What Zodiac sign makes a good relationship with Sagittarius shares about the Sign who is the most compatible with Sagittarius in friendship, teacher-student relationship and in a love relationship. And this article is going details more the Sagittarius Horoscope Compatibility. Starting with Sagittarius Aries.

Sagittarius Aries compatibility love

First, we talk about the relationship between the Sagittarius man and Aries woman. The main theme of this relationship is getting fire fast and also calm down quickly.

Sagittarius man and the Aries woman might meet each other in a group meeting in order to find some solutions for the company’s situation. Both Sagittarius and Aries Zodiac are the Fire element, Sagittarius man feels attracted easily to an Aries woman. Most of the case, Sagittarius man would be the one who acts first. Aries woman… kind of stubborn. She won’t yield her ego easily.

Sagittarius man and Aries woman would compete together to see who would have the idea sooner, who would have more ideas, who would gain more trust from others for their own ideas. Even it looks like Sagittarius man is competing with Aries woman, they feel attracted together since they see some good sides.

Sagittarius man can see Aries woman is brave for usually say what she thinks even sometimes she doesn’t think about the result after. He finds some common things with Aries woman: do more than talking, being outdoor more, talk about Life slides. Aries woman with the leadership feels Sagittarius man is creative. He can do everything he can for keeping the promise, for achieving the goals. He has more humor than others.

This couple Sagittarius man and Aries woman accept the love relationship straightforward. They usually invite each other for a new travel trip, for a new outdoor activity. They find the romantic side when they do things together. They feel everything becomes more interesting when they get together.

The Second is about a Sagittarius woman and Aries man. This couple doesn’t have many problems like Sagittarius man and Aries woman! The reasons are:

  • Aries man will always protect Sagittarius woman when he can
  • Sagittarius woman finds the romantic side in Aries man when they are dating
  • Sagittarius woman adores Aries man about his leadership, his courage, his handsome.
  • Aries man is impressed with the Sagittarius woman’s creative mindset.
  • Sagittarius woman follows Aries man more than Aries woman has a quarrel with Sagittarius man.

Sagittarius Taurus compatibility Love

Basic the compatibility love between Sagittarius and Taurus Zodiac is not so good. No matter it’s Sagittarius man with Taurus woman or Versa, the maximum compatibility stays at 50%.

The relationship between Sagittarius and Taurus can not grow so strong until love. It usually stays at the Teacher-student relationship or the normal friendship between two genders. The thing which brings Sagittarius and Taurus Zodiac together is nature.

Both like to be in nature, in the forest. While they are in nature, Taurus will have a short lust about good feelings for Sagittarius Zodiac since Sagittarius Zodiac loves animals. From the dog, the cat to big size animals such as horse, buffalo, Sagittarius still takes good care even with a hamster.

If Sagittarius and Taurus decide to go further… it’s not so good because both have different viewpoints about life, love, family. And the most problem derives from money. Taurus owns and controls the money tightly since it’s the money that Taurus made. While Sagittarius spends the money on travel.

Sagittarius Gemini compatibility love

It would be the first-sight-in-love between Sagittarius woman and Gemini man. And the theme for this couple is enjoying challenges. Sagittarius Zodiac and Gemini Sign are opposite during the 12 Horoscopes. It tells they have some common traits and the difference takes the role of complementary when both know how to compromise together.

The first-sight-in-love starts very soon at the moment Sagittarius woman notices about Gemini man. She finds him:

  • that Gemini man has a big network
  • Gemini man smile usually stays on the face
  • Gemini man looks intelligent and smart

About the Gemini man’s side, he sees Sagittarius woman interesting. She is cute and beautiful at a few moments. She makes other people smile when they have a conversation with her. And Sagittarius woman seems to be happy all the time when Gemini man looks at her.

When Sagittarius woman and Gemini man goes further in the relationship, they feel so good at the dating stage. They discover it has more common things between them than they thought. For example, both Gemini man and Sagittarius woman likes to travel around, find new things as the brain’s stimulation, have gift about language (even the expression is different. Sagittarius prefers to learn a foreign language more than master the first language like Gemini)

However, this couple Sagittarius woman and Gemini man’s only good at the beginning. When they can live together, they will find out more differences. The main potential issue for the break-up is the common trait sharing between Gemini man and Sagittarius woman. When one of them finds someone more interesting, then they will chase after the new person rather staying in the relationship between Sagittarius woman and Gemini man.

