My former ESL (English as Second Language) shares that each person has two families. One family where that person is born from. It’s the parents and the siblings. Another “family” is the network outside the family where that person is born from. The majority in your network would limit as 150 people for you to take care of a good relationship. You can include your parents, your siblings into the network. For some people, they choose 150 people in their network from outside.

Zodiac Sign makes good friendship with Sagittarius

If need to choose only one Zodiac Sign, Sagittarius will make a good friendship with another Sagittarius. You would see two Sagittarius men get together for a travel trip, for a challenge, for a game. Or you would be stunned when you can see two happy Sagittarius ladies get together.

friendship between men

It’s no need to explain more details since both are from Sagittarius Zodiac. They see the common mindset, thinking, behavior, etc. in another. Since it’s a friendship, two Sagittarius men or two Sagittarius ladies don’t mind to build a good friendship. Having one more good friend is still better than an enemy, right?

The problem: “good friendship” between two Sagittarius people is the maximum. Both are independent individuals, so they feel not comfortable if they go to the “best friend”.

Nevertheless, it has more than one Zodiac which makes a good friendship with Sagittarius in real life. I can give you one example. I see and experience by myself.

When I was studying in Viet Nam University (Viet Nam is my birth country), I see one best female friend couple. After getting to know a little bit about them (since we are all the classmates in the same University department), I am sure about their Sun Sign. One lady Sun Sign is Sagittarius. Another lady Sun Sign is Libra. They have known each other for a long time. Perhaps since the 8th grade until University time.

Look at them when they chitchat together, look at them how they walk arms to arms together, how they work together, how they combine for the art music when Sagittarius lady plays guitar and Libra lady sings, how happy when they are playing together, etc. You will see how good is the best friendship between them.

By the way, it’s not real my old classmates Sagittarius and Libra ladies!

(It’s the Eastern Asian culture. When two ladies become the best friend, they usually hold hands together, arms to arms together. That is also the reason for some Lesbian cases. I support the CLGTB since they are brave to live with the truth themselves)

The best friendship between Sagittarius lady and Libra lady doesn’t at risk when they have a boyfriend. Sagittarius lady has her boyfriend. Libra lady has her boyfriend. And the boyfriends are two different people. Sagittarius lady and Libra lady still get together so well. Having a boyfriend doesn’t scratch their friendships. They also don’t involve the boyfriend of each other. They just talk, discuss, give each other advice, find the method together, support each other for a good boyfriend-girlfriend relationship.

Zodiac Sign makes good teacher-student relationship with Sagittarius

The teacher-student relationship is two-ways. Sagittarius Zodiac could be a teacher for another Zodiac in some situations. In return, Sagittarius also learns some new things from others.

Sagittarius Sign usually urges for the knowledge, so Sagittarius will choose to be a student before becoming a teacher. When we put Sagittarius in a student place, Sagittarius will learn

  • How to start up almost everything from Aries
  • Controlling more about money from Taurus. However, it doesn’t last long since Sagittarius doesn’t have much patience like Taurus
  • Learning nothing from Gemini.
  • How radiant the warm feeling and happy times to around like Leo
  • And with Virgo! Virgo has a lot of things to teach Sagittarius.
  • Sagittarius will learn how to broad out-> see more angles of the issues-> think about the bigger picture when Libra is the teacher.
  • With Scorpio… Sagittarius will learn more from Life itself since Scorpio refers so
  • Sagittarius will learn how to run a business with Capricorn
  • Aquarius will boost Sagittarius’ creative and enlight Sagittarius to the special and unique areas.
  • And last with Pisces, Sagittarius will meet the hard pseudoscience: trust with the flow of Life.

Only Virgo has more than one thing to teach Sagittarius. Since it’s 90 degrees between Sagittarius and Virgo in the Horoscope circle, Virgo will teach Sagittarius about:

  • Pay more attention to details
  • Take more responsibility
  • Calm down and control the temper
  • Take care more about the health
  • Make the plan with the more realistic aspects
  • Control the self for not playing too much
  • See things with more serious matters

With the teacher role, Sagittarius will teach Gemini many things. The first thing Gemini needs to learn more about Sagittarius is about deepness. Both Sagittarius and Gemini have things common: both like to find new knowledge; both have the intelligence to study an extra foreign language. Unlike Sagittarius, Gemini stops the knowledge at the surface level, just in the general matters. While Sagittarius digs deeper, finds out about the philosophy, the reason behind, how it works. Then, Sagittarius has the ability to teach others after mastering the knowledge while Gemini… would change the topic if Gemini doesn’t know very details about it!

For the rest of Zodiac, Sagittarius is the good teacher about being positive!

Zodiac Sign makes good love relationship with Sagittarius

Love is weird. It doesn’t have the best lover. The perfection stays at the most suitable partner. For Sagittarius Zodiac, in reality, it has more than one for the love relationship.

cupid art by aireenscolor

For Sagittarius man…aigoo~ Some people still believe that the Cupid arrows are misplaced in the arrow of Sagittarius man. With the Centaur symbol, Sagittarius man likes to store the arrow and prepare the bow for hunting. He still keeps that behavior in the boyfriend-girlfriend relationship. He definitely likes to take the hunter role rather than the victim.

When Sagittarius man becomes active and “hunt” another lady. With his sincerity and the straight forward like the horse’s organ, Sagittarius man easily earns the agreement from ladies. To Sagittarius man, every lady has her own beauty. Therefore, Sagittarius man would have a weird idea that treating the love relationship as a romantic adventure.

During the romantic adventure, Sagittarius man will love any lady whom he is interesting. That point would be a flaw under ladies, women’s opinion. However, it’s not like them thinking. Sagittarius man does love the passion with his girlfriend at the moment. When Sagittarius man doesn’t have love anymore, (someone calls “no more love” or something like that) Sagittarius man will tell honestly with the current girlfriend. He is preparing for the next new girlfriend…

Therefore, the love relationship with a Sagittarius man would increase more than the two-digit number. Sagittarius doesn’t pay attention much to his girlfriend’s identity. He would love the girl who can travel around the world with him. And the one who can belong time with Sagittarius man is the one who spends the time on almost every travel trip with him!

For Sagittarius woman… if choose one and one only… A cancer man would have the most possibility. if we look at the logic and reason for this combination, Cancer man is compatible with Sagittarius because:

  • They share the same interest in travel. Even a Cancer man sometimes likes to stay at home more.
  • Cancer man will take care of the Sagittarius woman. He will take care of the health, the mood, even the money and other things relating to the trip
  • Cancer man also gives enough love for Sagittarius woman. It’s more than Sagittarius woman expectation. She will feel loving and be loved by the Cancer man.

If you want to know more detail who are compatible with Sagittarius, take a look at “Sagittarius Horoscope Compatibility” ?

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