra unbalance. That is the thing Libra feels annoying.

If taking a different view, LIbra Scorpio’s compatibility is the complementary relationship. Under the normal condition, without the conflict, Libra helps Scorpio to discover a new perspective, detachment and more gentle when treating Libra. On the opposite side, Libra will learn from Scorpio about emotional honesty (since reading someone’s emotions, feelings, needs, wants is a Scorpio’s gift). Staying a long time with Scorpio, Libra will receive the explanation, the guide to release the hidden side of human nature.

And one more thing, the joy of passion (outside and inside the bed :))

If you want this relationship becoming better, try to listen to each other more. When you do that, Libra should be honest and sharing the deep emotion with Scorpio’s partner. Libra needs to learn how to fight with the self to open more, emotionally. And Scorpio needs to switch position with Libra and think cool!

Libra Sagittarius compatibility – A happy long-lasting relationship

About this combination Libra and Sagittarius, it makes me remember back to my Vietnamese University classmates. Both are young ladies. One is Libra, nickname Si. One is Sagittarius. Both are long-time best friends. Well, that is the harmonious result of two ladies’ mutual efforts.

Disclaimer (hehe): two Asian ladies in the photo are not my friends – Si and her best friends. Back then, I don’t have a chance to take a photo with Si and her best friend.

If we replace one by the opposite gender with the same Zodiac Sign, this relationship is a good relationship. Because Libra and Sagittarius ( Libra man and Sagittarius woman or Libra woman and Sagittarius man) share a spiritual foundation. Sagittarius seeks the meaning of the big questions in life. That inspires Libra’s need. Libra also needs to find the order and meaningful things to do in life. Besides, Libra also receives one more benefit from Sagittarius: optimism. It boosts Libra’s low-self esteem. Slowly, the relationship is building with a deep and enduring bond.

If this couple had a conflict, the problem would take place on the mental level. If it happened, both Libra and Sagittarius thought it’s stuck. That was the point of view of the insiders. For the objective, it was not an unresolvable conflict!

Both Libra and Sagittarius should respect each other, respect each other differences, respect each other points of view ( by combining together, both would see the problem in the broader point. All issue’s angles would present the complete image)

The last thing that needs to watch out: the communication style. Sometimes, Sagittarius will lose the temper because of Libra’s words. Sagittarius needs to discipline and think before talking. There are a few things need to say. There are a few things need to stay SILENCE!

Libra Capricorn compatibility – A kite and the kite’s bridle

Libra is the Air Sign-> we can say Libra symbols for a kite who likes to fly in the sky. Binding to the kite, it’s the bridle. Without the bridle, we will lose the kite forever. In contrast, the kite, without the bridle, can fly as long as the sky has winds.

The relationship between Libra and Capricorn can use the image “a kite and the kite’s bridle” for easy understanding. Libra is an idealism. Capricorn is true realism. Libra is full of romantic ideas while Capricorn has known zero romantic. (this part only is correct when we take a look at Capricorn Sun Sign. If Capricorn Sun Sign has the Moon Sign in Libra, in Cancer, in Pisces, the romantic amount will go up).

Unfortunately, it’s the differences and the special of the individual’s strength that attracts to each other. Libra is attracted to Capricorn because of the mature image, calm temper, reliableness. Capricorn is attracted to Libra by the activeness, the beauty, the good-looking physical attraction, and the friendly mindset.

When both of you get to know more, it has a few problems. First is the different needs. Libra needs some attention, needs some caring action. Libra needs to feel the partner still thinks about Libra. When Libra calls, the partner should understand her mind and volunteer to go to pick Libra. While picking up Libra, Libra expects the partner will do some romantic actions to warm-up the love.

Capricorn’s needs are very simple and very realistic. Capricorn (no matter man or woman) needs someone can understand and support Capricorn for whatever, whenever. Even when Capricorn is stubborn about something…

While it has some differences between Libra and Capricorn, both share some common:

  • Respect each other in the relationship
  • Pay attention to the self-image in front of each other
  • Accepting the critical thinking
  • Willing to learn more
  • Prepare to change for a better image in each other’s eyes.

Just to try to control each other, special not bully each other’s weakness.

Libra Aquarius compatibility – It will be a harmonious relationship?

Aquarius is the last Airy Sign. With Gemini and Aquarius, all three love to be cool, civilized interaction. This is the ignition for Libra to get along with Aquarius. Libra helps Aquarius with a refined and sensitive mind; intelligent ideas. in return, Libra learns the insight into human behavior, respect, and tolerance from different points of view.

Since both are Air Signs, Libra and Aquarius shares the same flaw -.- Both are not always honest with each other. That is one thing. The second thing that each individual also doesn’t honest with the self. And the third one is both don’t be honest when both take a look at the difficulties in the relationship.


  • Learn to express some ordinary human feelings in some situations. Sometimes, adding little normal human emotions can have a better result. All are neither “bad”, “irrational”
  • Share more about emotions and thoughts

Libra Pisces compatibility – Romantic dreams never come true?

This couple is kind of cute and a little weird. When Libra meets Pisces, the first impression is good since both are the beauty-lovers. Both have refined sensitives. Both understand the value of kindness and gentleness in all human interactions.

Both put in the polite mode at the beginning of the relationship. You are kind to me. I return the kindness to you. They keep constantly apologizing for each other almost everything such as sorry for bothering you; excuses me, can I borrow you blah blah; still say sorry even they touch each other skin by accident.

There is one thing that makes Libra and Pisces stop saying sorry to each other. It’s the creative projects. When Libra joins with Pisces for a creative project, their final product is really creative and it is truly an inspiration for others to learn.

If you take a closer look at their creative products, you will see their meaning under. Both of them care a lot about other people.

Libra and Pisces couple doesn’t escape the common problem. But this time, Pisces is the one who needs to honest about emotions and feelings. Don’t take the cover of Libra’s actions and imagine LIbra’s cool in the relationship. Libra needs to understand expressing the feelings is a normal basic human.

Compatibility between Libra and 12 Zodiac is the base laying in the Sun Sign. You still have a way to improve the relationship. Libra’s birthday is one occasion. Find the suitable item and ideas on Birthday gifts for Libra man and for Libra woman

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