Finding Sagittarius gifts women is easy. You should read about a Sagittarius woman. Then, you will know all women who are born under Sagittarius Zodiac has a simple mind. Even with the different Moon sign, it’s not so hard to find the best gifts for the birthday, the holidays for Sagittarius women.

The only thing you should remember about Sagittarius woman is her straight-forward attitude. She will be happy when she receives a gift. And the happiness level depends on the gift itself.

The best gift you can offer to Sagittarius woman is a travel trip

You can design the travel trip in advance for Sagittarius women-> and then, gift the ticket if it needs to be transported by ground, by water/ocean, by air or even under the ocean. -> next, you would need to let her know clearly that you want a date that only has you and her.

Or you are so generous that offer two spots travel trip for Sagittarius woman for her to decide who will be her companion of the trip. -> this method has a risk the person who she might choose would NOT be you…

You can visit the Travel trip Advisor ( in the USA ), Booking (in the EU), Ctrip (if China is the main). Or you can visit the local travel company and an independent travel agent. If you are confident with yourself, would you plan the trip initial, activities for Sagittarius woman to choose?

If you could not offer the travel trip (even a short trip), here are some gifts ideas for this holiday and most important for Sagittarius woman’s birthday

For her personal care, you can choose:

  • Hair shampoo and hair conditioner
  • Facial towelettes, Facial sheet for her skin type (dry, oily, sensitive, normal, mix)
  • L’eau de toilet or a real perfume
  • Nice and foam small towel for her when she exercises in the gym or when she has the outdoor activities.
  • Deodorizing foot spray

For her makeup, we can find some makeup things, makeup tools, makeup accessories such as:

  • Facial foam cleanser
  • Facial moisturizer
  • Skin whitening
  • SP suncream ( this would be most useful because Sagittarius woman loves to be outdoor)
  • Eyeliner
  • Mascara
  • Contact lens ( for her eyes IF…)
  • Lipsticks
  • Earrings (not necklace since it won’t fit some outdoor activities)
  • Bracelets
  • Sunglass
  • Hat
  • Makeup mirror at home
  • and many more

For her movement,

  • Active tank top
  • Comfortable t-shirt
  • Legging for exercise
  • Running shoe
  • Foam shoe for a long walk-distance, for standing a long time
  • Hair ties
  • Travel light-weight package
  • Travel empty water bottle for a refill at the destination
  • Personal Water filter straw/ water purifier
  • etc.

And one special gift you would surprise her hehe it’s a doll. Such as a minion doll, cute doll Pikachu, a big Teddy bear. Or a doll as the reward of the “claw machine” game.

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