“The main Chronaturacity door closes” – Cephalate says.

And Gne – your Chronaturacity volunteer-guide – is still here 🙂 at the main entrance.

We can not go farther because of Cephalate – the main gatekeeper.

Cephalate - the main gatekeeper

XD Yeah! Gne knows how bad is my drawing, so Gne doesn’t mind much. if Gne can make you laugh a little bit, then it’s a small good thing for Gne 🙂 Do you find it’s a little childish drawing? Hehe, that is one hidden trait of Aries.

But before it, let’s Gne introduce Cephalate – the main gatekeeper

As Cephalate says, the door entrance to Chronaturacity world is closed! For who want to come in another time, you can look for a different Chronaturacity door. No matter you enter the world with any door, you still meet Cephalate.

Just like all video/online games, sports games, like all villages, like all civilizations, everything has an entry. Since the Chronaturacity world is a Pseudo-Earth version, Cephalate protects the whole Chronaturacity civilizations and citizens. He also answers all the questions that you as strangers has.

Name: Cephalate

[ 😛 it’s one more self-creative word from Gne. This word this time is pure Latin. The prefix “Cephal-” means the head and the rest word…. “-ate” haha it doesn’t mean anything. “Cephalate” is the combination between “Cephal-” and “gatekeeper”. Thus, the supposed-word is Cephal-gatekeeper, but….it’s so weird. Gne reduces it as “Cephalate” 🙂 ]

Age: Unknown [ his age is somewhere at the Mesopotamia time -.- ]

Role: Main Chronaturacity Gatekeeper

Responsibilities / Duties:

  • A Gatekeeper for all Chronaturacity world and Chronaturacity citizens
  • Also, open the door to Aries World.
  • Challenge strangers, tourism
  • Connect Chronaturacity with normal Earth
  • Connect to the rest 11 gatekeepers
  • Keep strangers safe enough wherever that person visits Aries World or other 11 Worlds
  • Prohibit citizens get out the Chronaturacity without permission
  • Receive the astrological pass plus check the identity before allow entering.

Cephalate challenge

Before entering Chronaturacity behind Cephalte, he has a Q&A for you.

Cephalate Question: Are you ready for a fight?

Let’s Gne explain a little bit. The Aries World behind Cephalate is a violence world with many “hot” things. Since Aries people are considered as a first child of the Sun God, all citizens in the Aries World always has a fire inside them. It’s just the matter if it’s a big fire or tender warm fire.

That’s the first thing you need to remember about Aries people no matter that person has the Sun Sign or Moon Sign or Ascendant Sign in Aries. They always has a fire inside them and it’s always burns.

Fire inside Aries

If you are ready for a fight and still want to discover the Aries World, then you need to show off your material skills or surviving special skills since almost Aries people, male or female, they are tankers. Even with the little boy 4,5 years old, the Aries instinct urges to prove his ego and his leadership. By fighting.

Cephalate will judge about your ability-> if you meet the standard, he will teleport you directly to the main entrance of Aries Worlds. After, you are free to discover the world alone. If you are teleported directly, it means most of the case your Sun Sign is Aries.

Your answer for Cephalate is: ……………..

Cephalate: And the rest of you?

Gne says: For the rest of guess who want an adventure, go ahead and touch a part of Cephalate. He will examine that you are meet the standard or not. If…not…-> it means your Sun Sign is not Aries. Gne thinks Cephalate can make some special offers based on your astrological identity. You should show it to him. Gne see before, there are some guess can go inside the Aries world with different Sun Sign.

There are three more options:

  • if you have the Aries in your Ascendant
  • If your Moon Sign is Aries
  • If the Mars planet locates in the Fire Signs.
  • If you don’t know about that information, click on the button below.

What is Astrology Ascendant Sign anyway?

According to Astronomy – Cosmology,

The Ascendant is the point of intersection between the Eastern horizon and the ecliptic. Due to the rotation of the Earth around its own axis this means that, viewed from any given location, roughly every two hours a different sign of the zodiac ascends on the Eastern horizon. This causes the Ascendant to traverse the whole of the zodiac during the course of a day.

In the northern hemisphere, the signs of Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, and Gemini take much less time than the theoretical two hours to cross the eastern horizon, whilst the signs of Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius take much longer than two hours to do so.

In the southern hemisphere, it’s reversed.

Cosmo-scientists can calculate exactly the Ascendant of individual by the formula.

calculated from:

{\displaystyle \lambda _{\rm {Asc}}=\arctan \left({\frac {y}{x}}\right)=\arctan \left({\frac {-\cos \theta _{\rm {L}}}{\sin \theta _{\rm {L}}\cos \varepsilon +\tan \phi \sin \varepsilon }}\right)}

Where angle L is the local sidereal time in degrees

Epsilon is the inclination of Earth’s equatorial plane to the ecliptic.

For values referred to the standard equinox J2000.0 use Epsilon = 23.4392911°; for J1950.0 use Epsilon = 23.4457889°.

Phi is the observer’s terrestrial latitude (Southern latitudes are negative, Northern positive). The Ascendant is then found in the correct quadrant (0 to 360 degrees) by using the two rules.

