All guesses who has the Sun Sign in Aries and the “Half-Aries” are busy with their things. In the meanwhile, Cephalate can help us to open a small window to see how they are doing. It also retrieves a little bit about the Aries World.

The Aries World has a few basics like other worlds. The Aries World is the homeland of people who were born in the Aries Month. They are the dominants. It would be harder with the “Half-Aries”


And the Aries woman ๐Ÿ™‚ don’t underestimate! They are the same level with Amazons women warriors -.- Gne sees some people compare Amazons women warriors to the Wonder Woman of the Marvel -> To Gne, it’s a lame comparaison. Amazons women warriors are human being and the Wonder Woman is their princess. Wonder Woman considers as a demi-God already.

While we are seeing the Aries World, it reminds Gne to my old friends. Both of them are Aries Man. Gne talks about their Sun Sign Aries.

Dear Gne’s old Aries friends

Gne shares with you about my two old friends. We can take it as the example for the Aries Man.

Gne still remembers the setting when Gne meets them.

It is the University time in my home country. It would be around 2012 or 2013.

Gne pays attention to them because one special thing. Both of them share the same birthday.

Their birthday is on March 28th, 1993. And ๐Ÿ˜› that doesn’t stop like that. After getting a few more classmates, Gne recognizes one more thing XD There is a female classmate who shares that birthday with them.

XD Gne considers as a lucky person when Gne can meet three people who have the same birthday, which is March 28th, 1993. And one special thing happens between them too :3

As Gne shares with you in many previous posts XD Even three people share the same birthday, their personalities are differents. FOR SURE. Because Gne has been friend with them around 3 years in the University before Gne immigrates to the USA.

If you want to know why, Gne is confident to tell you the reason is their own natal birth chart. Each individual has the own self natal birth chart.

While mention about the difference personalities, Gne wants to verify with you one fact.

The myth vs the fact

Gne reads around and across one myth. As Gne reads the myth, Gne knows for sure that person ,who wrote that myth, knows a nil about Horoscope with Astrology XD

Here is the myth: (that person said) All the population is encapsulated within 12 Zodiac Sign only.

Gne finds it’s funny because that person doesn’t do the homework good enough. Gne sympathies. Maybe Horoscope with Astrology and Zodiac are not their favorite topic.

Above is the myth. Here is the fact from Astrology XD

The fact is: it’s more than that 12 numbers. Based on the natal chart, the number is multiple of 12 (haha).

Gne explains now. Let’s take the horoscope cocktail as an example. For Astrologers and natal birth chart, the Sun Sign, the Moon Sign and the Ascendant (Rising Sign) are the three dominants factors to interpret.

The 12 Zodiac Signs is just one element.

Based on Astrology, we have 12 Sun Signs plus 12 Moon Signs plus 12 Rising Signs. However, when we put all three into one horoscope cocktail, it has many combinations. Here where is the Math knowledge kicks in.

When we combine all three majors Signs as one cocktail, we have 1728 flavors haha

Here is the detail Math explanation ๐Ÿ˜›

We put the three major Signs in a row.

  • The Sun Sign
  • The Moon Sign
  • The Rising Sign

Here is the first combination. It would be Aries in the Sun Sign. Aries also is in the Moon Sign. Aries also is in the Rising Sign XD

If lets Gne do the comparison, Gne would say this person is a Superman XD Aries is lying in three signs

And then, we change one of vary. For example, we keep the Sun Sign and the Moon Sign in Aries, we change the Rising Sign into another Zodiac Sign. We have 11 more Zodiac Sign. -> the second combination is Sun in Aries, Moon in Aries, Rising in Taurus.

We still change the vary and combine together.

At the end, we have 1728 combinations in total :3 If you want to know what is the math equation-> it is simple: 12 times with 12 times with 12 again. Because each Sign changes from Aries to Pisces.

The number 1728 is jus represented for three majors (The Sun, The Moon and the Rising Signs). Besides, we still have about 10 more planets to discuss. Plus, we also have 12 houses position.

In total, the natal birthday compilation is limited (about 207360) but it can cover all 7 billions individuals(and still counting) in this planets. Because there are a few more elements outside Astrology such as the culture, the language, the countries laws, etc.

Okay, ๐Ÿ˜› don’t talk about the myth anymore. Let’s dig into two real Aries men

DISCLAIM: If you find a similar story with this post, then you don’t need to sue Gne because both of posts are originally written by Gne. Gne does delete the old post. The old post is published under a different domain name. (And Gne was the owner of that domain too.) Right now, the ownership transfers to someone else. The old post title is “Astro’s ram and ewe”. The post is about 3000 English words :3 The content inside the old post is similar to this one because Gne shares about the same friends. Gne just writes in a different way, in a different place, in a different time.

For easy to track, Gne just uses their nickname. Those two nicknames are their real nickname. They have been used until the day Gne leaves the home country.

The first Aries Man has a nickname Iron Kun :3

Iron Kun is a nickname that is created by one classmate-> Thus, the Aries Man just uses the “Iron Kun” for about 3 years ๐Ÿ™‚

Sorry that Gne doesn’t put the real name here because the USA privacy policy

The second Aries Man is NA

It’s easy to remember this Aries Man because the nickname “NA” is the combination of the first letters. (Actually, it considers as the middle name in the American system name. In Viet Nam, it calls “tรชn lรณt”). His full name has four words. His name is NXX AXX. He has been used the nickname “na” for a long time. Perhaps in middle school and high school.

