An 80 – degrees Fahrenheit with full sunshine day in Seattle area definitely brings some uncomfortable to everyone. Some sitting-office people will envy you because you have a fan that actually cools you down with strong wind flow. Plus, it looks cool even you work outdoor.

I share the same uncomfortable on a hot day since my job is working outdoor in a UPS import/export hub. I experience the hotter air in the trailers because all the trailers sit under the sunshine for hours and hours. They wait for our team to import Canadian packages and then export to local Seattle hub and Portland hub. Once our team opens the trailer door, the internal flowing-out air feels like 90 degrees Fahrenheit ???

A personal fan definitely gives great help for the situation when you need a hand-free but still cool for outdoor activity.

USB Necklace fan cools you down and looks cool on you

For this necklace design, it doesn’t have a brand since their features are similar. However, the seller YunJeTech necklace fan gets more popular than similar fans since the colorful LED light looks cool on you when you enjoy the outdoor nightlife.

Price: $15.99

Where you can find: the seller YunJeTech on Amazon

Who it’s for:

  • Any age above 8-year-olds
  • Any gender
  • No matter where you are in the world this summertime
  • No matter your education level, anyone can use this fan by pressing one simple button for airflow
  • Everyone who work outdoor jobs, outdoor work-out trainers/trainees, outdoor fun play activities.

The best time for using: Before your sweats appear. It’s okay for you to use after sweating. Just be careful don’t let yourself catch a cold in the summer XD

How it works:

It very benefits when you wear this 8.8 ounces necklace fan for hours. At the beginning of the part-time job, or your outdoor job, you can wear this necklace fan for 6 hours of continuous working time without charging the fan. By pressing the wind speed button at low speed. Even the wind speed stays at the low level, the dual 1.5 diameters fan installed 7 blades keeps you cool until your break time.

And then, you come back to your outdoor job. However, the fan’s still running without taking a break unless you order it. When your body warms up again after the break, press the wind speed one more time. The medium wind speed produces more airflow for you. The 2000 mAh rechargeable 18650 battery lasts 4 hours long when the fan runs at medium level. The fan will turn off itself after 2 hours producing the high-speed airflow in order preventing over-heat.

Technical specification:

  • Built-in irreplaceable Lithium-ion battery
  • 7 colors LED light ranges from Red -> Orange -> Yellow -> Green -> Blue -> Violet -> and White for default single color mode
  • Charging input power: 5 V 1 A
  • Total charging time until fully is 3 hours long
  • The package has included the USB 2.0 port charging cable without the adapter
  • You can recharge the fan with the laptop, computer, car charger, power bank, even with the normal household electric circle. If you have a tablet, just don’t try it as the power source recharging. This design fan hasn’t compatible with a tablet yet.
  • At the neckband default, the length dimension is 11 inches. The width is 7.5 inches.
  • The head dual-fan can extend a little bit -> plus can rotate with 360 degrees.
  • The U-shape fan body is resistant with your sweats when you work outdoor or whatever reason you’re sweating ?
  • The 7 colorful LED light can set up automatically


  • Quiet and noise-free at any wind speed level
  • Wearable on the neck is ideal
  • Stand-alone when you place on the flat surface.
  • Portable
  • Perfect item for a hot day no matter reasons
  • So cool at daytime with the 3 wind speeds
  • So cool at nighttime with flashing 7 colors LED light
  • The wind speeds might better than your expectation for this small USB fan
  • With the dual fan on both sides, you can turn on the different color at each side. For example, white color at the left fan and the red color at the right fan-> of course, ? it adds more color in your normal nighttime and nightlife. Plus, with those LED light flashing at night, it can signal to other drivers that you don’t want their cars to kiss you while you have a walk after dinner.
  • Both dual-fan can rotate 360 degrees-> it brings one unique benefit to you. It’s very suitable when you want the airflow to your face. And, some airflow to your chest ? Thus, you can set up the medium wind speed level for both side fan-> next rotate one fan to take care of your upper-shoulder-body-> and another side fan will take care of the lower body way down to your hip. Or you can wear a reserve way-> let the dual-fan flow away all your back sweats.
  • Affordable for everyone budget (even with part-time-working high schooler)
  • Great function providing strong wind speed to cool you down
  • This necklace fan still works well even with the middle-size dogs


  • Both the button to activating the wind speed and the button on/off the LED light are small and stay close together.
  • Both buttons locate at the middle on the right side fan body. -> this will bring some awkward moment for left-hand users.
  • The LED light might attract some mosquitoes in some foreign places.
  • When operating the fan wind with the light together, the battery can’t work well so long. While running two features at the same time, it kills the battery life quicker since it consumes more power.

