Aquarius Zodiac is an independent individual. Even Aquarius has troubles, that Zodiac still takes care of the problems by itself. Very rare to ask help from external. Nevertheless, it will come to the moment Aquarius Zodiac can’t help itself. It will be the time for lust, like, love and even marriage.

Love is weird, unexpected plus unpredictable. Just like Zodiac Aquarius. With some Zodiacs, Aquarius will lust with the good-looking. With some, Aquarius Zodiac loves the characteristics. And a few rare can continue to live with Aquarius as a married couple.

Let’s discover who are Aquarius compatible. In advance, if you don’t see your Zodiac Sun Sign here, it means you have a low compatibility rate with Aquarius Zodiac. You don’t need to feel upset about it since Aquarius Zodiac is not suitable for you. If it could, move on. And then you’ll find the most person compatible with you

Who are the Aquarius Man compatible?

Great compatible with Pisces woman

The first impression of Aquarius man about Pisces woman is how different this woman from others. Pisces woman, under Aquarius man’s viewpoint, is elegant like water. Pisces woman looks fragile, easy to cry. She boosts the manly inside Aquarius man. He wants to protect the Pisces woman as a Knight protects Princess.

The main reason for the attraction of this couple is about natural gender attraction. Astrologers see Aquarius Zodiac as a “manly” quality. Aquarius Zodiac has the Uranus Planet as the ruler.

Another side with Pisces woman. Look at the Pisces Zodiac, it’s Water Sign. it represents the elegant, feminine. And then, her ruler planet Jupiter gives Pisces woman more girly.

The weird thing here is Aquarius man feels attracted to Pisces woman ONLY! He hasn’t been paid attention to the natural gender attraction before. When the Aquarius man looks at random women, her appearance never is the top reason for him to choose a life partner. However, Pisces woman k.o Aquarius man!

The most compatible in love with Libra woman

The important reason for the most compatible love match between Aquarius man and Libra woman is because they are the same element. Both are the Air sign. Yeah, you don’t read wrong. Aquarius Zodiac is the Air Sign. (you can find the explanation here).

With many common aspects in life such as wide range interest, love art, friendly, care about humans, stand up for human right, etc. the relationship starts from the best friend.

It’s hard for both to decide if they should move one more step for the love relationship or maintain long term best friendship.

One more join characteristic about Aquarius man and Libra woman -> both are not very comfortable to talk or share about emotions and feelings. Both have been used the intelligence to solve almost any Life problems. They thought they can apply intelligence to the love relationship.

In most cases, the Aquarius man acts like catalysts in Chemistry between them because his talent is helping another person to express the emotions.

After this step, this relationship blows up like a series of chemistry when they do many things together. Every single date is one new experience for both. They enjoy the time being physical together.

Yet, Libra woman is not the safe choice for the marriage because of Libra woman’s personality. She likes people. She devotes herself to growing her network. She doesn’t spend much time for her lover. In fact, Libra woman has more than one. I mean like every girl, the Libra woman usually chooses someone else as the backup plan…

The Safetest choice for marriage

Astrologers said Aquarius man would be happiest when he gets married to Capricorn woman. Aigoo~ I feel not very happy when I hear another man is suitable for Capricorn woman. Well… because I understand and I have been love Capricorn ladies. Those series will show you how much Capricorn girl means to me.

Come back to the couple between Aquarius man and Capricorn woman. The glue for marriage is about the goals. Both Capricorn and Aquarius eye on the goals. They do what they can. They try their best to see the planned result.

Living together, their marriage is colorful with varieties of how they can achieve the goal, what method they should use, what experiments are the best choices, etc. They also enjoy life when they have money. They don’t wait until the retirement age for enjoying. For example, Aquarius’ husband will encourage Capricorn’s wife to try something new. Aquariu’s husband also shows how creative he could be.

They are on the same page for many aspects, so the argument is super rare.

Who are the Aquarius Woman compatible?

