About Capricorn Horoscope, we review what are the core characteristics of Capricorn Zodiac regardless of gender. And here is the series “All about Capricorn woman” with 3 parts. We will check out all about Capricorn Woman from A to Z. You will see some words, some adjectives that describe Capricorn Woman. And some derive from my personal experience.

I am not an expert. I can share those things because, in the past, I have been like Capricorn ladies. Each individual love life is different. For me, my love life is kind of simple, but it has more challenges than others. I am not very attractive to other ladies, but Capricorn lady is the only one “suitable” to me.

My first girlfriend ever is a Capricorn lady. She is my peer in the highschool time. For specific, her Sun Sign is Capricorn. Her birthday is on January 15th. And my Sun Sign is in Virgo-> it means she is older than me for more than 6 months. (By the way, we are born in the same year :)) We still have some fun times together. We don’t have many quarrels during the time together. I will share more details about this love story in different post/article 🙂

My second girlfriend… is also a Capricorn lady because her birthday is on January 13th. This time, she is younger than me. And I know more details about why I feel so attracted to her. For short summary reasons, the first reason is her Sun Sign Capricorn. And the second reason is her Moon Sign Libra which is indicated by my Mars Planet. (For man, Mars Planet in the natal birth chart tells what kind of woman whom he will feel attracted to. Once it happens, that man will be active and chase on her)

And my current girlfriend hihi Her Sun Sign is still in Capricorn. You can say I really get into Capricorn lady.

Therefore, I have little confidence that I understand Capricorn ladies!

P/S: if you are curious about the reason for break up… You will know once you read about the love stories of my first Capricorn Lady, and my second one. And my current Capricorn! I don’t have any reason for the breakup. Actually, It’s opposite XD I am mature enough to love my current Capricorn girlfriend and prepare for the marriage life in the near future.

All about Capricorn Woman – starting with A

The first word for Capricorn woman starting with letter “A”-> it’s Ambitious. -> this word also represents the most remarkable characteristic about Capricorn woman. No matter what her Moon Sign is, Sun Sign Capricorn always has the ambitious.

All Capricorn ladies are ambitious. It just express in a different way. For all Capricorn ladies, including my two ex-girlfriends, they are ambitious in carrier/job.

With my first Capricorn girlfriend… her ambitious shows right at her study in high school. She studies hard. She wants to become an elite, honored student with a high score as possible. And then, she moves to the next goal. She wants to study to become a dentist.

With my second Capricorn girlfriend… She is training to become a private teacher in her city. She is offered the team leader position at the current teaching center. Her ambitious for the future is opening her own teaching institute.

And for my current Capricorn XD sorry I don’t share about her ambitious now because I already boost her ambitious to the next level!!! After hearing some ideas from me, she becomes more ambitious with the worldwide vision!!!

For the Capricorn’s love life… her ambitious seems like not involve much. If involved, it could be some issues about normal daily life.

The second word about Capricorn woman is her animal symbol. The closer correct answer is the Sea-goat. You can find my explanation about Capricorn’s animal symbol here.

The third word about Capricorn woman is Aegyo. Actually, the word is the form of the Korean word.

Aegyo (Korean: 애교) in Korean refers to a cute display of affection often expressed including but not limited to through a cute/baby voice, facial expressions, and gestures.Aegyo literally means behaving in a flirtatious, coquette-ish manner and it is commonly expected for both male and female k-pop idols to behave this way. However, it is not uncommon for everyday people to behave in such a way, and is widely used as an expression of affection to loved ones, families, and friends. Aegyo can also display closeness with others, which can possibly bring people together


Capricorn woman is super rare to “Aegyo” haha They usually don’t know what “Aegyo” is. Even they watch some examples, they can give a try. They can copy Haha, but it will be very clumsy. I don’t laugh with the purpose of humiliation. I laugh because of the cuteness. That is one cuteness I find in Capricorn ladies. If you have been liked (or love) one Capricorn lady, you will know how I cherish those “Aegyo” moments from Capricorn ladies… They usually in serious mode. Once you can see and hear Capricorn “Aegyo”, you will feel how feminine she is.

