The title’s post “Crest of the Royal Family Review” doesn’t mention about the Royal Family in the Unites Kingdom where the Queen and her big relatives family are. It just shares the same name 🙂

Gne sorries in advance for a little misunderstanding. “Crest of the Royal Family” is a name of Japanese comic book. In Japan, their comic books call Manga. Manga has many different genres with their Japanese term such as action, adventures, romance, slice-of-life, school life, Psychology, Horror, Ecchi, etc.

Manga is the most common word to use for describe a Japanese comic book. Based on the target group of age, Manga has a big five types:

  • Shonen, or Shounen: target young boys from 6,8 years old until 15 years old
  • Shojo: is the best choice for young girls from 8 – 18 years old
  • Seinen: usually is an entertainment choice for young males from 15-24 years old
  • Josei: is popular with young ladies and adult women (but Gne thinks Josei is attracted to women who are under 30-years-old since after the age 30, women don’t have time for Manga or something else such as their job, their new house/apartment, their family and perhaps their new family)
  • Kodomomuke: is great for children

The Manga detail

Manga name:

  • Crest of the Royal Family
  • Or the Nile’s Daughter
  • Or Egypt’s Queen.
  • Above names are the English name or another translation, the original Japanese name is 王家の紋章 Ōke no Monshō

Gne would like to share a little bit about two other names.

The “Egypt’s Queen” is also one of many translations from the original Japanese name. Actually, it is translated twice!!! Here is the explanation. One of Vietnamese book Publisher bought the copyright of this Manga and then they translated into Vietnamese-> and then, published with the Vietnamese name “Nữ Hoàng Ai Cập” which can be translated one more time into English. It’s Egypt’s Queen or Egyptian Queen.

And for the Nile’s Daughter, it’s the common call-name for Worldwide Otaku (Otaku, by the way, is preferred to a person who loves to read Manga and Japanese Anime regard the age). The Nile’s Daughter also is a nickname of the main female lead character of this Manga

Manga 1st volume cover image:

The Manga was born in 1976, and it went live and published in the Princess Magazine at the same year.

The Manga ” Ōke no Monshō ” was published with monthly frequency. That’s why this series Manga is an elderly now -.-

From 1976 until now-> actually, Gne thinks this series is a hold project. Gne remembers as Gne was about 8,10 years old, Gne started to read this Nile’s Daughter manga already. Every time the manga has a new volume copy, Gne buys it right way, so Gne doesn’t remember what is the published frequency with Vietnamese Publisher.

However, Gne did buy all 71 volumes of this series 🙂 Gne wants to clarify that 71 volumes are the number which was published in Viet Nam. For other countries and for Japan, it has a different number. Japan announces only 64 volumes total for this series. And this series is still on hold and mark as on-going.

Unfortunately, Gne lost almost all paperback copy when my family rebuilt the house in my home country. TT.TT After the house was rebuilt, Gne had less than two-hands-counting Manga books of this series.

After a while, my mom put all Gne comic books included this manga series into the recycle…Now, Gne feels a little regret that back then, Gne should “recycle” all my Manga books to LIBRARY!!! By donating to the library, other younger children, special young little girls, they have a chance to know about this Manga.

The Publisher is Akita Shoten company and you can click on this link. The link will open a new tab in your browser and link you to Wikipedia about Akita Shoten Company.

The author

Hosokawa Chieko is the one. She is the writer plot of the manga. She also is the one who draw all the pictures and drawing in the book.

From Wiki

Honestly, Gne feels a little surprise since Chieko takes care all about this manga from planning the story plot, the drawing, the Egyptian culture documents, the Egyptian research, etc.

Gne just read the manga back then, and not question those things. Gne knows that a few Manga are a work of a small group of people: a story writer, a designer, an artist who draws, their assistants. Sometimes, it’s just two people who make one Manga series.

This Nile’s Daughter manga has rewards

The reward name is the 36th Shogakukan Manga Award for shōjo. It won in 1991

The second reward is about the record. This Manga arrived at the third place of the Best Selling Manga Ever for Shojo type. The Publisher had sold about 36 million paperback copy as 2006.

