Finally, Capricorn’s month has come! If you are new with Horoscope, the Capricorn Horoscope starts from December 23rd to January 20th. It means who has the birthday in the range December 23rd to January 20th -> that person has the Sun Sign Capricorn. And Capricorn Horoscope is my favorite Horoscope. Actually, Capricorn lady is my number one haha. You will find more the reason why I love Capricorn lady so much through the series about Capricorn Horoscope.

Basic information about Capricorn Horoscope

Those are the static about Capricorn Horoscope in thousand years ago. Under Astrology view,

Capricorn Element: Earth -> It tells that all Capricornians emphasis material things more than others. Capricornians also believe more in reality than imagination, than the religion. In another word, Capricornians only believes himself/herself. And they are very down-to-Earth. Besides, parents are the next one Capricornians has perfect trust. The rest of the world… need to earn the trust of Capricorn people.

Capricorn Quality: Cardinal -> In simple words, you will see all Capricornians like to do the actions more than talking. And they also enjoy being creative.

Capricorn Ruler: Saturn Planet. We will dig deeper into Saturn Planet in a different post/article. For initial, Saturn symbols for limitations and hardships. Besides, Saturn demands to be patient and present the potential of reward after overcoming the challenges.

Constellation’s Capricorn

Here is the constellation from Cosmology where it’s difference branch with Astrology. The constellation of Capricorn Horoscope is Capricornus

Its name is Latin for “horned goat” or “goat horn” or “having horns like a goat’s”, and it is commonly represented in the form of a sea-goat: a mythical creature that is half goat, half fish.

Capricornus was also one of the 48 constellations listed by the 2nd century astronomer Claudius Ptolemy


Mythology and Explain symbol

In ancient mythology, Capricorn is related to the god Pan. He is the son of Hermes and is one of the Satyrs, human-like creatures with the horns and legs of a ram and a horses tail. He was raised by nymphs after his mother, disgusted by his appearance, abandoned him.

Pan tended sheep and goats and was a talented musician. His libidinous nature also drove him to go after the nymphs who usually fled in panic at the sight of him. When the nymph Syrinx was no longer able to flee him, she begged to be turned into reed which Pan used to create the well-known Pan flute.

At one time Pan himself was fleeing from the monster Typhon and tried but failed to turn himself into a fish. However, he supported Zeus in his battle with Typhon, and in thanks Zeus immortalised him by transforming him into a star constellation.

Capricorn Symbol: ♑

Capricorn Animal’s Symbol: The Sea-goat represents the Capricorn animal symbol since thousand years ago. It’s based on Mythology.

For the symbol’s explanation 🙂 I will use some real experiences. It’s not very show off, but all the girlfriends I have from the past until the present, all of them have the Sun sign in Capricorn. My first girlfriend Capricorn birthday is January 15th. The second Capricorn girlfriend is January 13th. I just feel using Capricorn lady would be the best for explaining about the Sea-goat image.

sea goat

Look at the legend Sea-goat photo above. As you can see clearly, the Sea-goat is the Greek mix-creature. The upper body is the normal goat which is the normal animal we see in nature. You can find those normal goats in some mountain regions. The lower-body is a fish with fin and fishtail.

When I have been together with my two ex-girlfriends Capricorn, I realize it has a process, a loop. Maybe I image, but I choose the Sea-goat as the virtual example for my thesis.

Back then, my thesis involved the Sea-goat: the Capricorn lady’s characteristics, emotions, and feelings change with her woman period.

When I observe the Capricorn woman period, I feel her woman cycle follows the Sea-goat image. At the very first day of her monthly circle, I feel all about Capricorn’s lady stays in the normal goat image. That is when Capricorn lady’s characteristics are “strong” like the goat in nature.

Slowly, more days pass-> it moves slowly from the Sea-goat head with horn-> move down to the shoulder-> move down to the chest-> move down to the hip where the transition exists.

As I observe the process, I feel the closer day to Capricorn woman period, the characteristics, emotions, feelings and many more things about her-> all are “softening”!

After it goes to the “fish” part of the Sea-goat. -> it signifies the several days when the Capricorn woman period comes. ( I mention about a few days when her lower-stomach has pain or sometimes it produces the blood down there. It also included the short 3,4 days right after the “pain”. That is the short period when Capricorn lady becomes “horny” hihi) -> Aigoo~ you might feel I am crazy but I like both parts of Capricorn Sea-goat. I love Capricorn lady when she “stays” in the normal goat. I still love Capricorn lady when she “moves” to the watery “fish” in her Sea-goat image.

As you know, when woman period comes, all ladies and women change a little bit. This is the time when the strong goat inside Capricorn lady becomes softer, cuter, not very stubborn, yield more, more elegant.

However, don’t misunderstand and mistake that you can “eat” Capricorn lady when she “moves to the Fish part” haha if you have a chance to fishing with a fisherman, you will know all the fishes are still fighting with human to avoid being caught.

Capricorn lady is the same. Even she “has been softening” during her woman period, Capricorn lady still doesn’t give up to fight for what she believes, fight for herself, fight for her family and her friends.

Until now, I think my thesis back then is still correct 🙂 How about you? Would you try to apply this thesis for your Capricorn lady?

About Capricorn Horoscope – core characteristics in both genders

In this post/article, I just summary a few core characteristics in both genders of Capricorn Horoscope. I will write more posts with much more details about Capricorn lady characteristics 🙂

Regardless of gender in Capricorn Horoscope, they always have goals. With the normal Sun Sign Capricorn, their eyes will look at social success. They also crave social cognition for their hard work in the past and in the private setting.

That is one thing most people don’t see in Capricorn. What they see is the outlook of their success in the social. People don’t know, can not see and don’t experience what Capricornians have been gone through the hardships, the challenges, the discipline, the sacrifice, the pressure, the stress in the private time.

In order to achieve that “social success”, Capricornians have to

  • to be patient,
  • to be discipline,
  • to willing work-hard, study hard
  • to take the responsibilities,
  • to carry the duties,
  • to focus on what are the essentials and necessaries
  • to follow the existing rules and regulations

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  1. Dear Thong,

    Thank you so much for such a great piece of writing. I like the way you describe it using symbol and philosophic nature explanation. Really appreciate it!


    1. Dear Charlie 🙂 thank you for your time too. I am glad my writing can help you a little bit.

      Have a nice day there.

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