Comparing with other 12 Zodiac women, a Sagittarius woman

  • doesn’t lose the temper easily like an Aries woman
  • is easier than a Taurus woman who always eyes on the bills and money
  • doesn’t make you feel worried, insecure like a Gemini woman usually flirts with other men
  • doesn’t constrain you to always stay at home like a Cancer lady
  • doesn’t show up fancies and big ego like Leo woman
  • doesn’t know how to critical like Virgo woman
  • says straight forward and shows more emotions and feelings than Libra woman
  • isn’t jealous so much like Scorpio woman
  • has more fun times than a Capricorn woman who usually takes things seriously.
  • likes smart people like an Aquarius woman
  • is stronger than the girly Pisces woman who usually cries
Let’s review about a Sagittarius woman!

What are about a Sagittarius Woman’s traits

Unlike Sagittarius man, you should understand Sagittarius man’s personality in order to love him right. Sagittarius woman would feel loving and being loved first before understanding her traits. Even so, you should know some core characteristics of Sagittarius Zodiac. And then, we will go a little bit more details about what you can love about a Sagittarius woman before actually understanding her.

It would have three things that you could love about Sagittarius woman without understanding her in short term: her body shape, her facial beauty, and some unique that Sagittarius woman has ( Sagittarius man has something else, you can go to the ultimate guide for understanding Sagittarius man for more details)

The first thing men usually pay attention to a woman is her body shape. For Sagittarius woman, it has two common body shapes. One type will have a short height with a balance between arms, legs. Even with the golden ratio of her body part, men see this type of Sagittarius woman as a cute lady more! With that type, her body shape brings that Sagittarius lady the agility and the speed when she is running.

And the second Sagittarius body shape has a taller height. And one special thing about this type of Sagittarius woman is about her legs! If she allows you to measure her legs, it definitely is longer than her arms. That significate for the Centaur symbol. If you share the same height with this type of Sagittarius woman, you will see her legs are longer than you. And we don’t need to talk about how long her legs when she is taller than you, right?

The second thing attracted to you will be Sagittarius woman’s facial beauty. Based on her body shape, it has usually two main types: cute or pretty. Of course, a cute face will be very suitable with a short body shape-> it will make her even cuter!!!

And a pretty face will make a Sagittarius woman long legs become a highlight which could stun you in one shoot haha Combining with other Moon Signs, this type of Sagittarius woman’s facial beauty will range from pretty to beautiful and last gorgeous level. And sometimes, it still has some Sagittarius ladies in the middle.

Take a look at the gallery below. On the left side is the example of a young and cute Sagittarius Chinese lady. The middle is the middle beauty with the birthday on December 12th. And the right side is our USA beautiful country music Queen Taylor Swift.

The third thing attractive is the Sagittarius woman’s unique traits such as

  • Restless mind and body
  • Hungry for new knowledge
  • Travel is the most important passion and interest
  • Eyes to the fun time more
  • Usually has opinions about almost everything
  • Not very strong in logic but 6th sense seems more accurate.
  • Romantic and high spirit
  • Eyes on the future more than present
  • Great talker
  • Most important want: feel loving and be loved.

When a Sagittarius Woman is available

For a single Sagittarius woman, any time is the time for a relationship. However, you won’t find her when she’s out for traveling. The best time for meeting Sagittarius woman is traveling with her! Traveling with her is also considered as the dating time already.

Where you can find a Sagittarius Woman

You can not find her in her place. You would have a chance to meet her on the street. Or during the travel trip. Another possibility is in transportation. Sagittarius woman doesn’t usually show up in the bar or a club alone. If you catch her there, it means she has her companions.

Like other girls and women, Sagittarius woman sometimes eye-shopping in some stores, some restaurants with her female friends.

Who are the top 3 compatible with Sagittarius Woman

Literally, Sagittarius man is the most compatible with Sagittarius woman. The second place belongs to the Leo man. The last is the Aquarius man. That is the top 3 in the 12 Zodiacs. We will learn more details about the compatibility between Sagittarius Zodiac with the rest in another post.

Why a Sagittarius woman is worthy for love relationship

The first benefit you will get from Sagittarius’ girlfriend/wife is her optimize and positive mind. You won’t find she is sad so long. She also tries to create some fun times with her lover. Every day with Sagittarius’ girlfriend/wife will be a new day, exciting day with some plans to discover new things or prepare for the trip at the weekends. You will dive into her vivid imagination if her body stucks in a physical place.

The second thing you will love about Sagittarius woman is her creative. Sagittarius woman element is Fire. She has the high energy. She will work as an inspiring source for you. She will help you to achieve your goals in life, in carrier If you have some. She also has a caring soul and ready to cook some meals for you. However, don’t expect too much from Sagittarius woman. She might invite you to a new restaurant in another city or another foreign city in a foreign country…

foreign countries

The third one is the Sagittarius woman’s loyalty. At the current when you are with her in the boyfriend-girlfriend relationship, Sagittarius woman thinks about you all the time because she wants you to join with her activities. If you are not available at that time, it’s hard to tell if Sagittarius woman’s still loyal with you…

Other men are just a friend to her. You might find some uncomfortable times when Sagittarius woman talks long hours with another man. To her, it’s a travel friend. And the reason for talking long hours might be about the trip that person has. It’s also a risk that she grows some positive feelings about that man after a few times traveling with him instead of you.

Fall in love with someone and fall out love is a choice. Sagittarius woman would make a quick choice if she gets over all the obstacles of the travel trip with someone. Would you be ready to be the one who always company with Sagittarius woman on her trips?

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