At the time, 2006, it’s third place after the same Shojo Manga “Glass Mask”…Gne doesn’t read this series yet!

Boys Over Flower Manga cover from Japan Code Supply

The first place at the time is Shojo Manga “Boys Over Flower” which is transformed into TV series drama. Gne watched the South Korean “Boys Over Flower” version, and Gne very loves it :3. Gne doesn’t watch other TV series from other countries. Gne knows Viet Nam did make one version. China has their own too. Thailand also joins the collection.

South Korean Hit Drama “Boys Over Flower” aired 2009

Here is the official trailer about the South Korean drama “Boys Over Flowers” XDDD Gne still loves it.

Unfortunately, from 2006 until 2009, The Nile’s Daughter Manga lost the third place record selling to another Shojo Manga. It called Nana. Nana Manga series sold about 46 million copies and Nana is a finished project which has a properly ending scene.

Nile’s Daughter is still on the hold and the fans like Gne, is still waiting for the next volume to be published. However, the Publisher later would need a really campaign advertisement for the Nile’s Daughter Manga comeback to live. It’s on hold such too long years….

Manga Crest of the Royal Family description

Description from the merchant


Gne cited directly from Japanese Publisher 😛 If you want to know what told about-> please head to Google Translate to your language. Or you can use other translator besides Google Translator. Thank you

My own Manga Nile’s Daughter description:

What is about?

Here we will talk about the story plot based on my memory from Vietnamese version, and Gne tried to do as a translator hehe

My translation is still poor since Gne doesn’t study properly the translation between Vietnamese to English. However, Gne does know the translation process from French into Vietnamese and reverse way since Gne studied properly about the French Language in the University back to my home country (even Gne didn’t finish 4-years in the University. By the way, 4-years Vietnamese University might equal to USA College level -> Gne isn’t sure since that is the evaluation job of the school admission)

Thus, the basic translation process idea is the same. It’s just the different languages input and output 🙂

The story plot summary:

In the beginning, the story starts with Carol – an American University young lady with blonde hair, normal weight. She is from a wealthy family. Her parents are businessmen. Her older brother also runs a big oil company on his own.

Carol discipline is Egyptology. She knows one classmate has a crush on her, but she still is playful and deep interest with Ancient Egypt culture. Carol is “half-half” -.- relationship with that classmate.

Carol’s professor offers one Egypt field trip for Carol class. Just simple because Carol’s the professor’s favorite student. [ not because of the wealthy family background, but Carol’s curiosity, the willing to learn more about Egyptology and Carol’s personality]

Carol’s group include other classmate plus the Professor, discovers an ancient Pharaoh tomb. For satisfy the curiosity, Carol and other decides to open the tomb.

Pharaoh tomb example

Of course, they need to pay the price since all ancient Egyptian tombs, special Pharaoh Tomb always always always has a curse for tomb’s diggers. The curse was written on a clay board and was enchanted by a Egyptian High Priest.

Nevertheless, they don’t know about the Curse. After they can open the Pharaoh Tomb, they study it. After a while scanning and perform other tasks, they confirm that this Pharaoh is died very young age. Perhaps, Pharaoh was died by a snake poison. It means the age’s gap between Pharaoh and Carol is small.

Next, they can read the content inside the ancient clay board – which they don’t know it’s a curse.

Then, the Isis aka Ashisu appears. Both names are just the different call for a lady. Like Ashisu is the given-name by her father and the Isis is her holy name….She is the Pharaoh’s older sister. She travelled through the time and the space from ancient Egypt about 3000 years ago to the Carol’s modern time.

As a part of the curse, Isis/ Ashisu has no choice that bring Carol go back to the Ancient Egypt 3000 years ago. The “travel machine” is the Nile’s River. The river is located there very long time, more thousand years ago than Isis/Ashisu period time.

