Before entering any battlefield, you need to know yourself and your target

That is the teaching lesson in the “Art of war” of ancient Chinese General Sun Tzu. The translated quote is:

If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.

Art of War by Master Sun

Cancer Lady is different from other women because all ladies, who were born in Sun Sign Cancer, want a happy ending forever.

Cancer fairy art

Following Master Sun “Art of war”, you need to know yourself and understand yourself first. I assume you do. Now, let’s get to know more about Cancer woman characteristics

First, Cancer Zodiac woman is the Water Sign. It stands for sensitive, emotional and feeling attached.

Second, If you are lucky and have Cancer woman’s love, you will feel her love is big, is deep as the ocean. Unfortunately, not every single person could have a chance to realize how big is Cancer woman love.

Third, when you first meet a Cancer woman, you will meet her strong invisible shield. She’s caution with a stranger. Just like the animal crab, lobster, and crawfish, all have strong protection outside. Under the not-easy-break shell is the tender meat and sometimes juicy too 😛

Cancer woman has similar 🙂 It’s a very emotional and sensitive soul under the strong shield. There is a reason why Cancer lady needs that shield. Cancer woman is born with the nature of giving. In another word, Cancer woman is willing to give more than receiving.

And when Cancer woman gives too much, but it doesn’t have a good result,… her shell becomes stronger. The shield grows stronger because the Cancer woman is afraid. She is scared that when she gives her feelings, her emotions, no one appreciates it. No one returns what she gives. No one cherishes her.

Fourth, Cancer lady might appear as a fragile and very feminine woman. Don’t judge her outlook. It’s just your first impression. Do you have time to observe her closer? If you have a chance to get know her more, you will surprise because Cancer woman indeed is stronger than you imagine many times.

Fifth, with the Moon protection and ruler, Cancer woman has a stronger maternal instinct. No matter what age is she, her maternal instinct is always there. At a very young age, Cancer young girl knows how to take care of the sibling. Without her parent’s advice, Cancer young girl takes good care of siblings by herself. She usually thinks for other family members first. When the situation needs, she is stupid when she doesn’t think anything for herself. All her ideas, her thinkings focus on how can take good care of her loved ones.

Sixth, Cancer woman tends to traditional and cherish the past more than the present and future. Cancer woman heart remembers all the memories. No matter it’s a good, sad, sorrow, painful, happy, sweet, sour, pity, etc memories, Cancer woman keeps all by herself. Cancer woman remembers them longer than other women with different Sun Sign.

memory box is important to cancer woman

Each item has a memory with Cancer woman-> she tends to mark her ownership on the item. It could be some small items such as a broken babydoll, an Uno card game, an old childish movie… until something bigger and more emotional like her family members, her friends, and her future husband.

Only one reminder: Don’t play around with Cancer lady because she is the best candidate for your future wife position!

Unlike Gemini woman – who is the great lover, Gemini woman can say “you are the only one” to you. Nevertheless, the question is when? in this life, you are the only one to Gemini woman? Or just a few months, a few years, you are the only one for Gemini woman? before she finds someone else more interesting than you.

Cancer woman is totally opposite with Gemini. Once Cancer woman confirms by her heart: YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE! She is telling you that she is the only one who loves you unconditionally. She doesn’t need someone else. She wants you ONLY. And her saying is valid for her whole life. Sometimes, Cancer woman love is better than your biological mother. When Cancer woman loves you so much, she wants more. She doesn’t only want you to be her forever, but she also wants beyond. She wants the souls are bonded together after our dead bodies.

Cancer woman has a conflict. She usually gives more to other peoples. She usually takes good care of someone. Those actions are opposite with Cancer woman inner.

Deep inside Cancer woman heart, she wants to be treated in the same way. She wants to receive too. She wants to receive love. She wants to receive a caring action. No matter the caring actions are small or big. What she urges the most is she want someone to take care of her.

Dating with Cancer lady means you are ready for marriage. If not, get out of her before getting hurt.

What you should do when you are attracted to a Cancer woman

First thing, I would like to ask you:

  • What Cancer woman’s thing is attracted to you?
  • Do you see she has a pretty face?
  • Do you like Cancer woman body shape?
  • (honest question :P) You pay attention to Cancer woman because of her big breasts?
  • You like to see her wearing a pink color and show off her feminine?
  • When you see Cancer woman with a slim and sometimes fragile body, do you feel a strong trigger that you want to protect her volunteer?

