Cephalate discriminates between the Sun Sign Aries and the “Half-Aries”-> is there a reason behind?

The Moon Sign review

  • The Moon Sign predestines who you are. The Moon Sign represents your inner beauty.
  • It can tell about your emotions level (is your emotions varies? or just fixed in a few emotions?…)
  • It also tells about your deep, natural instinct, your unconscious reactions.
  • The Moon sign also defines what you like in general (of course, it tells a little bit who partner you like you). Besides, your feelings are partly ruled by the Moon Sign.
  • And for the rest -> please click on the button below to read again about the Moon Sign.

The Sun Sign review

For the Sun Sign, you have been known it with the difference names such as the star signs, the Zodiacs, and horoscope. Those terms are interchangeable, but the Sun Sign is more special mentioning to the Astrology Sun Sign.

The Star Sign is the term based on Astronomy, Cosmology since they look at the star constellation in the sky

And the Zodiacs plus Horoscopes also are a different term from the Sun Sign under Astrology view.

Here is the Sun Sign definition from astrologers:

The common term used for the sign of the zodiac which the Sun was in at the time of an individual’s birth.

If someone says, “I am a Leo,” or “She is a Capricorn,” he refers to the person’s sun sign.
Sun signs are the basis of most popular astrology such as newspaper astrology columns, but professional astrologers see sun signs as too simplistic on their own to substitute for a full horoscope interpretation that includes all of the planets, houses/ axes and additional sensitive points.

Sign of the zodiac” however remains the correct term, whereas the term “star sign” blurs the distinction between zodiac sign and star constellation.

Astro Wiki

And for the Zodiac definition, Gne would refer to Wikipedia about it 🙂

The Sun Sign lets us know about:

  • Ego.
  • Who the person you will become
  • The normal self when you are in control when you have the common sense with you
  • What are matters to you
  • Your belief in general life and in the religion.
  • How you deal with new things
  • Your strength skills


The Sun SignThe Moon Sign
Normal self with common senseA different self at the emotional moment
(This will be the same if your Sun Sign is the same with your Moon Sign )
What you want
(Sometimes, it doesn’t clear. Besides, the Mars planet also is the factor to identify your wants)
Things you feel like you need
(natural need)
Active mode when the new things comesWhen you are in your comfort zone
When you are in controlUnconscious systems and behaviors
Point of view about the PresentNostalgia about the Past
Life principal goals, different momentary goals, your action’s purposes[when you are lazy?]
Ego, what makes sense to youEmotions, feelings
The Adult outsideThe hidden childish

That’s it for The Sun Sign vs Moon Sign. Actually, Gne can share more about the aspect creating by the Sun Sign and the Moon Sign, but that is a different category.

Happy birthday Aries.

Aries birthday

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