RIver Nile

As the volume goes, it tells how Carol is doing in Ancient Egypt, who Carol is interacting with (bad guys, good guys, female enemies, loyal soldiers, loyal female servants, etc. ), what troubles Carol has, and so on

In the time Carol stays in Ancient Egypt, the manga’s about the adventure genre mixed with romance, violence, slice-of-life, fantasy, etc. Carol was traveling through some ancient kingdoms and “meet” about 8 different Princes, Rulers, Emperors. Not everyone is a good person like her husband – Egypt Pharaoh -.-

Carol did go back to the modern time a few months, but Carol destiny is bounded with Young Pharaoh – Memphis/ Menfuisu by marriage. It’s forced by Vizier and all Ancient Egyptians wish. Beyond, the main desire derives from Pharaoh Memphis himself. Pharaoh and Carol are like the enemy at the beginning relation. Even they did official married, but Carol still doesn’t allow the Pharaoh touch her.

More time Carol spends in Ancient Egypt, the more Carol falls in love with Pharaoh. And then, they truly care for each other as a real married couple. And Carol would stay in ancient Egypt for her rest of life.

Gne just make a prediction based on what Gne read the last manga volume in the past when the author and the publisher stop. It stops when the Royal Egypt Kingdom has a new incident. Suddenly, Memphis/ Menfeisu or the current Pharaoh has one missing half-brother from nowhere. Actually, the person is fake, but the prof document is real. The person is original a slave and he, by his luck, dig a tomb in Ancient Egypt time. He got the old dossil from previous Pharaoh – Memphis/Menfeisu father.

And that fake-half-brother rises a new wave in the Royal Egypt.

Since this manga series is still on hold, so we don’t know about Carol’s future in Ancient Egypt.

Why did Gne choose this Manga Nile’s Daughter back then?

Hmmm….after summary the story plot, now Gne wonders why back then Gne bought this manga series in the first place? when this manga is Shojo which fits with young girls…

Thinking about it….

Just an example, not Gne in the young age XD

Maybe Gne was innocent child at 8,10 years old -.- who is easy to lure to buy a comic book. Gne thinks it’s because one PR saying from the local seller….that seller said something like”here is a new comic book, wanna try?” -> and then with my curiosity….Gne bought the first volume Egyptian Queen combined with other comic books.

In “My own Manga Nile’s Daughter description”, Gne wants to write 5W about this manga, but as Gne checks back the content above, Gne did talk some already. Thus, the last one in this description section is about who.

It’s very clear that this manga series is Shoujo. In Japanese term, Shojo is targeted to the young girls only, who are from 8 years old to 18.

Besides, Gne thinks we don’t need to stay in one group like that since this manga has a few good elements to expand the group audiences.

This manga is about ancient Egypt-> it means this manga is a good example for people love the ancient Egypt culture in general, not only for young girls. A beginner Egyptologist should check this manga as well.

During the time Carol stays in ancient Egypt, she shares and practices her future knowledge to ancient Egyptians and other ancient people outside Egypt.-> it’s one way for a beginner Egyptologist to understand some basic culture plus the history in ancient Egypt.

Following Carol, a beginner Egyptologist can use this manga as a presentation to classroom. It’s also one entertainment source when you have a little free time. While you read this manga, you can relax and study about ancient Egypt facts at the same time. It likes one action with multiple purposes, to Gne 🙂

Like Gne ends up to read this series manga as well, haha Gne thinks this series had built a romantic inside Gne :3

Final thought

At the end “Crest of the Royal Family Review”, Gne rounds up a few things for you to consider.

  • This comic book is Japanese comic book – Manga, but the story plot is about ancient Egypt.
  • This comic attracts to young girls from 8 to 18 years old (Gne was an exception who owned this series copy in my home country). It’s also one source information for Egyptologist beginner to understand ancient Egypt facts in a fun way 🙂
  • Nile’s Daughter is still a hold project, and it marks as on-going since the last volume 64 published about 10 years ago.
  • You have two choices: read this manga online or buy a paperback copy from book store.

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