I want you those questions because it’s easy to mistake between lust and love. Maybe you are temporary like something new and want to try a new love adventure. Maybe you have a first-sight love when you see Cancer woman.

Second thing, what method you prefer to approach Cancer woman? Directly or indirectly?

directed and undirected

Cancer woman is honest in the romantic relationship. However, her communication style is indirect. The reason is she’s shy. She also is afraid of being rejected. -> Once you confirm with yourself that you want Cancer woman as a girlfriend, subtle is the better way to go. -> You will start the conversation by giving a compliment. Remember the empty, meaningless compliment about Cancer woman body attraction is useless. She might say thank you and leave.

So what should I do?-> give the compliment objective as much as you can. You can add some emotions and feelings to the compliment. -> yeah, it’s flirting, but we use flirting with purpose: starting the conversation with Cancer woman. Not playing around or messing up with her feelings.

Next, ask about her contact -> confirm her contact at the scene-> make sure she doesn’t give you a fake one. Its possible Cancer woman can give you fake contact. She is caution with a stranger more than other women.

And then, just let her go and let her come back to what she was doing. We need the time to build a relationship with Cancer woman. Usually, Cancer woman wants things slowly.

If you prefer the direct approaching method to Cancer woman, buying a small gift is one way to impressed her. Grab it into a gift box. Write a short love letter and place it inside the gift box. -> give the gift box directly to her. Do you know what you should say when giving her a small gift?

Nothing better than ” I like you”

Don’t expect too much. When you tell Cancer woman directly you like her, she would show her shyness haha Aigoo~ it’s very cute when you can see the shyness on Cancer woman face. It’s very lovely. Sorry because I am not you, so my definition of cuteness is different from you.

Cancer woman is easy to shy

To me, when Cancer woman is shy XD it’s cute. I remember my first lust moment when I am around the 7,8th grade. The girl is Cancer because her birthday is July 1st. I am running late to the classroom. When I arrive my sit in the classroom, I have some sweats. Cancer girl asks me some caring questions 🙂 Before I reply anything, her friend jokes her that she likes me because she seems to care about me. Yeah, it’s a quick moment shyness, but still a good memory for lust in the teenager.

Anyway, the final goal is keeping contact with Cancer woman-> slowly make more conversation with her-> slowly share more about yourself before asking her to open up.

What you need to discipline when dating with Cancer lady

After building a warm relationship with Cancer woman, you can ask directly about dating her. Usually, Cancer woman will start any relationship with a friendship. If you want to break through the friendship zone, directness is the only way that works for Cancer woman. You need to choose a romantic setting and preparing your honest emotions and feeling to her. If you cannot prepare any romantic setting… most likely her answer is… nothing. She might say nothing. She might run away.

Don’t misinterpret her actions.

She needs time to check her own feelings and her own emotions. She needs to check if she really likes you. Her 6th sense is stronger than other women when it comes to relationship. She can sense your emotions, your moods, and your feelings.

She might run away because she’s shy because she’s happy inside when you said you like her. She would start to imagine some sweet dating days are coming. She might daydream you will plan a romantic date for both of you. She daydreams about the first date. She imagines it will be a romantic day.

cancer woman daydreams a lot

Somewhere in the morning, you will send an inviting message for a date later on. You will tell her you will call her after she wakes up. -> you will plan the first date by yourself. -> you will let Cancer woman know what is your plan-> Present it objectively. If not, mixing with your own emotions is good too. You will make Cancer woman happy when you show your attention to her.

She imagines you will go to her place-> ring the bell outside door-> wait at least one hour for her, haha One hour should be enough for Cancer woman to choose her outfit, wearing makeup, prepare a few things else.

She expects you to show your gentlemen. She daydreams about a classic romantic fairytale. She imagines you are waiting for her in your car-> open the passenger door for her -> wear the seatbelt after she sits properly. -> before both of you go, you will make sure everything is good enough, make sure she is safe enough, make sure you will let her know what are your activities both of you will experience together.

The main point is whatever you said by your mouth-> you need to do it in reality. Even the thing doesn’t turn out like your plan, at least you do the actions according to your plan.

The ideal first date with Cancer woman: first activity is watching a movie in a theatre-> and then go to a romantic restaurant -> eat some foods (the romantic setting should equal with the food quality)-> chitchat a little bit about friends and family during the meal-> next, give her a ride back to her place.

