Have you read the compatibility between Cancer and Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, and Virgo? When Cancer man dates Cancer lady, do you think they will have a happy marriage? How about the Cancer compatibility with the rest 6 Zodiacs?

Cancer Libra Compatibility

On the horoscope circle, Cancer Zodiac and Libra Sign are square aspect together. This is the second hard combination of Cancer at the right side. At Cancer’s left side, compatible with Aries is the hard one. And now, compatibility between Cancer and Libra also is the same.

It’s hard because both Cancer and Libra share the same quality, which is “cardinal”. That quality means both Cancer and Libra have the leadership quality. Therefore, Cancer and Libra has one thing in common: the desire to have your own way.

Cancer Libra both want to have their own way

Unlike aspect with Aries, compatible with Libra is easier to breathe for Cancer. Libra is the Air. Libra also has more intelligence than Aries. Libra viewpoint covers more aspects of the issue than Aries.

Since Cancer and Libra has the similar intelligence, both understand the value of compromise. If they enter a different ideas, they constantly negotiate together. They will keep negotiating until they reach the final decision. It’s hard because Cancer can’t see many issue’s angles like Libra.

What Cancer needs in the relationship is the closeness, affection. With Libra, Cancer also want Libra to cherish, to appreciate the emotion between them. With the natural ability, Cancer can thaw Libra’s emotional restraint. When Libra is being with Cancer, Libra will teach Cancer to make more detached decisions and other life perspectives.

Since Libra is the idealistic, Libra will focus on the project and make it perfectly as Libra can. Libra needs a clarity, logic and social interaction. Libra also long for the harmony in the carrier and Libra network friends.

Cancer sympathy and understands Libra needs, but… Cancer feels rejected, feels being ignored when Libra is busy with carrier and the network. Cancer feels sad and worries by Libra cool atmosphere.

This kind of problem usually takes place in the relationship when Cancer is a lady and Libra is a man. At first, Libra might share with his friends, his network about his lovely girlfriend Cancer. However, Cancer lady is not very happy because Libra man doesn’t take her into those meet-up. At her place, Cancer lady worries what her Libra boyfriend is doing in the meet-up. Cancer lady notices how skillful and how attractive her LIbra boyfriend to other ladies.

If Cancer is a man and Libra is a lady… it has another problem. Cancer man will limit some space. Cancer man would be a stalker -> following Libra girlfriend to everywhere. Libra lady is beautiful and open in the relationship…Even Libra lady declares the romantic relationship with Cancer man, Libra lady is still “generous and open” to embrace one more boyfriend. To Libra lady, that is an “open relationship” definition. That Libra lady idea is one of many Cancer man’s concerns.

Some advices to glue Cancer and Libra together:

  • Appreciate the different point views between you
  • Make more effort to understand and speak another’s language
  • Team up together for artistic project

Cancer Scorpio Compatibility

Cancer Scorpio compatibility can be the most harmonic and fruitful. Or we can say this Cancer Scorpio compatibility flows so smoothly because both Cancer and Scorpio are Water Signs. Imagine yourself, what happen when a small river water flow merges with another? and then where the flow goes?

In normal, all the rivers will go to the ocean. Cancer and Scorpio is similar. When they meet each other at the first time, their ideas, their thinkings, all are merged together so well and so natural like water in the river joins with another river.

Cancer Scorpio compatibility flows so smooth like river

Both Cancer and Scorpio are intense, sensitive, emotional. Together, Cancer and Scorpio can see through the importance of the human relationship. They are instantly sympathy each other without saying a word.

The motto between Cancer and Scorpio is “Love is never having to say you’re sorry”

There are a few changes both you need to do:

  • Don’t overreact based on your pride.
  • Don’t imagined too much, Cancer.
  • Don’t possessive too much, Scorpio.

There’s nothing else because at the beginning, Cancer Scorpio compatibility is very good already. When they are together, they will have an enormous amount of insight, warmth, affection and enough emotional support for each other.

When Cancer dates Scorpio, jealous will create some unnecessary problems. After getting married, jealousy won’t be the matter. But sex would be the new problem haha

Cancer Sagittarius Compatibility

Sagittarius is the last Fire Sign. When Sagittarius has Cancer by the side, everything is colored with the rose. Sagittarius usually is in the state of moving. Sagittarius wants to take Cancer to travel around together. Sagittarius will show Cancer how big is this world. Sagittarius can grant Cancer fairytale dreams.

Sagittarius will approach Cancer as a charming prince. He will rescue Cancer Princess. And then, they will have a happy ending.

Once upon a time-fairytale of cancer and sagittarius

Or another kind of fairytale dream: Cancer lady is young, naive, tender, sweet. Cancer lady can make playful Sagittarius man stop his love adventure and fall in love with her. And then, they will enjoy a wonderful, romantic relationship. As things go further, Cancer askes Sagittarius to commit to the marriage with her. To Cancer, getting married and live together until the day both Cancer and Sagittarius die is the forever happy ending Cancer wants. Sagittarius will instant say yes-> and then propose Cancer lady-> and then, prepare marriage ring, prepare everything for the wedding ceremony, prepare a new place for both.

