Aquarius Zodiac is the only one which shows the significant difference between the male’s trait and females. Aquarius man is handsome and charming thanks to his intelligence, but it still exists some weirdness in his character. (for more detail, you can go back Aquarius Personality traits male)

Any Aquarius Female is only one, and you can’t find the second one

The belief: “anyone is special” -> this doesn’t apply to Aquarius girls/women because they are special inside the special. Aquarius little girls are born with the gift intelligence outstanding with their peers. Actually, Aquarius’ intelligence displays in different areas in the academy.

Aquarius girls have many “abnormal” ideas. Those ideas can’t view under the standard to society and common sense. It will appear “weird” under your eyes. However, the core, the original, the principal of those weird ideas are normal. It all bases on the Science theories. And Aquarius little girls apply the knowledge in one completely new aspect. Even sometimes, teachers’ mouth stay “O” because Aquarius girls are unpredictable!

electric circuit breaker

When Aquarius little girls grow up, the personality also grows in a different way. Aquarius ladies definitely don’t have some common “girly”… What she wants is something unique that only she has. For example, some normal young ladies want to find a sugar daddy for their own desires, but not an Aquarius lady. She wants to be independent! by her own strength!

If normal girl finds it’s impossible about fixing electric in the house, Aquarius girl, in the opposite, feels excited since she can study about house electric, where is the main board, how many circuits, how those circuits arrange together, what is the diagram for the electric flow, etc.

When an Aquarius girl has trouble, she still prefers to solve the situation on her own first. For example, when an Aquarius girl has the flat tires on the road, she won’t call the towing, won’t report to the car insurance company. She will find one parking lot big enough for doing. -> this is one more special thing about Aquarius girl. She is a doer!

She will park her car-> take the phone-> open Youtube-> search how to change the flat tire-> watch some videos-> go back to her trunk-> open the gate-> find the spare tire-> look for the jack plus the two tools like in the video-> take out the spare tire plus tools-> Aquarius girl doesn’t mind to dirty her clothes for this matter-> she finds the spot for jacking up-> use wrench to open the 5 bolt nuts -> take out the flat tire -> put on one side-> roll the spare tire-> put in the place-> tighten bolt nuts-> check one more time if they are in the good position-> jack down the car-> put all back to the car trunk. During the whole process, Aquarius lady will be creative if she is stucks at some points. Maybe the reason: her strength is not as good as a man.

And then, she will feel proud during the road back to her house because she did it by herself!

Some traits that lead to misunderstanding

First Aquarius woman’s trait which easily misunderstands: Aquarius girl is mighty. Under other girl’s viewpoint, Aquarius girl acts something mighty like royal, arrogance. But NO!

To Aquarius girl, that is BOLD! Bold in her own fashion style. Bold in her characteristic.

And Brave in her own life. Aquarius lady takes responsibility on her own. She doesn’t blame on someone else. She doesn’t curse on the situation.

-> there has one thing you need to remember about Aquarius lady’s braveness: she could forgive a man who is lazy. However, she never ever accepts a coward man.

Aquarius lady is brave, so she wants and expects her life partner can’t coward than her!

The second Aquarius woman’s trait easily misunderstands: Aquarius network. The misunderstanding is spread by some people whom the Aquarius girl unfriends. Aquarius girl has been chosen good quality friend over the number. Remember, the Aquarius girl’s standard is abnormal with the common. She has some criteria when she chooses someone as her friend:

  • Intelligence. When it’s still in the academy, Aquarius girl understands how bad friends influence her life. She learns how it feels when she has one good friend who helps her when an Aquarius girl has trouble. She chooses someone can understand her weirdness.
  • Knowledge. When an Aquarius girl grows up to an adult, she notices how the knowledge affects a person. The Aquarius lady chooses someone who has “the same level” with her. Simple, the behavior and the action speak louder.
  • Trust: Aquarius lady doesn’t trust you at all. Unless you give the explanation. It also doesn’t guarantee Aquarius lady will continue to work with you after. Show some actions.

Therefore, some female peers will see the Aquarius lady as an arrogant person. And do you know what?

What you think, what you said-> it really doesn’t matter to the Aquarius lady. -> this is also the third thing people usually misunderstand the Aquarius lady.

Aquarius lady emphasis independence-> she also respects your privacy. She believes every single person on this planet has its own life. Even children of parents-> they still have a separate life. The individual should take control of its own life. No one can live a life for them.

Aquarius lady also is brave enough to not listen to what you say. Want to persuade the Aquarius lady? try to explain and answer the question Why. When she is interesting or something involves her, the Aquarius lady won’t sit back and let you do all. She will fight for her rights, her benefits and maintain her responsibility.

Aigoo~ it’s usually exciting :3 when you have an Aquarius girlfriend, but is it still hard sometimes, right?

The interesting part when you have an Aquarius girlfriend is receiving the benefit from your Aquarius girlfriend’s creativity. Aquarius girlfriend has many ideas, and almost don’t stay in the normal standard.

You might experience the lust from Aquarius at the first meeting. However, Aquarius’ lady still controls herself. Her mind: why she should treat and act sweet to you? She still doesn’t know you very much and deeply. She might be attracted to your good looking

Even she accepts to be your girlfriend after, she is still unpredictable. She is typical of the girl who changes the mood a lot. Being with your Aquarius girlfriend, you will experience a range of emotions. And each of them pushes to the max.

The difference between Aquarius’ girlfriend and Scorpio girlfriend is the changing frequency. Aquarius’ girlfriend changes your mood, emotions more frequently. And the benefit you receive is also different from Scorpio. Aquarius’ girlfriend will make you happier than Scorpio because Aquarius’ girlfriend will urge you to do something very unique with her. You will have many new experiences -> Aquarius girl goal is making every day, every dating time more interesting.

Well… the hard part when you have the Aquarius girlfriend is some of her characteristics. You will notice your Aquarius girlfriend is much more independent than others. Your Aquarius girlfriend doesn’t ask you to help her with stuff such as change the light bulb, fix the stuck toilet, change the door lock, etc.

As a result, you would feel it’s the distance between you and your Aquarius girlfriend. Your Aquarius girlfriend respects your own life, so she won’t ask you too much. Don’t be too much ego. If you have something hard, you can share it with your Aquarius girlfriend. She can help you some. Special if you have a hard time to express your emotions. Aquarius girlfriend can guide you to flow all your emotions out 🙂

One more thing, you would feel uncomfortable. Yet, you can see that is one of your Aquarius girlfriend’s strength. Your Aquarius girlfriend is sensitive to humanity and socially unfair. She definitely finds a way to help someone. Of course with her own way to do.

At the end, having one Aquarius girlfriend, you will have many interesting dating days. Your love life with her won’t be bored. However, Aquarius’ girlfriend still is unpredictable. She might ask to break up suddenly!!!

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