And it’s also not so good with the relationship of Sagittarius man and Gemini woman. Sagittarius man though he just found the right person since he usually looks for someone who will take care of him. However, that is just the Sagittarius man’s subjective. In reality, Gemini woman, indeed, is a good companion for a travel trip with Sagittarius man, but… take care of someone?

*sigh* Sagittarius man is the one who needs to watch out, take care of Gemini woman… And more often times that Gemini woman’s weird ideas make Sagittarius man angry! Plus, the Gemini woman’s habit, which likes to flirting with another man, is the fuel, the air and the heat for burning the relationship into ashes.

Sagittarius Cancer compatibility love

With Cancer Horoscope, Sagittarius knows that the perfect one is here. No matter the Sagittarius man and Cancer woman or Sagittarius woman and Cancer man, the couple has a harmony relationship. It could not be better when one person satisfies the need of another.

Sagittarius man usually wants to find someone who can take care of him. And Cancer woman is the best!!! Cancer woman is the best provider about taking care of someone. Being the Cancer woman’s husband, Sagittarius man can not be happier! Thus, Sagittarius man loves Cancer woman so much!

For the relationship between Sagittarius woman and Cancer man, it doesn’t have much difference. Cancer man still takes good care of Sagittarius woman. Cancer man gives the safety feeling to Sagittarius woman. Cancer man has many fun times with a Sagittarius woman.

It has one small thing this couple needs to aware. Compromise together. Sagittarius Zodiac needs some freedom for travel in order to keep the mind active while Cancer wants to be with the lover 24/24 hours IF CAN. When Cancer Zodiac wants to stay at home for a while, Sagittarius should respect and delay the travel trip into Cancer Zodiac is available for the companion with Sagittarius.

Sagittarius Leo Compatibility love

Another harmony compatibility love between Sagittarius sign and Leo Sign. This couple harmony expresses in a different way with Sagittarius and Cancer couple above. Sagittarius and Leo love symbols for the Fire tornado!!!

fire tornado

Since both Sagittarius and Leo are the same Fire element, this couple always has high energy. Together, Sagittarius and Leo have many creative ideas. Once the new idea comes, both Sagittarius and Leo want to experiment in real life. The most part about doing is Sagittarius… Leo does have some creative ideas like Sagittarius, but Leo usually orders Sagittarius to do things more…

Sagittarius doesn’t complain much about Leo since Leo can take care of Sagittarius. Even Leo can not take good care like Cancer Zodiac. The rest things in the relation are compatible with each other from the Life viewpoint, the similar interests, the positive mind.

Only one problem with this couple… Sagittarius and Leo will become poor soon when they keep following their own spending money habit… Leo usually wants to buy expensive things, luxurious things, and fancy beauty while Sagittarius spends money on the games and all related things on travel trips.

Sagittarius Virgo Compatibility love

Sagittarius and Virgo meet more challenges than other couples since they have different backgrounds, different viewpoints about Life, different believes. Sagittarius doesn’t pay attention to the price when shopping while Virgo usually buys the necessary. Virgo not often buys more items than the need. Sagittarius has a bunch of unnecessary things. Sagittarius is generous while Virgo is details orientation. Sagittarius plays around more and not focus on goals while Virgo takes responsibility. Virgo does the job with the pride for better service while Sagittarius only does the best with the job Sagittarius is interesting and like to do. It has more differences; in short, Sagittarius and Virgo have a lot of challenges if they want to become lovers, boyfriend-girlfriend relationship and even husband and wife.

love is beautiful

The difference might list many, but Sagittarius and Virgo don’t see them as the complement for a better couple together. Being with Sagittarius, Virgo learns to

  • Take life more easy-going,
  • Give more trust to others,
  • Help people with a better positive mindset
  • Less worry and think less complex, more simple
  • Relax the Virgo self more
  • Enjoy the benefit of travel
  • Not critical so much and so often

Sagittarius needs to learn from Virgo how to take more responsibility with the self and the surrounding; doing things with the plan, the goal for making ideas come true in life; stay more organized; control more about spending habit; stop or reduce playing games, reading comic books so long hours; find out what tasks are important to do and stay focus on the important things.

The compatibility love between Sagittarius and Virgo stays above the average. And they really need to learn more about each difference and find out how to balance and take another strength for the compliment.

You can find out the rest of Sagittarius compatibility here.

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