Rome Empire had risen into a strong kingdom for thousand years. Later, the Empire also fell quickly.

Modern Roman Historians indicate at least 10 reasons explain why did the Roman Empire fall, therefore, Gne just review and display some of them. And then in this post, Gne would like to emphasize astrologers in ancient Rome Empire.

Do You know the astrologers are one of the reasons that help to R.I.P Rome Empire or Western Civilization? Well, in this introduction, Gne will say the Roman Historians underestimate the Astrology power back then. They just eyes on other main reasons, but not the root of reason.

Before we dig deeper, let’s review about ancient Rome with National Geographic Channel

General ancient Rome

The National Geographic has told everything, so Gne just wants to skim out the Imperial period of the whole Rome timeline. In this Imperial time, the Third Century Crisis is unforgettable. Many events occur, and it shakes the Rome Empire.

List reasons why did the Roman Empire fall

In this paragraph, Gne also doesn’t want to make the content duplicate. Here are a few reasons that Roman Historians has confirmed through studies and research

Rome Empire fell because of the two main categories: Internal rebels and the External force.

  • Since 746 BC, ancient Rome had conquered many small neighbors and annexed all into the huge Rome Kingdom. It means other kingdoms had the revenge ideas after losing the Roman Army.
  • They always were waiting until the golden timing to get the revenge.
  • And the timing is on Third Century AD
  • Two main external forces are the Huns army from ancient Europe and the Barbarian tribes.
  • Natural disasters contribute a little bit for the external force group

For the internal rebels and issues, we have:

  • At the top, we have the economy troubles-> it could break it down into smaller issues such as the inflation, the high existing taxes, many different new taxes, Roman Emperors use the money for privacy issues, etc.
  • One issue following the economic troubles is the military overspending. Ancient Roman Army is an elite army in a long time Before Common Era. However, the Roman Army quality reduces as time flies. If the Roman Emperors don’t use the money for private things, they usually give the taxed money as an investment to the Roman Army. More specific about the soldiers who are the Roman citizens. However, the investment doesn’t pay off since the new weapon inventions don’t have a good result.
  • One more issue about the Roman military is the density. With the huge territory, the elite Roman Army can’t cover all the areas. Some Rulers even hire outside soldiers and forced into an army. With the mixed background private army, they have little loyalty since they get paid. Some are used this chance to drill a hole inside the Roman Military legion.
  • The next one is about the huge territory that the Roman Army had conquered in a thousand years Before Common Era. With “5.0 million square kilometers at its height in AD 117”, the maintenance territory puts huge pressure on the Roman Army.
  • With that much owning land, the Rome Empire in the third century AD is divided into two small Empires. One side is the Easter Empire and another is the Western Empire.
Western Rome Empire and Eastern Empire
  • As a separation like that, each Empire has its own development. While the Easter Rome Empire rises up, the Western had an appointment with “collapse”
  • One main reason for the Western wreck is lacking the slave labors. During thousand years conquering other five ancient kingdoms, Rome collected millions of slaves. During the peacetime, where the Roman Army get more slaves from?
  • Baby production is slow because of general population poverty.
  • Therefore, the low-birthrate reduces the Roman Army years to years
  • Besides, the general population is losing faith in the Roman government and Roman Rulers.
    They start to follow the Christian since Christians give them hope about food, clothes, etc. Christians also force an army different branch with the Roman Army. Later on, the Christian Army makes the civil revolution, defense Roman Army and hired Private Army.
  • And the last one is the own government problem. Unstable Politics and the Government changing system had failed to the natural selection.

Focusing on the Astrology Power manipulates Roman Imperial Politics

Modern Historians believes that Roman Politic in the third century Crisis is a problem explained why did the Rome Empire fall.

During the whole Rome timeline, the government and the Politics had changes a few times.

From the small Rome city-> until the Rome Kingdom-> Early Rome about 509 BC, the government was a Republic. The King was elected from a Senator. -> and then the Rome Empire.

Regardless the type government, the Politicians are smart.

During the third century BC, the Astrology from ancient Mesopotamia expanded into the Rome Empire. Politicians back then are so smart that they use the Astrology as a tool for their gaining-power purpose.

Since the ancient Mesopotamia until the introduction to Rome Empire, the Astrology has gain some valued. Therefore, astrologers has a certain power in the Imperial Royal Politic.

With Astrologer’s interpretation, some politicians give orders to execute people who would betrayal, and their opponents in the Senates.

ancient Rome Senates
From WIki

And for some Rulers and co-Emperors, they use the Astrologers in a slight way. They believe in the Astrologer’s prediction. If the astrologer said that specific rulers would meet the end of life, other rulers would hire an assassin to do the job. And then, annex the heritage.

If the Emperor’s inheritor natal chart predicts that person would rebel, the Emperor would not hesitate to execute it for the throne sake.


The Astrology first opponent was born in the Rome Empire. If we talk more detail, it would be during the third Crisis Century of Rome Empire.

Astrology is a great tool to understand a person and the event, but politicians and rulers, they use astrologers with their own purposes.

An Emperor could do anything to maintain the throne. When the Emperor wants to pass down to the next generation, he would seek the astrologers and ask the natal reading all his heir apparent. It all depends on the personal astrologer interpretation and the natural natal birth chart of the inheritors.

IF one of the heir has a rulership, that person would likely to being the Crown Prince and build up the parties for support him to go for the throne.

With astrologer’s reading, a Ruler would ignite a big fire to destroy civilians property. The Ruler might claim that’s a will from GOD. It’s a time to destroy the old and start a fresh beginning with revolution.

Or Emperor would be in the worry state if he knows some officials under his command, his parties will rise up, betray and threaten even Emperor is still on the throne seat. The Ruler’s decision is likely to eradication a whole family.

Some Rulers are considered as a rude King under the population view as a result of depending too much on the bad astrologers. Not-ethic astrologers would borrow the King power to execute all the against parties.

Slowly, civilians lose the belief, the faith to the governor and astrology.

Therefore, astrologers are banned to Senetas conference and related Royal politic.

In short summary, Astrologers was manipulated by Politicians and some Rulers for their own purpose and against to the population will. As the consequence, Astrology loses the value in Rome land.

Not only the population, Astrologers had met the second and strong opponent: Christians. We will learn more in different post.

For some good ethic astrologers, they just leave the Rome Empire, and arrive in a new land. The next destination would be the ancient Greek since the Rome culture is influenced with Greece Art.

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