Bonus tips: When you wear this cool USB fan, keep your neck straight. For ladies, be careful with your hair. If you don’t want trouble your hair stirred to the fan blades, you need to pull up all your haird-> and then wear this fan on your neck-> next just release your hair, let it flow attractive when you turn on the fan. Or simpler, you would look prettier when you wear this fan with your ponytail ? And some Asian people, why you don’t use this necklace fan to cool down your hot noodle/ramen soup?

Cevapro safe bladeless USB fan

Brand: Cevapro

Price: $16.99

Whom it’s for:

  • Children above 3-years-olds and be able to hold the fan
  • Any gender is suitable
  • Adults special parents who have children

Why you should choose?

A fan without blade-> is it possible?

With the powerful stream technology adding a tiny motor propeller inside, the fan still produces the airflow without using any visible blade. No blade-> means no injury. Super safe for young children. Even the most curious children or a cat XD play with this Cevapro bladeless USB fan, you have a completely worry-free since children have a toy to play. And the toy is able to help children stay cool in the summer days.

This Cevapro bladeless fan technology develops based on the normal bladeless fan. Check the video below about how the normal bladeless fan works

Power source: Still using the 18650 Lithium-ion rechargeable battery, this Cevapro bladeless fan has the standard 2000 mAh. With that battery capacity, the fan works well from 3 to 5 hours continuous at the high-speed airflow. The medium level creates the airflow continuous from 5 to 8 hours long. With the lowest setting, Cevapro bladeless fan can work max 10 hours long.

At the first time unboxing, you will need 3 hours fully charging time. And then, you can use the fast-charging adapter to reduce the charging time to 2 hours long. That is one method for you to recharge this fan. Including the USB 2.0 port cable, you can recharge this bladeless fan by plug in a computer, a laptop, your car charger, your power bank.

Other specifications:

  • Three exterior colors: blue, white and pink for choosing
  • Dimension: 7.2 x 3.7 x 1 in (for visual imagination, this Cevapro bladeless fan is little taller than iPhone 7)
  • Pressing one button for changing the airflow speed:
    • Low: Cevapro claims the airflow speed at this setting is 4.4 m/s
    • Medium: around 5.6 m/s
    • High: max at 8.1 m/s
  • 5.6 ounces easy for portable everywhere
  • Little fashion design outlook
  • When you plug into the household electric circle, this fan still works while charging.

2-in-1 Cool Misting USB fan keeps you cool and moisturizing

Price: varies from online shopping site

  • Amazon: $29.99
  • Tomtop: Limited 50% half discount until the end of August 2019-> listing price is $15.19 and it’s free shipping. P/S they ship from overseas warehouse since the US warehouse runs out of this product. The Free standard shipping estimates longer than 2 weeks delivery. If you choose the fastest shipping rate, the final price is around $28.5

Overall dimension: 3.7 x 3.5 x 6.1 inches

Functions: This product combines the portable humidifier and a mini handheld personal USB fan. You can use each function independently. You can active the humidifier function for moisturizing without using the fan. When the tank doesn’t have any more water for moisturizing, you can use the normal fan function to keep you comfortable. Or you can use stimulate two functions.

For the first function as a portable humidifier, this product has a bigger holding water capacity. With one adding full 400 ml water, you enjoy the spray from 10 hours to maximum 20 hours long. By clicking one time on the left button with the icon looks like below, the product automatically sprays continuous 10 hours long. If you repeat the process one more time, it goes to the second setting: interval spray. Once it enters this mode, this humidifier will spray the water vapor in 3 seconds and then rest 3 seconds-> the interval spray process will repeat continuously until it has no longer water in the tank.

water vapor icon

Next to the water vapor icon button right side, it’s the normal fan wind speed button. Using the standard rechargeable 18650 type battery with 2000 mAh, the fan function works well from 2 hours to 6 hours max. You just need to click on the fan function button one time to change the wind speed. It’s default following setting from low to medium to high wind speed.

