Seattle City in Washington State is known as a rain city.

However, in late January and the beginning of February 2019, Seattle has a new white coat. Seattle becomes a snow city 2019 🙂 It’s abnormal Winter Snow.

This time, the snow descends longer also heavier. The Weather forecast has been warning about the Winter Snow Storm from several days so far. And the alert is still on for the next week. Central Seattle and the Westside are the main target’s are of the snow.

Gne and my family share the same concern with the local: how to survive through this abnormal Seattle Snow 2019?

Gne want to share a little bit about the Seattle Snow 2019 in this blog section because it’s a new experience for my family and for personally Gne.

With my oldest aunt from the mother side, our family became a first-time homeowner. And the process, the journey from the beginning until the moment when every paperwork was done,….it’s not flat, not easy at all…It’s more complicated since our situation has limited our choices. And Gne will write one insight post for the future first-time homeowner to get to know some information before making the final decision. It would be a personal experience for Gne as well since in the next 10 years from now, Gne also would become a first-time homeowner with my own future wife.

Thus, that insight post about the process buying first home would benefit in the future for Gne, for you, for who seek the needy information.

Nevertheless, the most important is now, the Present. The harsh reality is Seattle Snow 2019 and a new experience for Gne and my family.

The story starts with…

Everything starts from an email. The email sender is Emergency Email dot Org. Gne has been subscribed since February 2018-> it’s completely one year circle. Gne doesn’t know if you receive the email alerts like Gne, but Gne finds it’s very useful because it gives more details information about upcoming weather. The email alerts don’t have the feature other weather forecasts. It gives Gne:

  • What kind of weather needs to be alert? Flood? Mudflow, landslide? heavy rain? And this time is Winter Snow Storm.
  • When does the severe weather happen?
  • Where the location, areas are affected by the bad weather?
  • How is the road condition?
  • How is the wind floods?
  • How low/high is the temperature?
  • And last, what we should expect?

As Gne clicks on those email alerts, it opens one new tab. It’s very obvious that the website is from our Government. It names Emergency Email and Wireless Network. Thank You, President and other Governors!

Since February’s beginning, they said:

There is a threat of lowland snow showers across Western Washington Sunday and Monday as a cool and moist weather system tracks over the region. Snow levels will be close to sea level. Given the showery nature of this system, snow amounts will not be uniform across the region

issued February 01 at 3:07 AM PST by NWS Seattle

It has been more 10 days and below is the newest email as Gne writes this:


WHAT…Snow continued above 500 feet. Additional snow accumulations of up to 2 inches. WHERE…Western Kitsap and the lowlands of eastern Jefferson and Mason Counties, including Brinnon, Seabeck, and Shelton, East Puget Sound Lowlands from Snohomish County to Pierce County, including Arlington, Gold Bar, Duvall, Snoqualmie, Buckley, and Eatonville and Bellevue and vicinity, including Mill Creek, Kenmore, Kirkland, and Issaquah. * WHEN…Until noon PST today. * ADDITIONAL DETAILS…Travel could be very difficult

 issued February 12 at 3:49 AM PST until February 12 at 12:00PM PST by NWS Seattle

From February 5th, 2019,

It was snowed a little bit. The temperature dropped into 30’s degrees. However, it didn’t bother Gne and my family much since it was similar to last winter time.

Everything started to urge on Wednesday night, on February 6th. At that day, my mom heard other people gossip about the upcoming Snow Storm on the next day. The Storm will remain all the weekends.

Thus, my mom and my little sister, both of them were in the emergency state -.- which Gne doesn’t like it at all… They urged Gne to give a drive to Walmart nearby to shop the food, shop some tools, shop some essentials for Snow Storm Preparation…

The nearest Walmart store is in the Renton city. It’s about 15 minutes from our new house into the store.

However, on that night, we departed about 10 PM night…Geezzzz… As we arrived at the Walmart stores, it was not very much people.

During the driving, my mom made a list for needy things. Then, we grabbed the cart and went quickly…Even so, my mom was still considered this product descriptions. She compared with other products as well. It’s very common and typical since that’s human shopping behaviors.

Not actually Walmart shelves…just photo/picture illustration 🙂

Nevertheless, people didn’t leave much choices for us >.< They cleaned all the De-icer windshield for the car. Both spray bottle or one gallon liquid or 12 oz liquid… all was cleaned as the wind storm would pass by….

Gne can’t complain since it’s reality. We have our fault as well since we do the action LATER than other!

It was good that we manage to get some items…until 11:45 PM. You know the store is closed at 12 o’clock and the bills…what the… it’s over $200!!!

Gne share a little bit about what we bought. It was:

  • Eggs
  • Water bottle
  • Barn boot for walking in the snow
  • 2% white Milk and other milks
  • Ankle Socks
  • Brutane Camp Stove-> this one was taken in long minutes before the final decision… My mom shared that my oldest aunt said it’s dangerous to use the gas mini stove as the power was unplanned off. My mom was over-worry if the Snow Storm would damage to the Electricity. However, we can not find the mini butane fuel can in Walmart stores since it’s out of sock…
  • Hot hands Warmers
  • Lighting and tool combo-> this one is the clearance-> it’s about $5 for a mini multiple-function Swiss knife, six AAA batteries, a small LED camping lantern, a LED flashlight plus extra one carabiner -> not very bad, is it?
  • My mom also bought an extra 6 pieces of LED flashlights included hand flashlight, headband flashlight.
  • Some fruits juices
  • One Prestone Windshield De-icer Spray -> it was relief that Walmart just filled out the sock for this product. In the beginning, we didn’t see it on any shelves.
  • One First Aid Kit
  • Lemon Cough Drops family size XD in case getting cold
  • A package of Bakery bread
  • One Car Cover
  • One small shovel for an emergency situation in car-> we regretted about this product since it’s too small for cleaning snow… We didn’t have other choices at the time…
  • Last item is the cooking oil

…The total bill was exceed $200…. After, we went back to home and loaded those items inside-> next, tried to get some sleep….Prepare for a new day and for the snow storm coming soon…

The snow started to descend on February 4th. Here is a shoot by Gne cell phone from our new house backyard.

That was the first-time-ever for my family. It was lucky that we receive the help from the neighbor. And we got the experience. Thank for the lesson. Thank for the warm heart for first-timer.

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