With Cancer wife help, Sagittarius will ground his vision and a more realistic plan. With Cancer wife love, Sagittarius feels happy and content because Cancer is taking care of him. Seeing Cancer wife doing the housework, cooking, Sagittarius will cuddle with her, play with her, make her feel happy too.(of course, he will help. Sagittarius knows when he should play, and when he should serious to help) And when Cancer wife has some stress from her job, Sagittarius will find some ways to cheer her up.

Before meeting Sagittarius, Cancer lady is very emotional and closed in her personal world. Sometimes, Cancer lady is “negative” when her moody comes. However, it doesn’t have to be like that anymore. Thank to Sagittarius, Cancer wife will laugh even her women period comes. Cancer wife also has more self-confident. Staying side by side with Sagittarius husband, Cancer wife slowly more open, more optimist about the near future, and the further future.

Cancer wife loves to talk with her Sagittarius husband because they share the same wide imagination. Even Sagittarius doesn’t good of sense Cancer emotions and feelings, but Sagittarius definitely can come inside Cancer wife imagination.

Cancer lady has wild imagination

The marriage life between Cancer wife and Sagittarius husband will be better when:

  • Sagittarius needs to be more careful each time he wants to go somewhere. He should let his wife know first. To Sagittarius, it likes a (boring) report, but that action can make Cancer wife not worry too much for him, not thinking too much about him.
  • When Sagittarius husband tells Cancer wife where he will go, what he will do, you should believe in him more. Don’t become too possessive about Sagittarius. He stills has a passion for adventure and travel. Cancer wife can’t make Sagittarius stay at home all the time. If you do that, you will find Sagittarius change. Sagittarius won’t be happy like before. He won’t be romantic like before. He won’t go to work.
  • Dear Sagittarius, if you can not sense your Cancer wife emotions and feelings, why you don’t use your high and vivid imagination? Both you share a similar frequency for imagination. -> Once you use it, you will bring out the best quality for the relationship.
  • Cancer wife should control the moody. If you can’t, tell it honestly, share it with Sagittarius. If you don’t let Sagittarius know about your concerns, your worries, he won’t do anything because he assumes nothing wrong, and come back to his adventure.
  • Cancer wife should let some room for Sagittarius too.
  • In contrast, Sagittarius needs to be more patient when talking with Cancer.

About the combination between Cancer man and Sagittarius woman haha I’m sorry that I don’t know. This is one thing Cancer man will like about Sagittarius woman: honest. Being honest with each other is the essential element for the future relationship.

No matter the genders are, Cancer Sagittarius compatibility has the high potential enormous relationship.

Cancer Capricorn Compatibility

This combination is important. Capricorn is the opposite sign of Cancer with exactly 180 degrees apart from. Opposition aspect in the Horoscope is the second powerful aspect after the conjunction. When two signs are opposite, they have to make a choice when they meet each other. Will they work together? Or you will work against each other?

Fortunately, when Cancer meets Capricorn for the romantic relationship, it doesn’t so hard. The love between Cancer and Capricorn is pure love. They are loyal to each other after the time knowing each other. Together, Cancer and Capricorn will provide for the world to see, the classic romantic love in the romanticism novel is real. If it could rewrite, Cancer and Capricorn will rewrite the classic romantic love in modern life.

Both Cancer and Capricorn shares a few spheres. Both cherish traditional. Both need material security and emotional security. Both are hard-working enough to prove the stability and solid domestic life for each other. Family life is important too.

Cancer helps Capricorn to be able to express feelings. In the return, Capricorn teaches Cancer about structure, and make Cancer imagination more solid, more realistic.

Thus, the problem between Cancer and Capricorn is also classic: carrier and family.

Cancer and Capricorn needs to balance business and family

While Capricorn is busy with a job, with leadership, with big projects, Capricorn usually closes the emotion and feelings. Capricorn only allows a cold head for business. Capricorn knows if the action, the decision is made by emotional, it will cost more. When Capricorn is under the pressure, one bad habit about Capricorn is ignoring other people feelings and emotions. It’s understandable because Capricorn also suppresses his/her own emotions and feelings. While Capricorn is busy, he/she usually skips the meal because Capricorn claims it doesn’t have time for it. Work, business is more important (to Capricorn). Capricorn will eat after the things are done.

That bad habit makes Cancer worry so much. Cancer worries about the Capricorn health when Capricorn skips meal while focusing on work. Cancer understands work and business are important for Capricorn. To Cancer, family is more important than business. Cancer would choose a normal job and still have some times for family. Capricorn is also a (new) family to Cancer. Thus, Cancer won’t sit still and won’t do anything.

