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All the works behind the scenes are done by one person – me. Allow me to introduce a little.

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Vietnam S country

My name is Thong Ngo. I use an online nickname: Gnekoda. I am born and grown up in Viet Nam – an S shape country. It’s a little irony when that “S” can understand as the country unique shape by looking from the space. Just like other countries’ characteristics: Sri Lanka looks like a flame island. Or the high heel boot Italy country.

And for Viet Nam, the “S” can understand as a small size country with the land total covered areas approximates 331,689 km² aka 127,247 square miles. However, Viet Nam has the great 3,444 kilometers aka 2,140 miles coasting to the ocean as one advantage. 

My path to Horoscope with Astrology

Since the academy student life in my home country, the class principal teacher acknowledges my strengths are Math, Physic, and Chemical. And when I move to Seattle city with my whole family, I notice myself has a little language gift.

I have been following the French language since I am around 5 years old. At the time, I study with one cousin and properly from primary school to elementary to high school and about 3 years of one University in Viet Nam.

Preparing for moving, I have to study stimulating English. At the time, French and English are co-existing in my daily life. As the Darwin law about natural selection, French becomes a memory, a nostalgia about the time with some friends in my home country.

As the situation draws somehow, in 2017, I start to interest in Chinese Mandarin. I self-learn through one program referred by the local public library. With their system designed for travel purpose, I learn nearly 100 Chinese Mandarin. However, it’s just pinyin only. I still can’t read the Chinese Mandarin characters, strokes yet. Until now, I still plan to go to China for a few months studying Chinese Mandarin properly in school or University.

Somewhere during my language path, I across one ancient language. It’s Horoscope – the Stars language. It’s an old belief. Until nowadays, it’s well-known as the Sun Sign Horoscope with daily, weekly and yearly interpretation.

After the first high-school romantic relationship breakthrough, I start to learn deeper than Horoscope. That’s when I touch the Horoscope with Astrology. Since then, I study on and off because of the general life, family duties.

Until September 2019, I have learned certain some knowledge about Horoscope with Astrology. Like an idiom: teaching others what you knew is a way to better, deeper understanding. At the same times, I also learn more other aspects in Horoscope with Astrology since it’s the Stars language. I just touch the surface of the iceberg. Oops 😛 wrong, I just touch a little knowledge of our solar Universal ?

For translating into the physical form, this website Horoscope with Astrology is a milestone to me :3 Honestly, my background education is just student. In order to come this far, January 2018 is my first step ever. I decide to step out my comfort zone and try new thing.

The new thing back then is about online affiliate strategy. With Wealthy Affiliate platform and online community, the founder guides me on how to settle the long-term online business. I join and learn so many things. If your background weren’t the website developing, you would meet the struggle like me.

If you had the diploma about marketing, building your own website would bring your skills into the next level. Plus, it will definitely bring you the financial freedom you have been searching for so long. When your online business runs smoothly and produces a stable income returning, you can leave your 9-6 job. You can control what time you devote to work for your online business. In your free time, you will have more fun time with your family and your friends. 

My first website is Well 4 little happiness. The niche my first website (or simply word is the website main them topic) is about autism. At the time, I thought I have some signs of adult autism. The more I learn about autism in order to write posts, articles for my first website, I understand more.

Since I don’t have much passion for autism, I let the domain expires! Everyone is born with their own unique strength. Autism isn’t mine ?

During the autism niche website, I learn and practice a few things -> now I apply back to this Horoscope with Astrology website. I know it has many short-coming, but I commit to building Horoscope with Astrology at the same time I learn more knowledge about it. I also will share more life experiences for strength more how useful Horoscope with Astrology to understand an individual and relationships.

If you want to reach me, leave a comment below and I will response ASAP.

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