For Cancer woman

You found you are attracted to a Cancer woman. You are wondering how you can attract her. There are two ways for you to choose: directed and subtle.

If you prefer directness, you will need to stand in front of the Cancer woman. You will look at her eyes and say “I like you”. For a better result, you need to create a little romantic for your confession scene. You would buy a pink rose. It’s telling the Cancer woman you are the one whom I am interested now.

Besides the pink rose, you could buy a necklace as the companion with the rose.

The first choice: Pink Sapphire “Breast Cancer Awareness Necklace”

This first choice has some dangerous side effect. It would not be the matter when you are frank and tell the Cancer woman why you choose this Pink Sapphire “Breast Cancer Awareness Necklace”

breast cancer awareness necklace from macy

When you give this necklace as a small gift to the Cancer woman, she might be shy and politely reject the gift. Don’t give up. Ask her to open the gift and let you explain why she should accept this small gift.

Here are a few facts about the necklace you can tell her:

  • Tell her the name of this necklace. It’s “Breast Cancer Awareness Necklace” from Macy store. Macy teams up with National Breasts Cancer Foundation for design this necklace.
  • There are some meanings, but the most important is you care about her, special her health.
  • Like all women in this world, she still has a risk of Breast Cancer. It’s an awareness!
  • Ask her does she know about the pink ribbon at the right side of the round-heart shape?
  • That pink ribbon symbol is the international symbol for the breasts cancer awareness. It’s the breast cancer brand. By wearing this, you are expressing the moral support for all woman, special women with breast cancer. They are women who are diagnosed with breast cancer. They are people who are fighting with breast cancer day by day. They are people who are survived after breast cancer.
  • This pink ribbon represents the fear of breast cancer, the hope for the positive future result, the charitable goodness in the public.
  • And when you – a man – gives her this gift-> it means you care about women. You care for women.

Product detail:

Material for the necklace: Sterling silver.

The chain length is 18 inches. The chain material is normal silver. Spring ring clasp will make sure it will come in place and not hurt your skin much.

The small pink Sapphire enhanced in the Pink Ribbon is around 0.05 carat.

Designed by Macy and National Breast Cancer Foundation

Where you can find: Macy stores in all shopping mall or Macy online.

The next choice: Zodiac Star Crossed Lovers Necklace

zodiac star crossed lover necklace - cancer

The brand and seller: Frasier Sterling

The company is a small private business. And the business owner is Frasier. Her traditional family business is jewelers. Her grandmother Harriet Weisz, who has been making jewelry professionally for 30 years, personally teach Frasier all the craft works.

Their mission is creating cute and affordable jewelry for all ladies. Besides Zodiac jewelry collection, they also take some personal custom design just for you.

The product description:

  • Material made by 14K gold plated with the word “Cancer” which is the Star Sign Cancer.
  • Material for the chain: 14K gold plated zinc
  • The chain length is 14 inches.
  • Lobster Clasp

Price: 66 (for your first order, they have a 30% discount and 50% summer discount for other collections)

Pro: This product is carefully handmade in LA. It’s cute and lovely-> very suitable for Cancer ladies.

Con: the chain length might be short for her. (solution: find an extended chain necklace). It’s a little pricy since it’s a handmade product.

Where you can find the Zodiac Star Crossed Lovers necklace: the official Frasier Sterling site.

The third choice: Lucky feather Cancer Zodiac constellation necklace

Lucky feather cancer zodiac necklace

The brand: Lucky Feather

The company mission: spread the good energy and inspiration by offering the trend-setting jewelry and gift to all women at any age.

Product detail:

  • The necklace pendant is made by 14K gold dipped
  • On the pendant, the Cancer constellation is enhanced. The natural Cancer constellation is not so bright that you can see it by naked eyes. The two brightest stars in the Cancer constellation in the sky are highlight by two crystal accent stones.
  • The chain material is a gold nickel. The company claims it’s gentle and non-reactive to sensitive skin.
  • The chain length is around 16 – 18 inches.
  • Lobster Clasp
  • Price: 18

Pro: This Cancer Zodiac constellation necklace from Lucky Feather is affordable as a small gift for all occasions such as birthday, school graduation, prom, party, valentine’s day.

Con: The pendant is small, around one inch in the diameter. However, this con turns into the second pro for Cancer woman only.

