For entering the Aries World behind Cephalate, you need to meet the requirements because the temperature is “hot”;therefore, Aries people usually are the “hot-temper” people. Usually, there are four scenarios that allow you to discover the Aries World naturally without much problem during the adventure:

  1. The best is you have the Sun Sign or the Star Sign right in the Aries.
  2. The Moon in Aries will bring some problems for you haha because Aries people will like you XD Gne doesn’t use the word “love” since it’s complex. If we only look at the Moon Sign only, It can’t be true.
  3. The Ascendant or Rising Sign or AC/ASC Sign locating in Aries would bring some fights to you because the Ascendant Sign is usually referring to a mask-> It means you are wearing the mask of the Ram or the Eve-> When you first meet Aries People, they will assume you as an alliance. However, the more time they spend with you, the conflict and the quarrel will rise up.
  4. The fourth scenario is a not-so-bad scenario since it’s involved to MARS planet. Mars Planet is the ruler of Aries. If you are lucky having the Aries in Mars Planet, you will be attracted to Aries people on any level. -> Thus, it would bring some obstacles because you would be the one who chases on Aries.
  5. The worse scenario happens when you have the Air Sign in your natal chart. It’s simply because of the natural fact. If you want a fire, you need three elements: a fuel, the heat, and the oxygen. When the Air Sign interacts with Aries, in the most cast, they would argue to each other. Air meets Fire = a bigger Fire. (and you know being mad, angry isn’t good for our health overrall, right?)

What does The Moon Sign Mean?

In short and simple word, The Moon Sign is who you really are, what you like, how you feel.

moon symbol

In detail, the Moon Sign is talking about the Moon travels orderly between 12 signs in the circle. Of course, it’s talking about the Moon – the celestial planet orbiting our Earth. As the Moon orbits Earth, it gives one special effect on our humanity. The Moon effects our emotions, our feelings. When Moon lays in a specific sign, it reflects some personalities from the Sun Sign.

Just like the cosmology fact. The Moon’s light is a reflection from the Sun’s light. The Moon receives the light from Sun and flashing back with the self-light. The Moonlight is much softer than the Sun.

In another word, Gne says “the Moon Sign is the half of the Sun Sign.”

Well, Gne understands you can explain it under the Psychology point of view about emotional states. However, The Moon effects naturally to your moods, your emotions, and feelings -> You will find the Moon’s effect very clear if you are a girl, a lady, a woman. Because of The Moon.

Cosmology doesn’t address the Moon as he or she. They put it in neutral.

Astrology is different. The Moon is “feminine”.

The Moon Sign Background myth-story

The oldest Greek Goddess is Selene (Semele), whose two daughters were fathered by Zeus. Selene was eventually joined, if not entirely supplanted by Artemis (Latin Diana, Luna), Apollo’s twin sister. Artemis was the virgin Goddess of hunting and animals. She roamed the forests accompanied by her younger female companions. Any men who showed her disrespect were severely punished and often killed. Artemis nevertheless was one of the patrons of motherhood and childbirth, which probably relates to the analogy of the waxing and full moon resembling pregnancy.

The Greeks also assigned different Goddesses to the different lunar phases. As the independent virgin hunter, Artemis usually symbolized the waxing Moon. The matronly, fertile aspect of the full Moon is symbolized by Hera (Latin Juno), wife of Zeus and protector of home and family.

Hekate (Hecate) was the Goddess of the waning moon and the crone phase in a woman’s life. She is an example of a once powerful and revered goddess who was “deposed” by later more male-oriented beliefs. Hekate’s prototype, the Egyptian goddess Hekit, presided over childbirth, notably the birth of the infant sun-god each morning. While earlier myths describe Hekate as a supremely powerful and helpful nature Goddess, she later became a byword for an evil, fearsome witch.

Hekate - Greek Goddess Moon

What things are ruled by the Moon?

Ocean tide
  1. The ocean wave and water tide-> This is the unchangeable fact. Both Astrology and Cosmology / Astronomy agree about this.
  2. In the paleo-time, Astrologers and farmers believe the Moon takes an important role for their farm. As the Moon circles the own phases, farmers notice which Moon phase is the best time for cultivating the seeds; when farmers need to do the hard works (weeding and plowing the soil); when farmers need to direct the water for farm’s nutrition; when is the best time for harvest the crops.
  3. For human, special to women:
    • The Moon also rules the women period circle 😛 Even Gne is a male, Gne knows a few because Gne has a little sister 🙂 Gne notices that not every female has the same menstrual cycle. Perhaps, Gne hasn’t met two women when they are in their period in one same day. Gne knows it’s kind of private information, but Gne can observe it 🙂 Do you know how?
    • Thanks to the Moon hehe The Moon has some effects on women moods when they are in or out their period times. It’s different from the temper.
    • Next one is a 16+ information haha The Moon takes control of women’s breasts. You don’t need to believe in Gne XD However, look at a very brief example: the Cancer sign, special Cancer women. If you are a man who has a Cancer wife, you will understand what Gne means haha If your wife Sun Sign is Cancer, you will find your wife’s breasts …. hihi Gne bets you understand and you can fill out the dots. Even your wife has Cancer in her moon sign, it’s the same, not much different with Sun Sign Cancer :3 If you are a woman, then Gne apologize in advance because Gne “touches” your pride.
    • Another relating is about women’s stomach. “Women breasts and stomach go together with the womb as an organ of procreation. “-> it symbols for the feminine and girly. When a woman enters the motherhood, the Moon has a clearer effect on her.
    • “The moon traditionally rules several bodily fluids, such as lymphatic liquids, breast milk, seminal fluid, and the mucous membrane.
    • The Moon is also linked to the capacity of the nervous system to unconsciously control basic physical processes.”
    • The Moon also points to a home, not a cold house material. It’s not coincidental that the best time for buying and selling a property and mortgage is the Cancer month when it’s around 21st June until 20th July because the Cancer Sign is ruled mainly by the Moon.
Dubai Properties

That’s good enough for introducing about what does the Moon Sign means 🙂

Gne breaks it into two parts for you to not overwhelm because the Moon Sign is one of the major factors involved in the love, the romantic relationship. And in the next post, we will learn more about the love side of Moon Sign and more detail example with The Moon Sign in Aries.

Still happy birthday to you, Aries! 🙂

Aries birthday

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