   If (x < 0)
       then Ascendant = Ascendant + 180
       Ascendant = Ascendant + 360

By definition of Ascendant, we have to take the point easterly (the rising one, less than 180° from the Midheaven) by using a final rule:

   if (Ascendant < 180)
       then Ascendant = Ascendant + 180
       Ascendant = Ascendant - 180

Otherwise a direct result in the correct quadrant can be determined if calculator or programming software has the atan2(y,x) math function and then using the last rule.

For Astrology, the Ascendant Sign has simpler definition:

The point of the zodiac rising on the Eastern horizon at any given moment. 

The term comes from the Latin ascendere (to ascend). The usual abbreviation is Asc, in Europe also AC. The term used for the opposite point is the Descendant.

Astro Wiki

Even it’s simpler, but astrologers need to do more works after because it involves other elements in the natal chart-> with the final purpose: interpret and understand the unique character that Ascendant has. Astrologers don’t separate the Ascendant as an independent factor for interpret-> They combine with the house, with the planets, with the aspects/ angle between planets.

What Ascendant Sign tells about you?

The Ascendant is considered to indicate the direction of the individual’s path in life and the soul’s intention.

In addition, it shows how an individual interacts with his surroundings, how he presents himself and how he is perceived by others. The Latin word Persona, meaning a mask, is a fitting term – i.e. the face one shows the world.

Astro Wiki

And how about the Ascendant Sign locates right in Aries?

Honestly… It’s hard to tell if Gne meets that person for the first time. Like Gne shares in the previous post about “horoscope cocktail”, the first sign Gne will meet is the Ascendant.

If we put the horoscope cocktail in a stranger in real life, the patten you would experience is:

  • At the first very minutes looking the appearance without conversation -> that’s usually a MASK – THE ASCENDANT SIGN
  • After making the conversation and exchange farther, you would discover the SUN SIGN.
  • The more time you spend with that person, you definitely discover the MOON SIGN. -> in the normal term, without Astrological context, you would say “oh, this is how you really are” or “Now I see the truth of you”.

When someone has the Mask in Aries (we temporary don’t link to other factors in the natal chart, and you still have not told with him/her yet), you will see a very few Aries traits:

  • First, at all, you will find that the person is always full energy. As Gne said above, All Aries Sign, no matter in Sun Sign or Moon Sign or this Ascendant sign, always has a fire inside them. -> Be careful to mistake with other two Fire Signs-> Gne does misguess a few times -.- Perhaps Gne doesn’t study enough, but the Ascendant is hard to tell without seeing the natal chart >.<
  • Full Energy is different from Full Virtual, you know about it, right? -> When Gne says Full energy here means that you will see that person is the process of doing something. You will find that person moves around in a physical way a lot-> it’s not because of the job’s duties and responsibilities-> it’s about the self-expression.
  • You also catch that person during the action without thinking in advance. After the actions, if the result doesn’t meet your requirements, people with Ascendant Aries would act naively -> but you would NOT find it as piss off XD-> in contrast, you will feel that person is little cute hehe :3
  • By the way, don’t mistake thinking about Cancer! Ascendant Aries people don’t “clumsy” as Cancer haha
  • Second, observe that person more-> does that person give you a feeling that person is better than you? Does that person over-self-confidence? Or the worse “arrogant”? -> If you feel the answer is yes-> it means that person doesn’t have Aries in the Ascendant.
  • Third, ask yourself while looking at that person: does that person have “a little childish”?? -> with this question, you reduce the option into two only.-> One might be the Ascendant Aries. Another option is the Sagittarius Ascendant.
  • Fourth, observe more if you have the chance when that person interact with friends, with familiar people, even with a stranger. If you find that person is fond -> then you are close to finding a correct Ascendant Aries
  • Hmmm… The last clue in my list would be the leadership. It separates Aries with Leo and Sagittarius. In three Fire Signs, there is ONLY ONE LEADER -> it’s Aries.

Disclaimer: 5 Clues above are just a suggestion for you to find an Ascendant Aries without communicating -> the best way and only correct way to confirm is looking at the natal birth chart.

Okay 🙂 If you really have the Ascendant Aries and you still want to come back to the Aries World, let Cephalate know about your decision.

And Gne 😛 will stay here with other guess, outside the Aries World since Gne doesn’t have any Aries in my chart at all. Besides, Aries won’t let Gne to lead around 🙂 Aries people will make their own way.

As the first child of the Sun God, Aries is born with the physical strength and a strong head, both in practical and in a symbolic way.

It reminds Gne to one real-life example hihi If you see Aries people stuck somewhere and can not move, or doing something over their limitation, you suggest to use the head-> Well, Aries people will understand in two ways.

One is using their really head and forehead to crash the obstacle-> Honestly, you might find Aries people smile after doing the action. Even you ask if they are okay, they would say fine because they can go forward.

An real-life example is the Shaolin Kungfu Iron Head skill-> it’s the best illustration for it!!!

Another is a smart head. -> Well, Gne doesn’t know haha because Gne hasn’t met any Ascendant Aries with a smart head ever. Please show off for Gne to open-eye XD

Happy birthday to you, Aries!

Aries birthday

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