Let’s get to know a little bit about Iron Kun

Well, all Gne shares about Iron Kun in this section are based on Gne memory. Some perhaps are Gne subjective too -.-

First, let’s Gne introduces the physical attraction of Iron Kun ๐Ÿ™‚

Iron Kun is the urban man in Viet Nam. His hometown is in the North of VietNam. After the University entrance test, he moves to the South, to near the University.

Iron Kun could choose an University near his city, but somehow Iron Kun decides to leave his city.

Gne thinks because of the University Major. Iron Kun, Na and Gne University Major is the French Language. Since the French language is not popular in Vietnam, the school teaching the French language is limited too.

Both Iron Kun and Na (and Gne), we have been studying French for more than 10 years. We start around the First grade back then.

Iron Kun isn’t high. He is about 5 feet 3 or so. Gne doesn’t pay attention much about it. He is kind of skinny, but his arm force…isn’t like his skinny body XD

His face jam line (Gne would say) is a V line, but the narrow V line since he has a skinny body anyway.

Iron Kun still haves the Sun Sign Aries special: the nose. Gne confirms this body characteristic of Aries Man because Na has the same thing.

The Aries Man usually has a bigger nose than other man.

If you pay attention, some celebrities has a big nose too. Of course, in the most case, they are Aries Man.

Take a look to Jackie Chan nose. He is Aries Man. His official birthday is April 7th-> He turns 65 years old this year. Do you realize his nose is bigger than other Asian actors?

One more example from Hollywood is actor Steven Seagal. He has a big nose too.

Therefore, a bigger nose is one body characteristic of Aries Man. It’s natural big, not surgery!

Iron Kun has dark thick hair, thick eye brown. Since Iron Kun is Vietnamese, his eye color is black. Gne doesn’t remember much about Iron Kun eye since Gne doesn’t often look at his eyes.

Even Iron Kun Sun Sign is Aries, his body isn’t for doing sport. Iron Kun has more talent in the drawing.

Oh, One special thing about Iron Kun is his hands. His hands and fingers are longer than others. They also look more beautiful than the girl’s hands. Gne remembers one time, we make a short video. We use Iron Kun hand as an illustration

The second is about Iron Kun personality traits

Hmm… Back then, Gne doesn’t close too much with Iron Kun. Iron Kun is selected into a leadership position of our major about student life. Iron Kun with other people, they create some events. Iron Kun is creative when he designs a few games for the camping event.

-> the first trait you need to remember about the Aries man is the leadership. Regardless of the Aries Man physical body, the mind belongs to a leader’s

-> the second trait you will find in most of Aries man is the energy. They usually do some physical movements. For Iron Kun, he likes to dance and singing. There is two periods of time Iron Kun and a few classmates practice dancing together.

One time is when they practice one Kpop song. The song is “Cry Cry Cry” of T-Ara. Below is the music video about the choreography.

One more time is the shuffle dance between our University with some University near by ๐Ÿ™‚ Gne doesn’t have the record of the shuffle dance….

According to Astrology, Zodiac Aries has a fire inside them. Iron Kun express his fire in a different way. A part of his body turns “red” as a stimulation interacts. Hmmm….Gne notices a few times Iron Kun both ears turn into red when he’s shy in front of one girl ๐Ÿ™‚ Or his red ears appear when he receives a compliment.

๐Ÿ™‚ that is what Gne can remember about Iron Kun. Even Gne and Iron Kun study French, he comes from the North, so we are not very close.

Moving to Na, another Aries man

Na has a different shape with Iron Kun. Gne would say Na is a little chubby because of his height. Even so, Na still has the bigger nose, thick eye brown, thick dark hair.

Na can play the guitar. He can teach his friend how to play the guitar. Besides guitar, Na also can sing.

About Na personalities, hm…. Na doesn’t show much Aries remarkable traits.

Or Gne is wrong because at that time, Gne doesn’t like to make friends with other people -.-

And you can feel, not every Sun Sign Aries has the completely traits like you usually read.

According to Astrologers, Aries Men is the action men. They don’t sit still because of the fire inside. They need to do something. -> Aries Men purpose is similar to the ignition spark plug. As soon as it’s on fire, Aries Men won’t listen to other opinions. He would go directly to the goals.

Once he reaches the goals, he easily turns another challenge. Each challenge is just one battlefield for him to test his abilities. In this field, he knows about his strength. With a different field, it would be in a struggle because of his impatience.

Therefore, almost Aries Men is short-sight. They need something has an instant effect and result.

Sometimes, Aries Men starts to aggressive when he can not get the things like he wants. Sometimes, his wants is equal with his need.

When that situation happens, Aries Man would like to fight. Perhaps, in the beginning, he would rise his head-> rise his voice-> he is entering his “angry mode” -> If he loses his patience, Aries Men will get into the standby mode for a physical fight. -> at this stage, Aries Men doesn’t care about anything. And he would stay stubborn like that

Take one example in the animal world. Aries Man symbol is a RAM. When the mating season comes, all Rams are fighting for his own right.

One Ram is focusing on mating with ewe that he sees. Another Ram is protecting that ewe. The Ram sometimes avoid fighting directly to another Ram. At the end, the Ram is leaving because he is tired of fighting, running, chasing.

Happy birthday Aries.

Aries birthday

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