This 2-in-1 misting USB fan included the 2.0 port USB cable for charging and for electric operation. For recharging, you can plug in a computer, a laptop, a power bank, a car charger. For electric operation, you need to use the AC adapter (which is NOT included to the package) connecting to the USB cable for plug into the AC/DC electric circle. Once it’s charging, the small red light next to the USB port stays on all the time. Around 3 hours charging, the light turning off indicates the battery is full. And it’s ready for portable using purpose.

One special feature when you activate two functions at the same time: the product will activate the soft 7 light colors: green, purple, blue, red, orange, yellow and indigo. When you hold the water vapor icon for 2 seconds long, it starts to flash 7 colors. -> When you hold 2 seconds longer, you can choose a specific your favorite display color. This feature is helpful during the time you sleep at night.


  1. This 2-in-1 misting USB fan can vapor water only. Not additional essential oil yet. -> In this summertime, you can the cool water into the fan tank. When the winter season comes, you can pour the hot water for interval spraying. Or you can be creative using tea for vapor 🙂
  2. When you clean this fan, use the soft material for external cleaning routine. It’s easy and quick with less than one-minute cleaning exterior.
  3. For internal maintenance, you should use a clean tissue. You don’t need to use an extra cleaning liquid/product, even you pour the tea inside the fan’s water tank for moisturizing. It’s easy like you clean your normal teacup hihi

By the way, the seller offers one small gift which is one replacing the filter tube inside the package when shipping to you. The seller also offers 60 days full-refund and one year warranty.

Bonus how to use this 2-in-1 misting USB fan

After you unbox, it’s better you recharge this 2-in-1 misting USB fan right away. Since it doesn’t have much power for you to test out because the seller doesn’t charge it in advance for you. -> the ideal is letting it recharge fully.

For the full playing process after 3 hours recharged, you can prepare 400 ml cool water or any flavor tea (I mean the final tea water, not the tea bag. You can try to add the cool water first and then let the tea bag sit inside the fan’s water tank).

Next, pay a little detail here because the place for opening the fan cap is kind of close with the place for you to twist in order to pour the liquid into the water tank. -> Taking the two function buttons as the starting point. Above two buttons is the cap for open the fan and it’s allowed you to rotate 180 degrees only. When you can open the fan cap, you will see a small hole around 1/2 inch diameter. That is the output of water vapor for moisturizing.

Below the two function button is the cap for you to check the water tank. For this one, you will need to twist following the counterclockwise. Usually, if you see the cap include the cap fan, it means you have done correctly. If you feel it’s hard to open this fan water tank,…maybe something’s wrong.

And then, you just pour the prepared cool water or tea water. -> close the fan water tank’s cap-> turn clockwise direction and tight enough the water tank and the upper body.

Now, you just need to choose which function you want. Do you want the humidifier only? Or just the fan? Perhaps the combination two functions?

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  1. This post opened my eyes to some technology I never knew existed!  A necklace fan?  Odd-looking, but I can appreciate its functionality!  I do really like the USB bladeless fan!  A great choice if there are kids around.  (I like the video!)  These are great options to keep one cool on a hot day.  Nice to see 3 different choices and your research to support each.  I like learning about new things, so thanks for writing this article!  Cheers!!

    1. 🙂 My pleasure that you can learn one new thing. And now we are entering the Fall season, so I guess we change into the heat to keep us dry and warm enough hihi

      Thank you for your time. 

  2. Wow, these fans really do look fantastic, I would love one of the USB necklace fans, that would really keep me cool on a hot day, but having said that I have to admit that I also like the look of your other recommendations, I think it would be a good idea to buy these fans now so I have them ready for when we have those hot sticky days and they are so reasonably priced too, thank you for sharing this post.  

    1. Hi Russ 🙂 you can save your choice-> and then wait until it’s holiday event for a discount. Or you can wait until the Black Friday for an extra discount. Once it’s near, I will update how much they would give the discount on Black Friday 2019!

      Have a nice day there, Russ. 

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