Cephalate – Chronaturacity main gatekeeper also the door to Aries world – teleports directly those guess who has the Sun Sign in Aries. For the rest of guess, Cephalate needs to examine your ability before allow you to enter.

With The Moon Sign in Aries, Gne says that you are “Half-Aries”, so you still have some benefits. However, Cephalate will teleport you in half way. Cephalate will open the door and the “Half-Aries” people need to walk through the tunnel in order to go to the Aries World. By themselves.

Cephalate opens for "Half-Aries"

🙂 Sorry for the bad edition. Gne drew it by hand and used a little 3D help. The photo is just a illustration for what is happen.

For “Half-Aries” guess, what you need to do?

Cephalate asks you to walk through the tunnel-> After getting out to the exit, you will find yourself at the mountain feet.

-.- Gne sorrys but that is Cephalate physical challenge for you as a “Half-Aries”.

Well, Gne understands you want something quicker, but do you accept the challenge?

The Cephalate challenge is easy: climb to the Aries World at the top of mountain.


The mountain will change the shape and the height depend on you. With your Moon Sign in Aries, you need to find the way to climb up the top by yourself. Even Gne suggests the pathway, you would not listen to Gne.

Good Luck all “Half-Aries”

The Moon Sign

Gne separates other factors and focus on the Moon Sign only (for now 🙂 ) -> and we take Aries as example in below section.

Before we learn details about the “Half-Aries”, let’s review about the Moon Sign a little bit and some extras.

Overall, the Moon Sign indicates who you really are. It also builds your own inner beauty.

The Moon Sign also predefines what you like, what do you feel, how you feel, how you act when you fall in love and special when you are in a romantic relationship.

While we talk about what you like, It reminds Gne to a situation which occurs frequenly in the middle school and early high school academy.


The situation takes place in the classroom. The teacher gives a lecture. Teacher sometimes call a random student to contribute to the class. Teacher would ask some questions for in dept knowledge.

After student gives or talk about the choice, teacher would ask follow-up question: Why?

Student doesn’t know how to answer or student doesn’t have any explanation, he/she would say “because I like it” -> Gne finds that answer is funny XD

That kind of answer would give the dead-end for the teacher-student conversation in class -.-

To Gne, that follow-up question will retrieve more about the self-> teacher is giving a chance for the student to express himself or herself.-> it’s also a chance for classmates learn more.

When Astrologers look at the Moon Sign, they can tell the unconscious, your natural needs, emotional needs, partly your instinct and a few thinking-pattern habits.

That is just the basic about the love compabilities between 12 Zodiac Signs. -> it means what you have been read about the love horoscope between two people is just a small ice tip of the iceberg.

Under the Astrology view, the romantic relationship between two people is more complex. Astrologers need to take a look at other factors in order to give you an accuracy your love life.

heart shape red tree

And for the compatibility between you and your love one, we need to take a look a joining chart between your natal birth chart and your partner.

When we talk about love in the astrological view, we need to examines those factors as a whole picture:

  1. The first factor astrologers will take a look at is the Moon Sign-> what is the Moon Sign located in 12 Zodiac Signs?
  2. The second, what is the house position of that Moon Sign? Is that Moon sign in the first house or the 12th house? (each one has their different explanations)
  3. Next one is the Mars Planet. -> with the Mars location in 12 Signs, it tells who, what kind of person whom you are attracted to. It’s not simply about that person’s physical attraction, the Mars also retrieves the unconditional attraction -> thus, you would likely have the First – sight – love when your Mars meet the right person. Let’s say you have Mars in Aries-> it means you will be attracted to Aries no matter that person has the Sun Sign in Aries or the Moon Sign in Aries or the Ascendant in Aries. And it’s just one side First-sight-love only -.- Mars measures your want too.
  4. Look at the house position of the Mars planet-> it has the prompt about how you approach your crush.
  5. The last one is the angle created by the Moon Sign with other planets. Astrology calls “aspect”. Just like Mathematics Geometry. With this angle, you would have some problems with your crush. At the different angle with a different partner, you would be happier.

The Moon Sign in Aries

While the “Half-Aries” guess are figuring out the way for climbing up to the Aries world, Gne will share with you what the Moon Sign Aries uniqueness is.

  1. Like any Aries, the Moon Sign in Aries still has the characteristic of Fire. Unlike the Sun Sign Aries where the inner fire is a big fire and endless, the fire inside Moon Aries is about half-function. When you are with Moon Aries people, you will find it warm enough, not so hot like the Sun. It’s a warm temperature just like the Spring.
    • That half-fire also means for the passion, but don’t underestimate the fire flammable… Once the Moon Aries commits to doing something unique, they usually think about how they can leave their footprint behind.
    • They would volunteer to step out at the common walk where it has an opportunity for them to prove their independence.

2. The second remarkable is the hot temper. Sun Sign or Moon Sign in Aries, all people in both groups are the hot-temper person. With the “Half-Aries”, these people usually turn on when something doesn’t have the instant results as they want.

angry emoji
  • Therefore, let’s take a look at our “Half-Aries” guess. They already piss off when Gne leaves them alone and don’t share about the secret path to the top mountain – where the actually Aries World locates.
  • And now, our “Half-Aries” guess are walking by their own self. Nobody accompanies with others. They will solo-climb.
  • That is one good thing about Aries and “Half-Aries”-> even they are hot-temper people, they easily to let it go because they don’t have time for getting angry long. They use the time to think about how they can climb up to the top.

Gne thinks it would be better to leave them like that because when you walk near “Half-Aries” people, you would find annoying. They would be talkative and urges to take the leadership.

3. Thus, the third one is the way they talk. When “Half-Aries” people want something, they will address it very straight. Sometimes, you would find it as naive -.- This trait is similar to Sagittarius. Both talk very straightly, but Aries gets more attractive because of what they want to do. And Sagittarius… Gne will let you know in Sagittarius month -.-

4. Some “Half-Aries” have the problem of the want and the need. Some “Half-Aries” wants are saved so much that it overcomes the need. In the end, they sometimes can not realize what is they want, what are the necessaries thing.

5. And the last one Gne has known so far about “Half-Aries” is the leadership. However, “Half-Aries” hides their natural leadership. They don’t show off and prove the leadership right way like the Sun Aries. “Half-Aries” would say I want to be a leader. And the Sun Aries would not say it. Sun Aries would do the action of the leadership.


The Moon Sign is different with the Sun Sign.
We will talk more detail about the Sun Sign vs Moon Sign in the next few days.

Aries birthday

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