Astrological Calendar is ending. Pisces is the last Horoscope. There is a belief: Pisces is the last Horoscope. Pisces also is the best because Pisces collects all the goods from Aries to Aquarius.

Horoscope Pisces facts

Pisces month birthdays

The first thing about horoscope Pisces is about the date. Based on normal Western Calendar, Pisces Sun sign (star’s sign) starts from February 20th to March 20th. Everyone on this planet is born in that range of date-> they automatically belong to Horoscope Pisces.

Second, Pisces is the last Water Sign besides of Cancer and Scorpio. It makes all people, who are born at the Sun Sign Pisces, sensitive to other people’s emotions and feelings.

Third, the icon symbol: ♓

The animal symbol is two fishes. We will learn more detail about what it means in the lower part.

Fourth, Pisces quality is mutable-> it means all Pisceans have the ability to adapt to the surrounding environment. In fact, Pisces individuals can point out what factors are changing. However, mostly based on the feeling.

Fifth, the ruler planet changes from traditional Jupiter planet to Neptune which gifts more feminine.

Pisces Constellation based on Science

The constellation is discovered by Astronomer Johannes Heveliusv in 1960. At that time, he divides into:

  • Piscis Boreus (the North Fish)
  • Linum Boreum (the North Cord)
  • Linum Austrinum (the South Cord)
  • Piscis Austrinus (the South Fish)

And then 18th century, another astronomer John Hill reposition and add more facts. The summary can be found in the YouTube video below.

Horoscope Pisces Mythology

The constellation of Pisces shows two fish with their tails bound together swimming in opposite directions. The Babylonians identified the northern fish with their goddess Inanna – the planet Venus. In Greek mythology, these fish are also associated with Aphrodite (Venus), the goddess of beauty and love. She made her escape from the terrible monster Typhon which the Earth goddess Gaia, in a fit of rage, set loose upon the gods. Aphrodite was hiding in the reeds of the banks of the river Euphrates with her son Eros (Cupid) when two fish swam past and brought them both to safety. According to another version, Aphrodite and Eros transformed themselves into two fish to escape Typhon and are forever bound together.

Horoscope Pisces Symbol

Starting with the animal symbol. A couple of fishes represent Pisces’ symbol. It derives from Greek mythology when two natural fishes help two Omplypian Gods escape the enemy.

Take a closer look you will see it has one cord which tied from this tail to another. The cord is wide enough for each fish to naturally swim.

One more thing-> two fishes don’t swim in the same direction as each other. In most common animal symbols, you will see one fish is swimming at the top. Another is swimming with the stomach opposite with stomach. Another version is two fishes are swimming parallel with one fish in front and one following.

About the meaning: it tells about the elegant you will see in Pisceans people. You also can recognize how changeable they are. They also quickly notice your mood and feeling.

Horoscope Pisces traits distinguished with others

In this post, we dig 3 distinguished traits of Pisceans with others. 3 main things about Pisces characteristics also appear in both genders of Sun Sign Pisces.

The first distinction: All Pisceans people are dreamers.

Pisces are dreamers

However, it has the reason behind. Look at the art movement history, it would have a similar situation. There is a thing happened after realism. In art history, there was a short period when people are so tired of the reality which is so hard, so rough. People wish and want, at that moment, is escaping reality.

That is the common pattern thinking of all Piscean people. No matter what time, what Era. Pisces people experience, listen, hear, see many things in reality. It makes them feel sad, and hard to accept reality. They want to run to their world where freedom is. usually, it’s an imaginable place according to the physical location where Pisces body stays.

The second distinction: Even Pisceans people are dreamers, but Pisceans are very liable as things happen.

Pisces people have one gift: the 6th sense. They are very sensitive to emotion and mood from others. They “read” -> and then do the accorded actions following the situation. Pisces people will stay on your side once the bad things happen. Pisces people will listen to your stories, let you borrow a shoulder if you need one, a warm hug to cheer you up, even cry with you.

However, Pisces doesn’t stop there. They do further and farther actions because they sympathy your situation for real. They are generous. They let you borrow some ideas, their creativity. Pisces will think about how they can make your situation better. And then, Pisces urge you to do the actions. They don’t let you sit there and cry forever!

Pisces will use the network to find some resources for you. Pisces doesn’t afraid to meet new people, go to the new place. As long as the Hope still there, Pisces don’t give up. because Pisces understand: wish only comes true when you do the actions following the plan.

The third distinction: while Pisces help you out for a better situation, Pisces connects people together by spiritual.

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