When Gne learns about these “Opponents”, Gne across ancient history a lot. Babylonian Priests remind Gne into one comic book which Gne read as an 8-years-old or so 🙂

It translated into the Vietnamese language since the comic book is originated from Japan.

The English name for the comic book: Crest of the Royal Family

From Wikipedia

The Japanese (or kanji) name: 王家の紋章 Ōke no Monshō

The genre: shōjo manga -> if class into the English genre, it would be a historical comic book mixed with fantasy elements.

The author name:  Chieko Hosokawa.

The comic highest reward: the 36th Shogakukan Manga Award.

The plot summary (based on what Gne read in the copied series with my Vietnamese language 🙂 ):

Hmmm…the story starts with Carol. Gne doesn’t remember her family name, but Gne is pretty sure that her family is a rich family. Her brother has an oil business company. Her parents also are businessmen.

Carol is a typical American young lady with blonde hair, blue eye. her intimate interest is ancient Egyptian culture. She has a few friends at the University. One of them has a crush on Carol, but he still doesn’t much courage from the beginning until the end of volume ( Gne read all chapters in volume, part one, but…Gne doesn’t have time to look for the second part)

Carol also has a good relationship with a professor, who invites Carol and other students to have a field trip into Cairo city, Modern Egypt.

At there, the group found one ancient Egypt Pharaoh. One special thing about this Egypt Pharaoh is he was dead pretty young. After the Science examination, they estimated that the Egypt Pharaoh was dead just a few ages older than Carol.

As you usually see in the Hollywood movies, as soon as the tomb seekers open the tomb, it always has a cruse. This curse was bond with the Pharaoh for the purposes.

The curse brings Carol go back to the ancient time, perhaps somewhere 2000 BCE years. The delivery is the Nile river. As Carol fell in the Nile River, the curse washed Carol go back to the ancient time.

With her unique look and the knowledge from the modern time, Carol was in the target of many men included women. The first person, who has a bad ambitious and intention, is the Egypt Royal Priest. He is addicted to the gold, and Carol’s blonde hair are very unique.

The second person who share a deep relationship with Carol in the ancient time is Memphis. At the time he meets Carol, he was still a Prince and not ready for take over the throne from his father.

By the time Carol and Memphis interact in the relationship, they fall in love deeply. Of course, that make other jealous. Isis – Memphis’s older sister – is the greatest enemy for Carol presence. Isis also is a high Priestess in the Royal family. Isis plans many times to borrow someone hand to kill Carol, but Carol – Memphis love is greater and they still survive through incidents and accidents.

However, the story is not stayed in ancient Egypt only. With Carol’s curiosity, she leads Memphis to go abroad and expand. They also have some bad “affairs” and “business” with Ismir/ aka Izumiru – the Hittites crown prince.

Izumiru also is the third person who wants to own and put the propriety with Carol. Even he knows about the love between Carol and Memphis.

Carol also goes to Assyria city in another period as well. Carol is under the Emperor Assyria target. Algon is his given name. He usually use dirty tricks to get Carol as one goal. At the same time, use Carol to invade the Egypt. However, he’s not smart as Carol and other royal Egyptian soldiers.

As the chapters go, Carol goes to Babylon city. She meets Ragash – Babylon’s Emperor. He wants Carol as well, but he uses the indirect method. He proposed-> engaged-> later married with Isis with a compromise “killing Carol” for Isis. However, Isis underestimates Carol’s charms. Ragash changes his mind and prisones Carol as his own treasure in The Tower of Babel.

We will take a closer look at the period when Carol was trapped in Babylon city.

Specific Babylonian Priest example in the comic book

[Sorry in advance that Gne doesn’t included the image from comic book….Maybe Gne “borrows” from another source, so it can’t display here. However, Gne is glad that it’s an error when Gne is trying to upload those photos for illustration since it might violate the copyright from owners.]

During Carol was visiting the Babylon city, Carol once met the Babylonian High Priest Rimusin. He is in charge of serving the GOD, maintains the temple and takes care of many ritual things plus the protocol, the ceremony for worship the GOD. The High Priest Rimusin also is in charge for the wedding ceremony between the Emporer Babylon Ragash and the Egypt High Priestess Isis (also Memphis’s older sister).

Another side job for Rimusin is observing the sun and the moon. (His side job is Astronomer) He knows that there will have a strange phenomenon in the sky and that would harm the King Ragash fortunate. Therefore, the High Priest Rimusin suggests his son – Garuz – as a substitute King.

That strange phenomenon is an Lunar Eclipse.

According to the Babylon past, as soon as the Lunar Eclipse occurs once before, one of Babylonian King was dead. After that, all the decent Babylonian King all follows the history and pay much attention to Astrology.

It’s Carol who does the Astrology job. Based on the circumstance where she was in danger, she uses the Astrology to threat Ragash in order to escape. She makes a prediction: the moon will be eaten by the sun. (that is a normal fact when the Eclipse happens)

For the Babylonians include the High Priest Rimusin and the KIng Ragash, all are afraid that Eclipse. They believe that Lunar Eclipse is a symbol of the GOD’s anger. Therefore, during the Eclipse happens, the High Priest performs the ceremony to “calm the GOD”

Later, Carol was lied about bad things happen during and after the Eclipse. Carol said something ominous will happen to this tower. (The tower she mentions is the Tower of Babel – The Babylon Pride at the time)

Actually, Carol uses the petroleum to fire the tower later on. When Ragash askes Carol to talk about the ominous thing, Carol can not explain. She claims it’s a premonition. She reads the GOD’s will.

Final thought

If you are curious about the detail, you can find a copy from Amazon. Below is Volume 16 by the way. If Gne doesn’t remember wrong, Volume 16 is just the starting the incident when Carol first rides the camel to Babylon city. (if you click on the link, it will open the link to the merchant.)

Crest of the Royal Family vol 16

Or you can read online somewhere 🙂 but it would stress your eyes since you look at the laptop, computer scenes too much. Having a copy comic book would have some benefits:

  • Don’t stress your eyes since it’s paperback
  • Save it somewhere in case you’re bored, you can take it out and read for killing time
  • For decoration 🙂
  • Share the interest with a friend as he/she visits you 🙂 Gne shares this based on my past hehe. Once time as Gne was about 8-years-old, Gne had a few couple friends visit my place for playing together. During the time playing with other friends, Gne noticed that one friend was reading my comic book collection. Actually, that friend is a girl, so she doesn’t enjoy much playing with other friends and Gne. She seemed to enjoy the comic book more.
  • For souvenir -> it also helps you to remember the detailed plot more than read online

From the moment Astrology and Astronomy were born until the Babylon Empire, Mesopotamian Priests and Priestesses words have “a weight”. Even with Carol, who doesn’t study about Astronomy either Astrology in the modern time, all the Babylonians believe in her words.

Too much power and authority is the root reason who gives birth the opponents later on. However, those time are the great time for Astrology and Astronomy since it’s very valued.

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