Have you ever meet a Virgo man before? Right now, you have met one hihi I am a Virgo man with my birthday is coming on August 26th. Yes, I know on the internet, volunteer giving the personal birthday has a risk. However, the birthday is never changed the unique personality that each Zodiac horoscope has.

In this month from August 22nd until September 23rd is Virgo. Even someone can fake the birthday, but that person can’t mimic Virgo personality, special with Virgo man. My sun sign is Virgo man, so I know certain things in life. I’m not easy to be fooled even with some magic tricks.

And I can tell you Top 5 Virgo man personality that never changes!

Obsessed about being “perfect”

water drop perfection

Being perfect express in all life aspects. We have some perfect numbers in math. We have perfect work in the art industry. When Virgo man is young and immature, he always thinks about how to make this thing perfect. He’s perfectionism in his mind. For example, as Virgo man is a little boy, he goes to primary school like other peers. There is class time practicing how to write letters. The teacher askes each student must have a notebook with a big square line for writing the 24 Alphabet letters. Virgo boy starts with the first letter A.

At first, he just follows his own sense and starts the pencil at the top-> and then one small line at the left side-> next one more line at the right side starting at the same top point-> last is a small line between the two previous for complete the A letter shape.

In Virgo boy mind, he thinks it’s a perfect process for creating the A letter shape. Nevertheless, when he pulls his head up and look about his “perfect” A letter, he’s disappointed because it doesn’t turn out like his mind. His first A letter literally is A shape, but the left line is longer than the right line. The top starting point also doesn’t match at the same position. He reminds himself that it’s okay. Let’s make another perfect A letter.

perfect A letter

With the second try, Virgo boy corrects each detail. He tries to keep two lines point ends conjunctively. And then, he tries to fix the left line longitude -> the right line-> he looks back the left and compares together if they are equal-> Done the second “perfect” A letter! Phew~

Standing back and look back at his work, he’s still not very content because his second A letter is so slim! ?

Then, Virgo boy keeps “perfecting” his work-> Slowly, it becomes Virgo boy habit when he grows up. He understands a little more when not everyone sees the same “perfect” as he does. He knows that thing is “perfect” to him, but it’s a very clumsy work under someone else.

Having certain intelligence but think too much

During the time for Virgo boy mature to a man, he likes to collect intelligence. Virgo boy prefers science intelligent more when he still studies in school. Thus, his strength is on the Math, the Physic and the Chemical. He usually has a bad grade in Litterature, poem, and linguistic. If the material books don’t have the knowledge Virgo boy wants, he searches online. When he can play with Google, his researching skill develops. He can find anything on Google by typing some keywords-> click on it-> read about it-> he doesn’t need someone to teach him about how to research.

research on laptop

As a Virgo boy absorbs more knowledge, he starts to think. Think about the deeper level. The math logistic path sharps Virgo boy’s thinking. He starts to think about a different scenario. He pays attention to small details of stuff. He sees every detail as a clue for solving the math problem.

After graduated high school, or after certain turning events, Virgo boy starts to think about general life as an adult. It’s hard to tell Virgo boy, now turns into a man because of the mature brain. Or observing the reality around him makes him think more. Or having his real first-ever girlfriend makes him think too much.

Plus, worry too much

When Virgo man thinks too much, he starts to imagine the different scenarios. What is the worst case? What is his “perfect” scenario? What is the difference in real-life? There are so many things Virgo man doesn’t know. It’s common nature of all human being. In psychological level, all human are afraid about what we don’t know. Thus, we worry about what would happen.

If you are a lady and first get to know a Virgo man, you would catch some weird moments that Virgo man is looking attentive nowhere. It seems like Virgo man is thinking. Sometimes, his body language tells his worries. You will see it more clear before going on the first date together. Virgo man worries if you would like his clothes. He worries don’t his hygiene smell bad to you. He worries the reality crashes his “perfect” plan. He worries during the road into your place, something might happen. He worries what if you change your mind at the moment he shows up at your place.

The most important to him: he worries if you really like him? He worries you agree to have a date with him because you want to make him a joke for your friends. ☹️

And then, reasoning and critical

Reasoning and critical thinking only come after Virgo man mature enough. If Virgo man mind is mature, he will think about reasons, and critical about the situation AFTER he worries so much about many small things.

At this moment, his logistic mind takes over the emotion. He draws many plans in his mind if things don’t work out like his “perfect” plan. He starts to look for the reasons. He starts to ask “why” a lot. He also researches for “how it works”.

If the reality result turns out not like his “perfect” plan, Virgo man looks back the issue-> analyze, dividend into smaller pieces for review. -> He looks for the reason why it doesn’t work as he thought. He looks for where he’s wrong. He re-exam thing over things. If something repeats the same to him, Virgo man thinks about the different pathway for doing.

It covers a caring soul

Virgo man is the type of person who cold outside but warm inside. Only you get to know Virgo man intimately level, you will surprise how Virgo man can take care of you. Not dare to competitive the first place with Cancer man, yield to Leo man because he’s bossy when he protects his beloved woman, Virgo man takes care of his girlfriend, his wife in a different way.

If really comparing, Virgo man caring soul pays attention to details care like Cancer man, but not so obsesses and sometimes over-react like Cancer man. Virgo man doesn’t like to show off his caring skills like Leo man. Virgo man stays on his girlfriend side, his wife side as a reliable partner, a healer.

When Virgo man takes care of his girlfriend, his wife, normally people don’t know what Virgo man does behind the scene. Only his girlfriend, his wife knows. Even sometimes, Virgo man beloved woman doesn’t notice his caring. For some reasons are Virgo man takes care of his girlfriends, his wife silently and quietly.

One example: When his wife woman period comes, Virgo man will silently go to the shop and buy tampons or pads depend on his wife body. -> and then, put it in the place where his wife usually does. -> thus, Virgo man’s wife doesn’t pay attention if her tampons or pads are running out.

Besides, Virgo man also prepares the warm water in the hot/cold insulated water bottle. -> remind his wife to drink more during her period days. Virgo man also reduces his critical thinking during his wife woman period. He also askes, checks if his wife has a little better, a little more comfortable.

Perfectionism, think too much, worry too much, reasoning, critical thinking and hidden silent caring soul are top 5 unchangeable Virgo man personality. A great actor can mimic the Virgo man personality. Another man can adapt the Virgo personality. However, natural and original are always the Virgo’s desires.

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