Below is some example of real “Aegyo” from some Korean Idol girls group. P/S in advance: those Korean idol girls in the video…most of them are not Capricorn, haha In this video, it’s only SeoHyun of AOA is Capricorn.

All about Capricorn Woman – starting with B

For the letter “B”, I choose three main words: Baby, Bold, and Business.

First about “Baby”. This childish characteristic is one hidden inside Capricorn lady. Normal, you won’t see this side of her. Once you have been together with her more than one year long, you will have some chances to experience “a few childish moments” ?

Second about “Bold”. Well, I will another synonym about the word “strong”. Capricorn Lady has a strong characteristic. In some angles, she is bold. Her boldness doesn’t show in her fashion style since Capricorn lady is realistic. The bold express how she duels with life and in the job. When Capricorn lady can run her own business, she will be “stubborn” AFTER SHE MAKES DECISION.

-> this is one common in Capricorn lady. Once the problem/ situation happens, Capricorn lady stays calm-> wait-> collect more information-> analyze and think-> and then, she will give the final decision. Once her final decision is made, Capricorn lady will stick on it UNTIL DEATH. ? it isn’t that serious, but you will need to give up your effort If you want to persuade Capricorn lady for changing her mind. She will be “bold”, strong and stable like a mountain.

And the last B stands for Business. This is the final goal for all Capricorn. For simple understanding, Capricornians are born to do business. Capricorn lady is not an exception. If you see a Capricorn lady is not a business owner-> it means she doesn’t go to that stage YET! She might be on her road where she wants to gain more experience, to be a team leader, to be a key-person with authority before she actually runs her own business by herself. -> this is one thing I can guarantee for you. With the Sun Sign, Capricorn people’s destiny is running the business. When Capricorn people have different Moon Sign, the business joins in different fields.

All about Capricorn Woman – starting with C

With the letter “C”, we have more than 3 words involved with Capricorn woman:

  • Calories
  • Capricorn ?
  • Cardinal
  • Charm
  • Cherish
  • Choices
  • Climb
  • Cold-head
  • Compromise
  • Competition
  • Consequence

Capricorn lady uses most of the calories for the brain. She uses the energy for studying, for thinking problem-solving. Capricorn lady also saves the calories for some important activities such as taking care of her family members, walking, stay silence for avoiding arguments, quarrels.

Capricorn is the second word, so we don’t need to search for deeper, right? If really need, it’s just simply the explanation like this “Capricorn: from Latin Capricornus (genitive Capricorni), from caper goat + cornu horn “

Cardinal is the main energy you will find in Capricorn. More detail, you can go back to the post “About Capricorn Horoscope”

Capricorn lady’s charm is hard to explain. She has something that helps her to make some good friends. Her charm also radiates when she is working. Something like the hidden charm that she wants to become a better and better version of herself.

It leads to competition. Aigoo~ talking about competition… Capricorn lady won’t easy to accept to be in the losing team. One example I can share with you is about my first girlfriend Capricorn. I have been together with her all the high school time. She has one competitor in her school that she wants to get over. Yeah, she competes about the study scores and the rank in-class plus the rank in all the school overall. Even at the extra tutorial class for advance knowledge, my first girlfriend Capricorn still competes for a higher position with a better score for a reason. It has some cash rewards.

competition position

For example in a real case. In Viet Nam where the tutorial class locates, in the math tutorial class, the main teacher announces a test that has a series of math problems. This kind of test is preparing for the University entrance exam. All students are welcome to join. My first girlfriend Capricorn and I take the test and do it at home. Aigoo~ the result is she has the 8th position. And me… in the “unknown” place haha. I mean my score is above the average but the number of competitors is many… I have the score duplicate with others… And the cash reward for her 8th position is around 600 thousand Viet Nam Dong. It transfers around $25,26 USD

Thus, Capricorn lady cherishes it since that is the good result for her efforts. Besides, Capricorn lady also cherishes the time she has with her family members, with her friends. And I really don’t know if my first girlfriend Capricorn cherishes the fun time between us… However, with my current Capricorn girlfriend, she said she cherishes so much the minutes when we chat together. ? My current Capricorn girlfriend counts the time being together by heartbeats, not by normal minutes and seconds. And I believe in my Capricorn girlfriend!

