We are in the middle of summer already. Just a few weeks more, the romantic season will start soon. Fall season specialist is the light cold winds which bring the romantic atmosphere. It’s the Autumn wind which flows the Summer hot, dry temperature away.

In the meanwhile, let’s take a look with Top 3 Rechargeable portable fan for Summer 2019. Even three fans are designed in the compact size, but all of them provide the wind, airflow strong enough to keep you cool.

I list those three fans following one order: about their recharging time.

The first fan needs 3 hours recharging. However, you will find this fan is more than your expectation. Even this Jesir rechargeable portable fan is small, suitable for airplane, but the manufacturer is proud about how powerful of their motor.

The second fan recharging time is about 4 hours long. It’s more suitable for young girls, young ladies since it’s Hello Kitty pink design 🙂 It’s cute. It’s powerful enough to keep all ladies in cool as need.

The last fan has a unique design. The fan has claws. You can clip the fan almost anywhere as long as it has about 1.5 inches in width. And it needs from 4 – 6 hours for the full recharge.

How do we determine the wind strength? RPM is the standard comparing for all fan motors. RPM is the acronym for Revolutions per minutes. With different RPM, the fan airflow speed varies. Those three fans have their own default RPM. All of them share one thing: all have three-speed levels.

Jesir 2019 handheld rechargeable portable fan

Brand name: Jesir

Price: $13.99

Where you can find: Amazon market

Type of fan: Handheld

Type of power source: mainly rechargeable battery.

However, the rechargeable battery is abnormal. Jesir default is a recharging 18650 Lithium-ion battery. With this type of battery, this Jesir fan has a larger capacity comparing with others. This Jesir fan has 4000 mAh. While others are around 1200 mAh – 2000 mAh – 2200 mAh – 2600 mAh. -> it means the performance time lasts longer.

  • This Jesir 2019 designs the rechargeable battery as irreplaceable. It’s built-in the device internal body.
  • The power source output is 4 Watts
  • The power source input for recharging is 2 Amp
  • You can charge this Jesir fan with the provided micro USB charging cable. The cable is a universal type. However, Jesir doesn’t give you the adapter.
  • Thus, this is one advantage of this Jesir design. You can plug into a computer, a power bank, a laptop, your car charger, but a tablet not yet!
  • You also can use the cellphone adapter -> plug into the normal wall-mounted electric circle because the fan still works well with 110 V or 220 V as a normal fan -> It means you can bring this fan everywhere in the world. As long as the electric takes place.
  • With default power source input 2 Amp, the recharging time is 3 hours long. if you input power source with 1 Amp, the recharging period will longer.
  • After full-charging, the performance varies from 5 hours continuous into 20 hours long depending on the wind speed you want to use.

Wind speed: this Jesir 2019 handheld fan has three-speed levels. When you want to change the speed, you will need to press on the button. Don’t worry because this fan has only one button in the middle body. It’s a one-press button. As you press one time, it turns on the fan at speed 1. -> press again, it goes to speed 2-> one more time, it goes to the speed 3 which is highest. It’s total 3 times pressing the button.

Speed 1 motor: 1800 RPM. -> around 26 km/h -> The wind at this speed has the effect moving small branches of the tree or dust, loose paper lifted

Speed 2 motor: 2500 RPM. -> around 36 km/h -> The wind at this speed has the effect: small tree in leaf begin to sway or flag fully extended

Speed 3 motor: 3200 RPM. -> around 46 km/h -> The wind at this speed has the effect: large branches tree shakes or umbrella becomes difficult to use.

wind speed beaufort scale on land

At speed 1, the Jesir fan works non-stop within 20 hours long. Moving speed 2, it reduces to 12 hours performance. With the highest speed, the fan lasts 5 hours long -> and then, you just need to recharge.

Product dimension: 3.4 x 1.8 x 6.2 inches (about iPhone 5 size)

Other features:

  • Quiet, noise-free at any speed level. The maximum decibel for the motor performance is 50 DB. Jesir claims this fan is quiet enough to run inside the library.
  • Multiple purposes: travel, available on the airplane
  • Lightweight: just around 6 ounces
  • Easy to clean the fan cover, the blades and a few internal areas
  • The design has one lanyard for hand rope-> However, hand rope doesn’t include in the Jesir package.
  • One year warranty
  • At the bottom, it has the non-slip mat-> this fan can stand up it alone
  • The power on-off for the whole fan is at the bottom.
  • At the middle body fan, the wind speed button has the dim light-> it helps you to find the fan in dark.

