Over 15 thousand cases are positive with COVID 19 in Washington State. Passed one million cases for the USA. And 2 million counting infected people worldwide. Any country, who has the cases, issues the same law: social distancing for slowing down the COVID 19 spreading.

In the USA, many States have been ordered officially by law. People need to stay home during the breakout. Only “essential workers” – who are really really really needy for society – are still working. Even so, all companies plus employees need following strictly with CDC regulations.

We all don’t know how long more people can come back to work. With the IRS’s help (1k2 tax return for single tax filter), how many weeks you can survive? Do you feel tired when stuck in your house?

When you take a little risk and get out of your home

Delivery jobs and all kind of drivers (shippers) are wanted

The shipping career just appears a few years. Now, COVID 19 brings good opportunities for boosting. All kinds of delivery and shipper are wanted by “essential companies”. (some companies agree to reduce another function and focus more on the shipment)

Here is the suggest list you can do as a shipper.

In the food industry:

  • The most common shipper is about food-> we have Uber Eats, Grubhub, etc.
  • Western fast-food restaurants open the drive-through as many hours as they can
  • Other types of restaurants…aigoo~ doors are still closed but inside all the Back-Of-house roles (chefs, sous-chefs, dishwashers, helpers) are still working hard for food take-out. -> this brings more opportunities unofficially for individual food-shipper

In others industry:

  • You can be a driver for normal shipping companies such as DHL, UPS, FedEx, USPS, etc
  • You can help alcohol-based hand sanitizer companies with pick up and drop off the giant water container (those water container needs a pallet jack to move around in the warehouse)
  • You can pick up and delivery medical tools

Working with some essential companies

Now is May 2020 already. In the USA, some companies are official REOPEN with restrictions. Those companies are non-essential categories in the past 3 months. Thus, employment opportunities are still not “good” comparing with “essential companies that society needs”

Working with/ under/ for “essential company”, you don’t need to worry about the time working since it is and it will always have a job for you to do. Since the community, the society has a high demand. Some “essential” employees in the USA work 16 hours a day. Food workers and returning-normal-workers have limit working hours. Even with salaried employees.

The first and the most “essential company” is Amazon. I bet any Amazon building in the USA territory is busy. Some buildings also offer a new full-time opportunity for new-hire employees and part-time employees.

P/S: 🙂 if you track on this website, you will notice how often and delay the new post/article come out. The main reason is the admin has to work in real life. In Amazon building BF5 Sort center at Kent city of Washington State. Until now, Amazon is still hiring more people. Not only in Washington State but also in 50 States.

The second “essential company”, actually, is one partner of Amazon. -> it has one name “Amazon Delivery Service Partners” with various and multiple delivery companies. On their page, they are hiring drivers for local community delivery goods. In a real job, every driver with Amazon DSP – Delivery Service Partners – 10 hours working per day consider as normal.

The third “essential company” I can think of -> is any small, medium, and big hand-sanitizer companies. I hear some people said-> it has one company in the alcohol industry. Before the COVID-19 enters the USA, that company still makes some profits with normal alcohol. -> when the panic actually spreads in the nation, the owner very quickly adapts the situation-> he closes normal store-> save all the alcohol on the shelves -> that is one kind of investment-> alcohol and wine become more delicious, become better as the time goes.

Another investment that owner does -> is selling alcohol-based hand sanitizer! Of course, he needs to buy the license, the right to use the formula, ingredients, warehouse, equipment, hire hourly-employees, and so on

Yet, the returning profit from his financial department estimates over one million net.

Thus, employment with the hand-sanitizer company will ensure 8-hours working per day. This opportunity never closes as long as the COVID-19 still there. The business owner in this industry hopes they can make the profit longer, but USA President has a bigger vision with reopening all industries. Not only one hand-sanitizer.

Wanna play safe – staying at home -> below is what you can do during Coronavirus

Small cash business about making face mask manually

This opportunity is not official. Since it appears with some private business owners. Some normal people with leadership can do it easily.

Actually, my mom is taking this opportunity. Somehow, I think in social media, my mom gets the invitation for this kind of job.

-> the principal business idea: one individual represents the authority of other friends, relatives. That person contacts with companies product face mask. Any small, medium, and big local company in that industry. And then, the represented individual meet and sign the contract with the company -> for producing some amount of the face mask. Manual. -> after the company receives the product, they will pay a certain percentage to independent contract workers. -> next, it’s about the domestic between the group. -> the represent individual will give the dividend to friends, relatives for their contributions. After the production.

As you know, some big companies produce face masks with the machine. However, with the 3-ply one-time use face mask-> the order always increases. Machines can not supply the whole USA population. Big companies don’t limit the domestic market. They seek international with a bigger and larger market. Thus, they want and they need to use what they can to supply any daily order.

Cook -> then ask others delivery in your small community

This is one opportunity to earn cash. Some people have some gifts for cooking. You don’t need to be skillful like chefs in the restaurant. The point is your friends, relatives plus their friends like to eat your food. Once they like to eat your food, then you can state that you are offering the cooking-service.

-> very simple business idea: you buy fresh ingredient-> cook them with your own recipe-> delivery to their house-> and then receive the money. -> very similar with the take-out strategy of any restaurant out there.

Tele-work from home for some salaried employees

This is not needed to explain further. Some salaried employees in any industry have to telework from home since January. It’s the order from Donald Trump.

Online jobs such as

  • Upwork
  • Freelancing any kind of project
  • Do online survey
  • Pick up grocery orders. (In some Amazon building, it has similar job function.)
  • Investment
  • Teaching online even with teaching about exercise. 😛 I mean online personal trainer for home-gym. Or teaching English online for Chinese children.

With the Internet, the list keeps going on longer. The sky is limitless. Have you ever stop and look up to the beautiful blue sky with a white cloud above the head? 🙂


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