In her mind, there is a big no for sex on the first date. Don’t ever think about having sex with her during the dating time. She can sense it very clear. All the case, Cancer woman controls her emotions good enough to decline your sex purpose right on the first date.

She still has the tradition mind. If both of you decide to have sex, it means you are ready to build a new family with her. She will regard you as a lover. To her, being a lover is the step before making you to her husband. She might not tell you that. She assumes you have been decided at the beginning.

What you need to prepare for the marriage life with Cancer lady

All the below are for more intimacy with your future Cancer wife (not in order)

  • Being open, direct and honest all the things with your Cancer wife. -> In reality, she will ask you many times during the day. She would say because she misses you, so she calls you, send messages to you. -> It sounds like a daily report, right? If your Cancer wife stays at home, she would like you to report daily to her. Report all everything when you come back with your Cancer wife. Even sometimes, she is tired because of her woman period but still insist to report your daily activities. If you have any moods, emotions, feelings, concerns, your Cancer wife wants you to share with her.
  • Provide your Cancer wife the safety. Safety in material, security emotions.
  • If your Cancer wife likes to collect old and unuseful stuff, let it be. Your Cancer wife will be happier if you can arrange and help her to organize those old things because to her, every item shares memory with her. Thus, it’s a part of her.
  • You need to be strong and stable mindset too. Your mind needs to be strong enough to take all your Cancer wife moody. Special when her period comes, her moods will change very quickly. When it comes, don’t a complaint, don’t ask why your Cancer wife moody.
  • What she wants is embracing her, hug her, comfort her, spoil her, talk with her about her moody, her emotions, let her share it openly.
  • When you listen to her, show some respects. You don’t need to mirror her mood. I see a few dating coach advice that copies her moods. When she’s crying, cry with her. When she laughs, make her happier. When she’s sad, sorrow, copy the same mood with her. Why do you need to do that?
  • Even your Cancer wife wants to do everything with you, but do you feel it’s fake acting? because she can feel it. When your Cancer wife is sad and wants to cry, and you? You will be an actor and cry at the same time as your Cancer wife when your mood is normal? Do you think how long you can mirror her mood?
  • Your Cancer wife is more sensitive when she becomes your wife. After two, three times for testing you if you are acting in order to please her, your Cancer wife will skim your fake acting mask. And then haha your Cancer wife will have “some physical contact” with you. -> it’s your chance to turn the table and show your Cancer wife some intimacy actions such as hug her-> look at her eyes-> say something like I copy you because I want to please you because I love you. -> and then kiss her lips -> show more your affections, your passion with your wife right in the sofa or in the bed haha
  • Thus, NOT NEED TO COPY HER MOODS. Being detached, but still, have some passion with her.
  • Being her husband, one requirement is you need to be sensitive enough to see her deep concerns, her unsafety ideas. No matter how secure you provide to her, always always always in Cancer woman heart, it has a concern, worries. Sometimes, she is worried about nothing, but it’s one of her cuteness.
  • Support what she wants to do even the actions will be very childish or weirds.
  • Sometimes, you need to be tender and sweet talk. Sometimes, you need to buy a rose and give to your Cancer wife without any occasion, without any reasons.
  • Showing your love for your Cancer wife. Let her know she’s loved, be attention, be happy, by loyal. More is letting you take care of her.
  • Show some action that “you are mine and I am yours”
  • Sometimes, you need to sense her signals. She might give you some small signals that she’s backing up for her own safety. Another time, she’s walking away because she’s hurt-> all you need to catch her signal-> interpret-> understand-> and do the suitable actions.
  • During a few first years in marriage, you will see your Cancer wife is clumsy in some areas. -> Don’t critical her-> do opposite-> help her to clean up. Maybe ask her to clean up with you will be a better idea.
  • Sometimes, you will need to trust your wife blindly. Even she’s wrong at the end, you will share the duty and burden with her.
swimming pool

One extra bonus: Your future Cancer wife will love you more if you make love with her when both of you are taking a shower together. The main point is water. Since Cancer lady is Water Sign, so she likes water. She will love more if you make love with her under the swimming pool, or out of the beach or inside the bathtub with full water or just under the warm water shower. Water will boost her sensual stimulates XD

Enjoy the best wife’s qualities from Cancer woman

By the way, the best quality of Cancer woman for your wife position is the ability taking care of you :3

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