To Capricorn, Cancer is demanding the closeness, the possessiveness, the emotional attachment. And that is touching Capricorn boundaries and duties. Capricorn will be stubborn and stick to duties and business because Capricorn believes it will bring more money; therefore, more secure.

If we class the stubbornness for 12 horoscopes, Capricorn will win the first place. Taurus and Cancer will be in the top 3. It means when Capricorn and Cancer want to control each other, they will employ the manipulation in a relationship, in emotion, and in the way using money.

It’s hard for Capricorn and Cancer has a compromise when both are so stubborn with their decisions. Main things are about Capricorn. If Capricorn put more effort to listen to Cancer sharing about emotions, feeling. If Capricorn has more sympathy. If Capricorn decides to share more with Cancer, it will bring them out of their shields, to be more honest with each other. And then, Cancer and Capricorn will have a lasting strong bond which nothing can break.

Even Cancer and Capricorn are opposite life perspective, but Cancer Capricorn compatibility is underestimated. If they can change a few things like above, Cancer and Capricorn will be the best couple!

Cancer Aquarius Compatibility

Cancer and Aquarius are so wildly different because of Aquarius. The name Aquarius means something belongs to “aqua”, but in the Horoscope, Aquarius is an Air Sign! Aquarius is one special Sign. Who is born under the Aquarius Sign are so “unique”. If need to use a short description about Aquarius weirdo, it will be “general but different”

Aquarius is unique like fingerprint

Since Aquarius has so wild and large interests, there is Zero common thing with Cancer. However, that’s Aquarius charm. Aquarius uniqueness bounds Cancer to be fascinated together.

In the relationship, Aquarius needs some space (because Aquarius is an Air Sign anyway. All the Air Signs need some airs for breath). Aquarius feeling is independence within the relationship. Being with Cancer, Aquarius offers many new but weird ideas. Aquarius aware Cancer a much bigger world to explore. Somehow, Aquarius can help Cancer to maintain the emotional balance. Even Libra is the Sign well-know about balancing almost everything, but the relationship between Libra and Cancer can’t help Cancer to reach the internal balance.

Staying with Aquarius, Cancer gives Aquarius the warmth, affections which don’t need to explain. Cancer instinct can help Aquarius feel more in touch with the deeper feelings.

Some problems within the relationship:

  • Cancer easily feels hurt because of Aquarius’s detachment
  • Aquarius somehow is “allergy” with Cancer facial expression.
  • The biggest problem between Cancer and Aquarius is communication. Cancer communication style can’t reach Aquarius level. Cancer tends to communicate subtly and indirectly. While Aquarius wants a rational explanation.

Advices for a better relationship (marriage is not guarantee for this compatibility):

  • Again just like with other Air Signs, Cancer needs to learn how to yield, how to give up some “air” for Aquarius.
  • Aquarius also needs to learn more with Cancer about emotional expression. Even Aquarius has some emotions, it’s embarrassed for Aquarius to express obviously. Thus, Aquarius needs to learn how to express feelings, emotions more honest.
  • Both Cancer and Aquarius needs to build one communication system between them-> once the system is built, (and usually very unique that only Cancer and Aquarius can understand) both will be able to understand each other more.
  • After that, Cancer and Aquarius might realize: Since it has many differences between already, there are a lot of things to give each other.
  • Once Cancer and Aquarius respect the differences, the couple will become a whole.

Cancer Pisces Compatibility

The last Zodiac sign Pisces is the Water Sign. From Pisces to Cancer, it’s a trine aspect-> This is the second best compatible between Cancer and 12 Zodiacs.

Once Cancer meets Pisces, Astrologers are expecting a “perfect romantic” relationship for this combination. This combination is somehow a miracle too. Cancer and Pisces are “accidentally being together, but they are accidentally perfect couple” because they share many things in common: sympathy, deeply emotional level, indirectness.

Between Cancer and Pisces, it has the perfect intimacy communication level. They understand very easily what another want to do, what another want to say, what another think about BEFORE THAT PERSON REALIZES.

The relationship runs so well. After a while, Cancer starts to think about the future with Pisces. Cancer wants to have a warm home sweet home with Pisces. However, Pisces is still wonder around, still hesitant because Pisces feels tired and bored when Cancer makes all Pisces’s dreams come true. Cancer makes Pisces to realize where is the reality, where is the dream, where is the dreamy dream impossible to come true. Slowly, Cancer starts to angry with unrealistic Pisces dreams.


  • It’s good that after Cancer and Pisces have some conversations together, both are willing to change themselves to being together.
  • Even Cancer and Pisces usually communicates by eyes to eyes, but it still has something left not saying yet-> thus, both need to be more honest about the deep inner thinking. -> open enough to share both side feelings-> Both Cancer and Pisces need to avoid emotional game…
  • There won’t be me or you anymore-> it’s “we”-> let we handle together-> Therefore, sharing one artistic project or doing one creative interest together will glue Cancer and Pisces together.
Cancer and Pisces should work together

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