Astrologers admit that the Cancer Zodiac sign is very good for marriage because of their maternal instinct. Cancer woman will be the best wife. And then, she also will be the best mom in the world. How about the Cancer man? He will be a good husband. He is not the type of guy for you to dating and then kicks him.

If you are ready for marriage with a Cancer man, the first thing you need to know is what attract a Cancer man. He has some required physical attractions, but he won’t tell you in a direct way.

General physical attractions

When you first meet a Cancer man, you will notice he’s shy. He’s keeping some distance with you. He’s caution with a stranger. The reason behind is he’s afraid. He’s worried If he starts the conversation first, you might reject him. Thus, he’s waiting for you to make the first move.

However, there are some ways to lure the Cancer man to come to you actively. Once again, it’s about physical attractions. It’s very basic the attraction law in the woman-man relationship.

The woman type of physical which attract to a Cancer man:

  • First about your face beauty. Cancer man isn’t strictly. For him, your beautiful face is not the major factor he looks for his wife position. Cancer man is okay with your normal and bare face. At least, you should not have an ugly face!!! His untold minimum requirement for woman face is normal and standard. You don’t need to be beautiful, but it should be pretty enough. If you are concern about your facial beauty overall, don’t stress yourself because Cancer man will find something to give a compliment 🙂 If you have beautiful eyes, Cancer man will give the compliment for it. You can believe in Cancer man compliment because his observation is objective.
  • Second, your first size. Being frank to you, it’s your breasts size. Cancer man loves a woman who has big breasts. Since he is born under the Cancer Zodiac, he still has the maternal instinct in his mind. Big breasts mean you will have enough milk for his future children.
  • If you ask how about the rest of the two? the waist size and butt size? Well, Cancer man doesn’t have any desires about those two.
Soft,tender, girly woman beauty is attractive to cancer man
  • Third, your style. In this category, you will get a Cancer man attention when you wear girly fashion clothes. Normally, Cancer man would love to see his woman to wear pink color. You can change some relevant pink color but you should choose something appears to be “pinkly” to his eyes. (do you know all men eyes can’t see many different colors?)
  • In the same “style” category, Cancer man will like to look at a lady with a soft, tender, feminine beauty overall such as the lady picture on the right side. Cancer man is kind of “allergy” with tomboy, and other styles because Cancer man is traditional.

What each Zodiac woman’s traits attract a Cancer man

All the above is physical attraction. You will know when Cancer man looks at you attentively. He doesn’t mean to bother you. It’s just you are attracted to him – a Cancer man. It’s up to you to make the first move and come to him. Or you just ignore him.

If you are Aries woman, your talking way, your humor and your childish will attract the Cancer man

Straight talking

You usually a leader in the party, right? Do you usually dance like a boss at a friend party? Everyone likes to hang out with you because they notice you are straight forward. Your style speaking is honest. You are the type of girl who will say anything before you have time to think carefully. Use that as an advantage because Cancer man cherishes the truth.


Everyone love humor person. Cancer man is not an exception. If you are funny around your friends, most of the case, Cancer man will smile when he observes you from far away. Your smile will be the best makeup to bring a Cancer man closer to you.

Childish – naive

I know it’s your privacy but Aries woman has the hidden childish. Sometimes, it’s too naive. Other people might laugh on your childish, but not a Cancer man. In opposite, Cancer man will love you more when you act like a child in front of him. When you do that, prepare yourself to be limited to your own privacy. Cancer man will take care of you like a real father. He will control you more tightly.

If you are Taurus woman, traditional, family orientation, security are the best three characteristics attracted the Cancer man


No need to explain more detail because traditional is right in your mind. When you are born under Taurus Sign ( around April 23rd to May 22nd), you cherish tradition.

Love family

We also don’t need to talk more about how much you love your own family because that trait is bounded to you at the moment you are born under Taurus Sign. Cancer man cherishes your love for your family. If he really loves you already, he wants to build a new family with you. And then, he will take care of all families (his family, his in-law family and the new family with you)

Material and emotional security

You and Cancer man shares the same ideas about security. A strong, stable income means security in mind.

Both of you have some more things in common, but tradition, family orientation, and security are your most attractive personalities to a Cancer man.

If you are Gemini woman, you do extra nothing in order to attract the Cancer man

You know how to leave a good impression the first time meeting new people. It’s sure that a Cancer man is the same group. He has a good impression of your beauty, about your personality. However, after a few weeks, a few months, he will silence leaving you because you are not the one he looks for. He looks for a wife. And you are a great lover only. Sorry that Gemini woman never is a good wife in a long-term.

If you are Cancer woman, haha you don’t need to do anything too, but it has some advice for a better long-term relationship with him

Since both of you are the same Cancer Zodiac, but there have some differences between you. It’s understandable because of the different gender. Even he is Cancer man and you are Cancer woman, the personalities each other are different.

Some advice for you to have a better relationship (it doesn’t matter if it’s long term relationship, marriage):

  • Learn what are the differences between both of you
  • Respect the difference
  • Share more honestly about your deep emotions, feelings together

If you are Leo woman, your creativity, your warmth, and your protecting desire are attracted to the Cancer man


One of the hidden things about a Cancer man is about his creations. And you as Leo woman have many new ideas already. Once your ideas meet Cancer man ideas, both of you will lose yourselves in the creative project.


Cancer man needs warmth. You are like a Sun and you are generous to donate your warmth. Share more your warmth to the Cancer man by giving him a warm hug for example.