Bonus from Jesir: 5 scents Lavender flavor for you to enhance. If you don’t want it, you can use different scents for mosquito purpose.

Reminder: when you unbox, the 4 blades of fan need to be installed.

Tripole Hello Kitty design rechargeable portable fan

Brand name: Tripole

Type of fan: handheld but foldable

Price: $10.99

Where you can order: Amazon

Source of power: still 18650 rechargeable Lithium-ion battery. However, this Tripole Hello Kitty fan only has 2600 mAh (The Jesir fan above has 4000 mAh).

  • The power output is 6 Watts.
  • The USB charging cable is included. It’s universal. -> You can recharge the battery with some devices: laptop, computer, power bank, your car charger, normal electric wall-mounted.
  • The power input for recharging is DC 5 Volt with 1 Amp
  • Thus, the recharging time is 4 hours long with Tripole default recharging cable.
  • After full-recharge battery, the performance takes from 2 hours 30 minutes to 6 hours of continuous working (MAX).

Other features:

  • The motor, which provides the airflow, is a new brushless design. -> the advantages of the brushless motor are higher efficiency, increased reliability, lower maintenance, reduced operational/mechanical noise, longer lifespan.
  • One press button for changing wind speed. Press once for changing each level of wind speed.
  • It has three levels. However, Tripole doesn’t announce officially about their motor wind speed. Tripole said this Hello Kitty design has slow-medium-high. When you stay at the first wind speed, the battery lasts long 6 hours continuous working; 4 hours performance at the medium wind speed and 2.5 hours with the high speed.
  • Tripole is confident to say that even at the low wind speed, this Hello Kitty fan definitely keep you cool. And when you change into the high wind speed, you still feel the winds at the distance 3 meters away.

Special things about this Tripole Hello Kitty fan:

  • First :3 it’s Hello Kitty design-> it’s so cute with the black little nose at the middle fan cover. On the top fan cover, it has two small cute Hello Kitty ears. Plus, all is decor with the pink color. ?
  • Second: this Tripole Hello Kitty fan is foldable. When it is shipped to you, the default and full extension size are 7.9 x 4 x 3.7 inches. For visual, this Tripole Hello Kitty fan is the size of the standard USA envelope in USPS. As you fold the handheld up, it becomes 4.3 x 4.9 x 4 inches.
  • Third: the head fan is rotatable. You can adjust the angle, but 180 degrees is the maximum.
tripole hello kitty rechargeable fan head rotatable


  • Small but powerful.
  • It’s very beneficial to use everything in the summer from drying makeup tone, drying moisture before applying another skincare-> to drying nail polish-> to cool down when you have a walk under the sunshine; during and after you work out in the gym.
  • It’s very cute and definitely one of the must-have in the Hello Kitty collection
  • When folding, it’s very suitable for travel. When you fold in some shape, the fan can stand it own.
  • Lightweight

Cons: From the medium wind speed, the motor has a little noisy. As the motor goes faster at the high speed, the noise is louder a little bit but It does not exceed 80 DB which is the limit to annoying your ears.


  • Some users have little confused when they unbox. They see some clues still attached on the handheld fan. -> They assume it’s a little mistake during the making process.-> It’s not a big trouble.
  • Some users experience little damage during the shipping. The common happened issue is about the blade (the propellers). Sometimes, it’s loose and hit the cover. Nevertheless, it is fixable

Sky Genius rechargeable portable fan

Brand name: Sky Genius

Type of fan: Operated clip-on other surfaces.

Price: $19.99

Where you can get: Amazon

Power source: in this version, it still uses one 18650 Lithium-ion rechargeable battery. It produces 2600 mAh. -> it means the output voltage range from 4 to 6 V. When you recharge, you need to plug in the 5V with 1 Amp or 2 Amp. After the full recharge, the performance time varies from 2.5 hours to 6 hours.

It comes with a USB recharging cable. Plus, the battery is replaceable and rechargeable. Again, this Sky Genius clip-fan compatible with computer, laptop, car charger, power bank and the normal mounted electric

Wind speed: it has more than 3 settings because this Sky Genius clip-fan designs the round dial for controlling the wind speed. The minimum wind speed (which is the lowest setting) is 2500 RPM. And the max wind speed is 3000 RPM.

With around 4 inches in diameter of the fan blades, the lowest setting 2500 RPM produces around 48 km/h wind speed. The highest setting in 3000 RPM will be around 57 km/h. Take a look with the Beaufort scale.

wind speed beaufort scale on land

When you use USB power directly to the mounted electric circle, this version automatically put a fixed wind speed. -> It means you only have one speed when you use this Sky Genius clip fan as a mini-tower fan.

