I’m sorry, bro, but I want to have a serious conversation with you. Because your girlfriend is a Gemini woman. Do you know what is Gemini Woman? It’s simply based on your girlfriend birthday, bro.

Your girlfriend birthday is within the range from May 21st to June 20th, right?

[so what?]

Can I ask how long you have been with her?


I know I am a stranger. You don’t believe me. You are quite obscene when I have an opinion with your girlfriend. Well, you don’t need because I also have a girlfriend. Do you wonder why I do this?

Because I understand Gemini woman (actually not quite much, but good enough to protect myself, protect my girlfriend and my relationship with my girlfriend)

How much you understand your Gemini girlfriend?

[bla bla…]

Oh` it sounds like you understand your Gemini girlfriend a lot. Then, if I say, in the future, no matter how long it is, your Gemini girlfriend definitely cheats on you.

[What the…m*****….F*******]

Dude, calm down bro. My statement is made based on your girlfriend Sun Sign Gemini. Of course, there is the chance your girlfriend will REALLY FALL IN LOVE with you, but… I need more information about her. I just need where the city she was born, where the country she was born, what time during the day she was born. Then, I don’t need to talk to your girlfriend but I can tell some characteristic of your Gemini girlfriend.

[for what? My girlfriend. Mind your own business, A******]

*sigh* Your Gemini girlfriend is only good as A LOVER. After she finds someone more interesting than you, I bet your Gemini girlfriend will make the move. She will ignore you. She will flirt on another man who is more interesting than you.

Perhaps, she would intend to flirting to another man right in front of your nose. Or she would have an affair with another man. You and another man never find out she is dating both of you at the same time.

Sound your Gemini girlfriend has two faces, right? half right and half wrong haha

She has two, but not two faces. Actually, your girlfriend and all the women who have the Sun Sign in Gemini, all of them have two souls. In simple words, you can see your girlfriend as a person who has Multiple personalities. The scientist name of it is Dissociative Identity Disorder.

In your girlfriend case, she has two completely opposite characteristics.

She has the beautiful face of the angel descendant from heaven. She has a gift with language. Don’t you see your girlfriend more talkative than other girls? Don’t you find it’s always a fun time when chatting with her? Don’t you recognize she’s flirting you all the time?

When she finds you are still interesting (to her), she is willing to be your perfect girlfriend. She will do everything to make you smile. She would take care of you. She would buy some clothes for you. Sometimes, she also offers a small gift to you.

That is her normal “angel” face.

Gemini woman has “devil” mind behind it. I know everyone has a dark side. I have my flaws. You have yours. Your girlfriend… Can you see her dark side so far? Does she allow you to see her dark side, yet?

I have a question for you, bro. Do you know when is your girlfriend woman period? Don’t you feel different when her period comes? I don’t say about her pain down there. I don’t mention her fast-changing mood when her period comes. Those women menstruation cycle symptoms are normal. I talk about her characteristics and her personalities.

gemini woman likes to look at the mirror more than other girls

Do you notice sometimes your girlfriend looks at the mirror longer than normal? For ladies, it seems appearly normal because they need to check their make up. Gemini woman doesn’t check their make up only, but also it’s the time to communicate with the Devil Gemini inside her. Astrologers call it Gemini “self-imaging period”

It’s the time for Gemini woman looks inside her soul. She needs some advices from her twin soul. Unfortunately, her twin soul is full of Devil ideas. If Gemini twin soul commits to do some criminal actions, it would be from Misdemeanor level until somewhere at Felony. The two most common criminal the police officers catch a Gemini people (not class into the two genders) are thieves and the con artists.

For “normal Gemini twin soul”, she would be a thief who takes much heart of man -.- She would have more than two men for dating in one time. It’s simple she finds one interesting thing in this man. Another man charm seduces her as well.

Why not dating two men at the same time? She is curious how it feels, how the experiences during the dating stage. She has the intelligence for it. Her language skill is good enough to support that plan. She has a good-looking face. She has good enough body shape. She is cute too.

Gemini cute and young CHinese lady

Once she follows that path thinking, she starts to excite, maybe horny too -.- She couldn’t wait to test each man in the bed. Don’t be surprised when she has a weird idea of a threesome or… fifth some! The Sun Sign Gemini urges her to seek more interesting stimulations. As long as the place is interesting to her, as long as that man maintains certain interesting things under her eyes, Gemini woman always says: you are the only one for her.

Yup. Congrats for you when you hear it from your Gemini girlfriend.

Nevertheless, it’s “truth”. It’s still correct BEFORE someone more interesting than you comes.

There is also the second truth behind it. Do you aware it?

The second truth is she is lying. Period.

Want to check if it’s real? You will need some FBI tools and FBI criminal investigation knowledge.

The following question is are you brave enough to investigate your Gemini girlfriend about her multiple dating men?

Your Gemini girlfriend might give you a explanation such as I want to find a perfect partner for me. You are not the one. You are good at bla bla…

If you analyze and critical more, her Gemini twin soul will appear and fight back on behalf of normal Angel Gemini. The twin soul is dishonest, irresponsible, changing quickly, even gossip with her new man about how bad you are -> she will lose her temper when you ignore her more.

Once it reaches a point, She would be the best actress nominee. She can act with double and dual roles:

  • Victim
  • And Victor at the same time.

Honestly, I don’t want to meet Gemini girl when her Gemini twin soul comes out…It’s dangerous because she can set up everything for other people to believe she is the victim. And then, when everyone is busy to attack in order to protect her, I want to see the very small moment Gemini woman has a devil smile on her lips.

That picture will haunt you so long because she has the Angel face, but the devil mindset.

To me, the best way is never touch or any contact with Gemini lady when it involves to the love relationship.

If another aspects such as entertainment, language study purpose, and business, Gemini woman is good. I really can not deny those good qualities about Gemini lady when it comes to entertainment and language.

Gemini woman does a good job in entertainment

Gemini lady is very cute when it comes to entertainment. I know for sure because Sunny of Girls Generation is a Gemini lady. Actually, she is older than me. However, I can not stop smiling when I see Sunny flirting in some South Korean reality shows. In South Korean entertainment shows, Sunny is the Queen of Aegyo.

I have been known about Sunny since 2009, the year Girls Generations debut. I have been like to see Sunny aegyo. However, it’s a good thing that I meet my current girlfriend. Girls Generation Sunny isn’t interesting anymore. Sunny remains as my favorite South Korean female idol. It’s for entertainment purpose only. For now. Because I have my future wife who is more important than Sunny to take care of. I guess I am mature enough to resist with Gemini lady flirting now 🙂

Warning: other ladies please don’t watch the video. You will have bad…. Your Goosebumps will….You might want to give a punch to Gemini childish characteristic… Or you totally ignore the video. It’s just one example to show how good a young Gemini lady when she is flirting with other men.

You are right, ladies. Gemini woman is a childish. That offers some advantages:

  • Young looking
  • Funny
  • Not much stress
  • Quick learning
  • Adapted language and situation quickly

At the end, having Gemini woman as a girlfriend is very great because Gemini girlfriend is a very good lover. However, Gemini woman NEVER EVER to be a good wife. (Good mother, it can be because Gemini childish trait will easily connect to their children for playing)

The best wife position in 12 Zodiac Sign belongs to Cancer ladies. Cancer ladies are born to be a mother and a very lovely wife for all men.

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