Following the ultimate guide for understanding Sagittarius man, we will find out some birthday gifts for Sagittarius man. Below are some suggestions (in fact, they are the options). Would you surprise him in this holiday season 2019? What gift do you think he would like the most?

For Sagittarius man’s Spirit

With the attitude seeking knowledge, Sagittarius man would happy when he receives a book as a birthday gift. 🙂 Sagittarius man is easy-going, so his happiness has some levels. Under the book categories, we have many genres-> which one will satisfice Sagittarius man?

For his spirit, for his imagination, comic books and fiction novel books are suitable. Here stays at the suggestion because your Sagittarius man is different from another Sagittarius. You need to find out what is the exact topic your Sagittarius man would like to read.

Comic books have some Western topics such as comic books with Marvel Heroes (or even Marvel Villians), Lucky Luke, etc. Or comic books with some Eastern topics such as Japanese Manga, Chinese Manhua, Korean webtoon, etc.

Fiction books even broader such it has a million authors who write about fiction novels. You have two options. One is you can find out about your Sagittarius man’s favorite fiction author-> and then search for the newest fiction book of that author-> order it-> grasp it as a gift-> gift it to your Sagittarius man. Another option: you don’t need to find out about his favorite author. You can suggest your own favorite fiction author. If you don’t have one, it’s not a big problem.-> you can search some best-selling fiction book in the year-> random choose one book based on your feeling-> gift it to Sagittarius man-> after a while, you can ask his feedback for your choice.

IF you feel choosing fiction books, comic books are hard, a non-fiction book about the new skill, new knowledge would bring the same benefit to Sagittarius man. In order to do this, you would need to observe your Sagittarius man for a while. For finding what is the new skill to him? (your own old skill could be the new skill in Sagittarius man’s collection)-> one more time, Sagittarius man is easy-going. Even the book about the new skill for him is not very useful for him, he still smiles. Because Sagittarius man emphasizes to build some soft skills, some social skills.

If you can find some online courses-> you can refer to Sagittarius man. He will judge it by himself. Sagittarius man has his own philosophy. He will study if the online course would worth it for him to pay the fee for digital education. Therefore, you don’t need to worry if you refer a scam, a non-ethnic online course for him, Sagittarius man has his own decision 🙂

One more thing which satisfices Sagittarius man’s spirit, an artistic ticket should be good. It could be the theatre ticket, a music ticket for his favorite idol, a ticket to watch a different culture performance, etc.

For Sagittarius man’s Physical

Sagittarius man likes to travel-> he would taste some gourmet in the place where he has been visited. There is one thing Sagittarius man would cherish and feel warm in his heart. He wants to taste the homemade dishes. Yeah~ nowadays, more and more restaurants specialize their menu with some home-cooked meals. Sagittarius man. Therefore, surprise him with some home-cooked meals of your family.

For one more Sagittarius man’s need, he would definitely need some active clothes. It needs to fit his movements. Sagittarius man likes to travel a lot. He will need simple and comfortable active clothes. No need fancy fashionista.

Complete his set active clothes with a new active shoe. Should you choose a new running shoe as a gift for Sagittarius man? Or a hiking boot for his next hiking adventure?

The best gift for Sagittarius man

The best gift for your Sagittarius man is a travel trip ticket. He doesn’t really need the newest iPhone 11 (in 2019). Travel is much better. You can design a short travel trip with 2 days at weekends. It would be better when you and your Sagittarius man start the trip at Friday night. It will maximize time for travel.

And other things for the trip – travel accessories. You and your Sagittarius man should prepare together 🙂 It is the chance for getting closer to Sagittarius man. Even you can’t prepare with him, you still have the chance to ask his suggestions on what you need to bring. Don’t be so surprise if Sagittarius man tells you to bring some paper works for travel (such as ID, VISA/PASSPORT, the ticket transportation if need), some small cash, travel credit card and a few clothes

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