About choices…I would say Capricorn ladies don’t have many choices in their lives. Most of the Capricorn ladies I know, they have been working hard, studying hard. And that is their choice because of their family situation. Another reason Capricorn ladies choose like that is she understands about reality. She knows Knowledge is power. Besides, once Capricorn ladies make the choice. It’s usually a suitable choice for them. It takes so long for them to make the final decision anyway ?

About “climb”. It’s not just simply the action the goat climbs to the top of a mountain in nature, but Capricorn lady wants to “climb” higher in the social and in life. She will climb a higher position in her job/carrier-> for a better place in society.

If you just get to know Capricorn lady, you will see she has a cold-head. Even with me who had been together with Capricorn ladies long enough… they still keep the cold-head. One reason is to study and for business. In love, her cold-head express in the way she emphasis reality. Once her woman period comes, you will see she won’t able to keep her cold-head. (and you know the reasons :))

While the time her period stays, Capricorn ladies usually compromise. When she comes back to normal, Capricorn lady won’t compromise easily… Special at the moment she has her final decision… If you want to have a compromise with her… it’s better to mention it at the beginning. You and Capricorn lady would need to add or subject a few things for the balance. For both parties have a few things each side needs and wants.

The last C is about the consequence. It’s one part of the nature rule: reason and consequence. No matter what your choices, what your actions-> it always leads to a consequence. It depends on how you act at the first stage. If your reasons are good-> your consequences won’t be so bad. Thus, Capricorn lady usually is in the caution and take time before giving the final decision. Since she thinks about the consequences IF IT MIGHT have!

All about Capricorn Woman – starting with D

For “D”, so far, I have three words only. They are demands, damages, and dangers.

Well… it combines in a series… Capricorn ladies usually need to satisfy society demands. Special, she needs to pleasure her family demands first. It’s a true story about my first girlfriend Capricorn.

She has been holding herself back. She has been satisfied with her mother’s demands. Since her family situation is not so good(her parents are divorced when she is still young …), my first Capricorn girlfriend follows her mother’s wishes and wants. My first Capricorn girlfriend needs to be a good student, an elite student in order to keep her mother happy. She does this with another reason. My first Capricorn girlfriend understands study is the good way for a better life with her mother.

With my second Capricorn girlfriend… her decision is still the same… I can not blame them since they give the final decision based on her priorities. Family is still the first place. My second Capricorn girlfriend follows her parent’s idea. She gets married to a man whom her parents choose. In some angles, it’s marriage with business benefits. Well ? I don’t need to explain more detail, right?

Once they choose to satisfy the family demands like that… they receive some damages for themself, but… they… still tight their teeth and stand for it…

wrist watch

The damage my first Capricorn girlfriend received is a scar. Under the pressure of her mother’s demands… my first Capricorn girlfriend does committed to suicide once. She has a scar on her left hand’s wrist… She covers it by a hand-wrist clock… this secret… not many many people know about…Now, you are one of them because you are reading this ?

As you can feel, those things really bring some dangers to Capricorn ladies… However, they just keep the pain for themself… You won’t have a chance to see Capricorn ladies’ tears… If she can choose, she will choose to cry to her family members more than anyone. Even if she doesn’t have her family nearby, Capricorn lady will find one quiet and silence corner… and cry in silence…?

