While the “Half-Aries” guesses need to climb up the mountain in order to enter the Aries World, all Sun Sign Aries people are teleported directly to the Aries World entrance. Why the Sun Sign Aries people has more benefits than other?

What does the Sun Sign tell about you?

The first thing you need to redefine is that Zodiac you have been known and believe-> is it REAL your Sun Sign? Gne asks because some people misunderstand their own Sun Sign. There are two ways for you to make sure the Sun Sign you have known is REAL your Sun Sign.

  1. The first and easiest way to check is looking at the table below

It’s the 12 Zodiacs by names and by the date times. If you find a little small difference about the starting/ending day between this infographic with others, it doesn’t matter because of the Sun and our Earth orbit.

As the moment the Sun rises in our Earth view, it’s different time between location. Western countries would see the Sunrise before Eastern countries. At the time, the Sun moves slowly from this Zodiac to the next.-> Therefore, it has a little range dates between this Zodiac Month and others.

For example, we are in the Aries month now. In this infographic, it says Aries Month starts at March 21st. It’s not exactly correct because of the Spring Equinox. (It came exactly at the March 20th, 2019 at 21:58 PM GMT).

Astrologers count the Aries Month when the Sun enter the zero degree in the Aries. They call the Aries point.

2. The second way is the proper way to get to know about your Sun SIgn. We will use your own natal birth chart. If you ask how to get that information, please click on this link.

After confirm what is your Sun Sign, let’s review the Sun Sign characteristic overall.

(Gne doesn’t go to detail the Sun Sign in specific Zodiac in this section.)

  1. Your EGO. -> this is the first thing you need to remember about the Sun Sign in general-> and when the Sun moves into your Zodiac Sign, it tells more detail about your ego ( Do you have ego?-> How big your ego is?)
  2. Your own best version potential. In short word, the Sun Sign tells you about your strength and your weakness. It also releases some potentials growth in a specific area. For example like Gne 🙂 Gne’s Sun Sign is in Virgo-> it means Gne and other Sun Sign Virgo people, no matter what gender, we pay attention to the health more than the rest Zodiacs. As Virgo does that, it leads to one weakness, which is over-thinking -.-
  3. After recognizing your strength, the Sun Sign can help you to achieve the best – version – of – you. Of course, you would grab the chance and do the actions or not-> it’s up to you. Like Sun Sign Cancer, all Cancerians will see the world objectives as much as they can-> therefore, they would not likely work to their best version. In contrast, Capricorn ladies are different XDDD Gne can proud to say that all Capricorn ladies are ambitious XDD Gne knows that fact for sure because Gne has been love Capricorn ladies all the time hihi (My first girlfriend is Capricorn-> my second girlfriend also is Capricorn :3 -> my current girlfriend also is the same haha Please don’t misunderstand Gne dumps them. Gne’s two previous break-ups have reasons. For the initial, Gne can share a little because Gne moved to Seattle. My first Capricorn lady just accepts the reality and make her choice staying in her local…Gne still nostalgias about it since it could have a different choice. The second Capricorn, she just follows her parent’s wishes. Gne understands no one is more important than her parents, but it’s still hurt…)
  4. Sun Sign guides your belief-> Gne talks about the general life belief. It doesn’t involve the religious belief-> what makes senses to you, Gne guesses.
  5. And then the goals. It could the whole life goals and purposes. Perhaps some specific small goals like drinking 2 litter pure water in one day without other drinks.
  6. Sun Sign also determines how you approach new things. When you step out your comfort zone, how you react to the new discoveries, how you absorb the new information, what issue’s angle you take a look at, etc.
  7. In summary, the Sun Sign gives you a specific identity (you can share the same Sun Sign with other people-> therefore, you and that person would have a few things in common). The Sun Sign draws who you will become.

Happy birthday Aries.

Aries birthday

P/S: Since Gne has a little cold >.< Gne will try to write some short posts in the next week. Besides, next week also is the last week of Aries Month. 🙂 Take care of yourself (It’s my Sun Sign anyway!)

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