Other features:

  • High-quality wind speed but very low noise level. This version fan is baby-friendly. When this Sky Genius clip-fan operates, it helps baby to take a good nap with cooling and comfortable wind.
  • Small size but powerful wind. The default size is 8 x 6 x 4.
  • Handy and lightweight ( about 273 grams/ 9.6 ounces)
  • Non-slip mat at the bottom
  • Suitable for outdoor activities and for travel.

Unique features:

  • All is about the clip-on design. It’s a unique clip design with strong torque. When you open, the clip has 2.5 inches in width. -> the clip will be mounted sturdy and strong on any surfaces about 3/4 inches thickness.
  • The second thing is about rotation. In this version, the fan can move with 360 degrees vertical plus horizontal. With 2019 new design, the fan will do extra oscillate with 90 degrees range.
  • The cover is safe with children and toddlers. -> Thus, the main purpose for all mom choosing this Sky Genius fan: keep her children stay cool in summer. Moms usually clip this fan on the strollers when they go out with their children.

A few concerns from some users:

  • The connection between the head fan and the clip at the bottom… in some devices, it’s weak.
  • If you push the clip too hard, the metal product might break.
  • The cover of battery at the fan back-> some users break it for some reasons

However, Sky Genius offers to exchange for the new one. Sky Genius gives customers two options: exchange for a new same product. Or upgrade to 2019 version with 4000 mAh battery capacity plus the 90-degree oscillate. Of course, the new version is a little more expensive (around 3,4 buck more).

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  1. Thanks for this great post.  Oddly enough, I’ve been looking to get a portable fan that can be recharged.

    I can tell you now that fan #2 is out as I’m not into Hello Kitty styled items.

    The clip/claw is drawing me toward the Sky Genius option as I can pretty much clip it anywhere.  Still, the hand-held option of the Jesir is also appealing.

    Thanks again for this, now I just have to decide which one fits my needs best.


    P.S.  at the beginning of your article, RPM seems to be shown as RMP.  I thought you might want to know.

    1. Dear Scott 

      Thank you for leaving the comment and very appreciate about that small thing. I check it now and correct for the consistency 🙂 

  2. Hi Hhong 

    Thanks for sharing such an important and useful post with us about the top 3 Rechargeable portable fan for summer 2019. We are in the middle of summer already and it is too hot feeling. Your this content is really very useful for this time. You have informed us about the top 3 rechargeable portable fan for Summer those are really awesome. Specially the sky genius rechargeable portable fan. It is very good looking and easy to move. I prefer it to others. 

    Thanks again. I’ll definitely share this post with my friends and family. 

    1. Hi Monalisha 🙂 (your name is pretty and forgive me but your name sounds similar to the Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa painting)

      Thank you. If you chose the Sky Genius clip fan design, they have the newest version for this 2019 with some great features updates such as max 40 performance hours, adding one more wind speed level at 3800 RPM, reduce the noise under 20 DB. And some more upgrades with only 5 bucks extra. Learn more on Amazon

  3. Thanks for writing an article including three totally different fans. My daughter is always hot, so I know she would love one. I really like the Jesir brand fan. I love the fact that it has three speeds. My only concern is the battery. If the battery is irreplaceable, what happens if it goes bad? Is the fan of no use? Do you know if this is an issue with this type fan? Thank you so much!

    1. Hi Bonnie 🙂 

      Even the irreplaceable battery would go wrong, you can send a message directly to the seller. They will give you three options: replace with the new fan with same series and design; upgrades to the newest version 2019 about 5 bucks extra or complete refund your money 🙂 

      If you don’t bother about the battery issue, you can use the fan as the normal fan function by plug-in the USB cable into the adapter-> and then, plug into the AC/DC electric in your resident place 🙂 (like old school fan XD)

  4. Thanks for the comprehensive review! This is exactly what I need, as I have been looking for a good portable fan. 

    I like the Jesir 2019 fan as it is long lasting with the 4000 mAh battery and seems to be powerful enough for my needs. I also like the fact that it isn’t noisy. 

    I will be sure to check it out. Thanks for the recommendation!

    1. Wow, Joe 🙂 You are fast. You have been known what you want and what you need 🙂 Unlike some people who are still hesitant about everything in general life. Anyway, everyone has their own strength. It’s unfair when comparing. 

      Thank you for your time, Joe. If you have any questions more, put it in the comment below this 🙂

      Have a nice weekend in advance.  

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