Leo woman has a strong desire to protect her family. Cancer man is the same. In order to take care of the loved one, he is willing to do anything. It’s a little different about the expression way. You will protect your family in your own way. Sometimes, your ways are so heroic and over-extended.

If you are Virgo woman, organized, caring and beautiful domestic environment attract to the Cancer man for sure.

Orderly and organized

This is your natural strong characteristic. You love to put almost everything in order, class it in categories. Your personal room is organized, not messy like other women. Cancer man cherishes about it because Cancer man does pretty well about organized stuff.

Taking care of and being taken care by you

This will be the essential glue to hold Virgo woman and Cancer man. Both of you want to take care of each other. You will focus on health overall. Cancer man will help you to wash your hair, take care of your hairs, make it smoother, cooking some delicious food for you, help you to wear clothes, etc.

Once you receive the care you deserve, you want to return the favor to the Cancer man. Even Cancer man doesn’t let you know about it but he will very happy when you can take care of him :3


You have a certain beauty standard for your domestic environment. When you can live with the Cancer man, you will decor the place with some paintings, organize furniture in a suitable position, keep the place clean enough, put every stuffs in their places and add some accessories around.

If you are Libra woman, differences, art, and leadership will get the Cancer man closer to you.


Libra is the direct opposite Sign with Cancer in the Horoscope-> it means there is nothing in common. From the life point of view, belief, into intelligence, everything is so different. It’s weird that because of those differences, you are attractive to Cancer man.


You – a Libra woman – have some talent in the art for sure. Cancer man has some opinion about some artworks. With you, he will be a soulmate when both of you discuss the art.


Sorry that I miss this one. Can I take back a saying above? Actually, there is one thing in common between Libra woman and Cancer man. It’s about leadership, but the way you lead your team is different too.

If you are Scorpio woman, both of you have many things in common already.

In the horoscope, Scorpio and Cancer is a trine aspect-> it means the relationship between you are very harmonious. You are both Water Sign. Whatever you think in your head, another person can sense it. Both of you can see what each other needs for physical and for mental. Both of you are willing to put some effort to do what each other wants.

Both of you will have many intimacy moments in the bed together.

If you are Sagittarius woman, the Cancer man is attracted to your cuteness, your positive thinking, and your wild imagination XD

Cute :3

Sagittarius woman is cute :3 If rank the Sagittarius woman cuteness, it will be in the top 3. With your cuteness, you can make Cancer man smile and happy every time you meet each other.


Your positive thinking is attracted to the Cancer man because it’s opposite with him. Outside, he puts his shell on and hides his concern, his worries. Sometimes, he daydreams so much that it becomes negative. He might find a place to be sad, but not crying haha He is waiting for you to cheer him up. Are you willing to make him happy again? You will surprise how quickly he recovers after receiving your cheer up 🙂


This is the only one uniqueness about you. Within 12 horoscopes, it’s only Sagittarius can enter Cancer imagination world. It’s simple because Sagittarius has a similar imagination. Both Sagittarius and Cancer imagination is wild, vivid. Both of you have many compatible ideas.

If you are Capricorn woman, honest, loyal, and ambitious are the most important traits which attract to the Cancer man


Dear Capricorn woman, you are the most honest woman. You usually tell the truth. If the situation forces you to tell a liar, you will be stubborn and not say it. You will choose to keep silence rather than let a liar go out from your mouth. For some men, they cherish that. Cancer men, Virgo men, Capricorn men, and Sagittarius men are the group who cherish you so much when you speak the ugly truth.

Completely loyal together

Both Capricorn and Cancer are loyal. After meeting the right person, Cancer man will be loyal. Special with you – Capricorn woman, he will completely loyal with you from the moment you grab his heart until the day he dies. He won’t have a doubt about your loyalty. Sometimes, he just imagines some unnecessaries haha

Your ambitious makes the Cancer man wants to take care of you

I know Capricorn woman is ambitious both in the carrier and life. Cancer man knows about it. He likes you when you focus on your job. He supports your passions with your job.

However, he still has some jealous. When you are focusing on your jobs, you usually skip meals, skip some sleep hours in order to achieve your goals. That behavior makes Cancer man so worry about your body and your health. It makes his maternal instinct wake up. He wants to take care of you even you are busy. He will force you to eat some, to rest some in a brutal way because both Capricorn and Cancer are so stubborn!!!

If you are Aquarius woman, your uniqueness is the best attractive characteristic to the Cancer man

Well… Aquarius woman’s weirdo… sorry for saying that but weirdo is the more correct word to describe your characteristic. Your traits are common but very unique when compared with other women. You have many weird ideas. The way you do things are abnormal too.

Cancer man at first is curious about your uniqueness. In the long term, you will want to stay away from Cancer man because he is acting like your father. You have some rebellions with your own father already, so you would do the same with Cancer man.

Both of us are adult already. We can communicate with each other if some things are wrong and misunderstanding. The advice for you is finding “his language” to communicate together. Once you can understand Cancer man, you will feel you can give more to him.

If you are Pisces woman, being yourself haha because you and Cancer man are “accidentally being together, accidentally being perfect couple”.

Pisces is another Water Sign. Pisces and Scorpio are exactly trine aspects with Cancer-> it means Pisces woman doesn’t need to do anything. Just being yourself. You are perfectly compatible with Cancer man. When you are dating with Cancer man, both of you read each other mind very easily. Your communication channel will move to the next intimacy level where both of you don’t need to speak any words but still understand each other well.

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