Thus, remember: if you see the tear from Capricorn ladies… it means you have been hurt her so much and she cannot hold, stand anymore… Capricorn ladies will have some dangerous ideas for revenge in her mind…Nevertheless… she can not let those dangerous ideas get out to reality…She understands what kind of consequences she might have IF she…

All about Capricorn Woman – starting with E

I only think about one word. It’s the emotion for Capricorn ladies. In love, Capricorn ladies don’t show much about her emotions. This considers as one talent of them: control emotion. At first, the purpose is for business… Slowly, Capricorn ladies feel less important about showing emotions through face…

Only when she feels comfortable enough ? you can see the smile…and the cry…

All about Capricorn Woman – starting with F

With “F” letter, I have a bunch of words for Capricorn woman. It has the like, love also some dislike and hate.

  • Family
  • Father
  • Features
  • Foolishness
  • Fun
  • Future
  • Friends

With Capricorn ladies, family always is the first priority. That will never change. Unless… you become her family member such as her husband ?

If not serious with Capricorn lady… don’t ever think further… because of her father…It’s the common unofficial rule… All fathers feel not easy and uncomfortable when the daughter has a boyfriend. Or even a future husband… I mean it!!!

I really worry about the day in the future when I meet the father of my current Capricorn girlfriend ???

“Features” are the standard for Capricorn ladies when she shopping. Remember: Capricorn ladies usually buy the necessaries only. She is realistic.

She would feel foolish when she sees something useless…Sometimes, you will notice she said how foolish she is. That usually significates the time Capricorn ladies find the solution. If comparing intelligence with other people, Capricorn is the only one Zodiac who is born with an empty hand.

“Fun time” is very expensive for Capricorn ladies. As I share above, Capricorn ladies are busy to satisfy the demands of family, from society, from jobs. She won’t have much “fun time” for herself… If it would have, she might have some fun hours with her friends. And my first Capricorn girlfriend ? *sad but relieve face* … she has some “fun time” in high school when she stays with me. (It was an immature time for both…) I know she is since she smiles and she does laugh so hard one time!

The future is important to Capricorn’s lady because all her goals are set up for the future. Once she achieves it, she knows she will have some rewards for her efforts.

All about Capricorn Woman – starting with G

Thus, the first and only remarkable word about Capricorn woman starting with G is goals. All Capricorn ladies have her own goals.

goal as destination

For my first Capricorn girlfriend, her goals change once she reaches her achievements. At first, her goals start from the study with a better score-> a higher rank-> pass the University entrance exam-> go to the department/discipline she wants-> She is ambitious: she wants to study double majors in the University. She plans at the first year of University (freshman), she will follow her mother’s demands. She still follows that major. Once she goes to the second year, she will start the second major as a freshman at a different University -> her long term goal is becoming a dentist. To me, in the future, her goal will open her own dental business-> I bet once she achieves that goal-> she won’t stop since her Sun Sign is Capricorn after all!

And for my second Capricorn girlfriend, her goal is opening her own teaching institute if her parents don’t force her to the marriage for business benefits.

:3 for my current Capricorn girlfriend hihi I won’t share because we have so many goals to achieve together.

Besides, you can add some words such as Goat (Capricorn’s natural animal symbol, not the Greek mythology); the Gourmet food which Capricorn ladies don’t dare to spend much money to taste it. (somehow, Capricorn ladies feel it’s not so useful when spending more money on expensive food)

All about Capricorn Woman – starting with H

It has only two main words starting with H about Capricorn woman. They are the honesty and happiness.

In some situations, honesty and happiness are the reason-consequence. First, the honesty is the most important to Capricorn lady and for her. This is where the love and the hate separate. All Capricorn ladies prefer the ugly truth more than anything. Liars are the thing Capricorn ladies HATE THE MOST.

And this is the bond between me and all my Capricorn girlfriends. It’s about me and my natal birth chart. With my Sun Virgo plus the Moon in Sagittarius, I always tell the truth and the facts. Thus, I am not likable with other people ? My old friends at University catch me easily when I try to tell a lie.-> Thus, this is the main reason why I love Capricorn lady so much. And I cannot leave Capricorn ladies for the rest 11 Zodiacs…

All Capricornians would be happier when you volunteer to tell the truth.

We will continue part 2 “All about Capricorn woman” starting with the I to P 🙂

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