Libra man is the best lover for Aquarius woman

Once again, Libra Zodiac is the most compatible lover for Aquarius. In this case, the Libra man will make an Aquarius woman happy.

At first, they might meet each other as the suspicious and the public lawyer. They might have a different viewpoint and demand individual rights. And then, the misunderstanding is settled down with the generous heart from a rich-money Aquarius woman. They separate their ways and wish not to meet again in the future.

Love is weird and unpredictable. Destiny brings Libra man and Aquarius woman get together for the same project. They start to join in one team, but they seem competitive together since each individual has high esteem and a big ego. Each wants to be a leader.

Things after things. They start to open to each other more. They start to share their personal life, the past, what they would do as a stressful time, what favorite food, etc. And when the secret is about discovered, each act differently. Special as the secret involves the past of their both lives.

They could not have a proper date since both emphases the intelligence-> use the brain to solve the problem-> do what they can, try their best to meet the goals. Even sometimes the goals aren’t joint.

So what? their love grows more after they share the duties, stand together during a hard time, get over the obstacles together. This couple attaches each other more as they spend time to do things together. For example, an Aquarius woman could wake up Libra man at 3 AM morning for a swim. And he still shows up at the pool with his swimming suit 🙂

If Aquarius woman wants to take some risks but still have the happiness at the end, Sagittarius man is a great match

Aquarius woman and Sagittarius man would be a great love match, but it has under hidden risk because of their different natural element. Aquarius is the Air Sign while Sagittarius is the Fire. It is a natural common law. With oxygen in the air, fire is easy to burn with the high temperature.

This couple has fun times when they find each other’s specialists. Sagittarius is friendly like Aquarius. Sagittarius also has a wide imagination which fits with the Aquarius’ weirdo creative mind. Aquarius woman rarely sees Sagittaiurs man sad so long. Aquarius woman also appreciates the Sagittarius man’s straight forward attitude, honesty, humor, and the optimized mind.

The risk between this couple appears when Aquarius woman and Sagittarius man focus on the personal network. Both lovers are friendly. Sagittarius man doesn’t have many male friends, but Sagittarius man finds a friend who is female more interesting. He often hangs out with his female friends-> and it makes Aquarius sometimes feel jealous. Even she understands because Aquarius woman also has some males friends.

Another reason for the risk appearance is independence. More accuracy, it’s freedom. Aquarius woman respects other privacies. She has her own things to do. She doesn’t want to control her boyfriend too much.

While Sagittarius is busy to enjoy the party time with his friends or busy to travel around… He unintentionally forgets he has an Aquarius girlfriend who is his real girlfriend, not the friend who is a girl.

As the risk shows up, Aquarius woman will have some fights, arguments with Sagittarius man. The good things as they do that:

  • They use intelligence to debate together-> which is useless in a romantic relationship
  • They are still honest during the debate
  • The fight burns fast-> it also calm down fast
  • After, both don’t take the fight seriously. In their viewpoint, argue also is one spice in love life
  • After the fight, they also grow to understand each other more-> Only Aquarius woman calms down faster, higher self-control.

If Aquarius woman goes after the exciting, Gemini man will give more than she thought

The exciting between Aquarius woman and Gemini man exists as the flirtation. It means this couple is good for each other at that stage. Further is not guarantee they will be a happily married couple.

Both Aquarius woman and Gemini man share many things in common such as:

  • Both Sun signs are Air element-> It makes the Aquarius woman and Gemini man look at the same page for many aspects of life, for playing, for eating, for relaxing, etc.
  • Both social lives are active
  • Both chase on intelligence (even they learn in different views of that knowledge)
  • Both want to make their lives more interesting by finding many new things
  • Both are good at hiding the true feelings

The love between Aquarius woman and Gemini man grows deep with double roles. They are lovers at the same time they are best friends.

How long this relationship lasts-> it depends on Gemini man. With the Gemini’s natural instinct, Gemini man changes things more often then Aquarius woman. Even so, it’s not a big problem between them. They just talk together-> and then, Aquarius woman can understand about the change.

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