If you wonder why? Think again about the Cancer woman characteristics. Cancer woman keeps the distance with a foreigner. However, when the relationship is moving into the friendship and slowly move up, Cancer woman likes the intimacy, the closeness (both in physical and mental). Normal, Cancer woman wouldn’t show up the necklace unless you come close enough.

For Cancer man

It’s a little silly when you – a lady – make the first move. It’s a little awkward when you give a small gift to a Cancer man just a few times meet-up. Cancer man might hesitant at the moment of seeing the gift. It’s fine. Just tell him that it’s a small gift. It should my little care for you.

Zodiac necklace for man – Cancer pendant coin with leather

zodiac necklace for man - cancer pendant

The name for this product: it doesn’t have the official name because the seller person is the small retailer. The seller gives the hashtag for this product such as Zodiac Necklace for Men / Disc Necklace / Mens Necklace Leather / Zodiac Sign Necklace / Cancer Zodiac Necklace / Mens Jewelry

The Brand: unknown.

The product detail:

  • The product is handmade.
  • The coin pendant is bronze material-> thus, it might turn dark when it contacts with sweat.
  • The chain is also handmade by a leather cord
  • The chain connects with the coin with a ring-> it makes the pendant can stay in motion. Special when running or some movement, the amplitude would be small. Thus, the pendant would not “accident” jump out of his neck and want to travel somewhere.
  • The pendant is around a coin size. The symbol crab and the Cancer name are engraved on both sides.

Price: affordable at $19.80

Pro: The chain length. You can choose from 18 or 20 or 22 inches long. It depends on the Cancer man body shape and his neck size. Even this necklace is designed for men, a lady can wear it.

Con: the shipping time. For the USA, it takes at least 2 weeks for the item to arrive in your mailbox.

Cancer Zodiac Necklace Filigree Crescent Moon

Cancer Zodiac Necklace Filigree Crescent Moon

The full name of this product: Cancer Zodiac Necklace Filigree Crescent Moon with Swarovski birthstone

This product doesn’t have a brand because it’s a combination of chain, pendant, the crystal birthstone, and two more accessories. Even so, the birthstone crystal alone-> is a durable brand.

The birthstone crystal is made by Swarovski technology. He has been innovated this technique since the 1960s. Swarovski crystal actually is the glass made by the human. During the conversation and mixing ingredient, the normal glass goes through Swarovski company-> it turns into the highest quality glass crystals today.

With approximately 32% lead adding to the glass, their precious machine – cut, perfect polishing, special coating, the normal glass surface transforms into a diamond. The Swarovski crystal final product has the same visual effect as a real diamond.

Product detail:

  • The default product has 5 small parts: a chain, a tiny letter charm, a Swarovski birthstone crystal, a Crescent Moon, and the pendant.
  • About the chain for wearing. You can choose two kind’s material: stainless steel or the silver plated. -> and then you will choose the chain type: a ball shape chain or a jump rings linked chain? -> next, you need to choose the chain length.
    • With the stainless steel chain, your options are 24 inches, 27 inches, and 30 inches.
    • With the jump ring linked chain, you also have 4 choices: 16, 18,21, and 24 inches.
    • All kind of chain is closure by the standard lobster Clasp.
  • One Swarovski birthstone crystal (this one is free since it’s a small part of the final product). Since Cancer man is compatible with Ruby, Emerald, Sardonyx, Pearl, and Moon stone-> you need to choose one of them. If you want more than one-> you can buy the separate “add-on” Swarovski birthstone crystal. Of course, the add-on has its own price.
  • One pendant engraved with the crab symbol plus the word cancer”
  • One tiny letter charm with the diameter about an inch.
  • One Crescent Moon accessory. The dimension of the Crescent Moon is 1.5 inches tall, about 1.25 inches wide. The moon is attached to other parts.

The seller claims the product is made for the right-hand person. If you need to design for a left-hand person, just send them a message for personalized custom. The product is lead-free, nickel free and non-active with all types of skin.

The default price for the product with 5 small parts all together is 16.90. They also take some personalized order in case you want to add-on some. For the normal add-on features, you can attach more letter charm, more Swarovski birthstone crystal.

The product will ship with a cute purple gift bag. They just put the product inside the gift bag without extra nylon. With the seller suggestion, it has the white gift box which is available with a separate amount.

Pro: with a normal order, the shipping period is fast. It’s around one business day for them to deliver to your door. For the add-on and the special order, it’d take around 2,3 business day for shipping within the USA.

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