Everyone has the good and the bad. Do you know what are the good and the bad of Leo man, who is born in the middle of summer? 7 Greatest characteristics of Leo man indicates some good and a few not-tell-him.


What creative means to you? Is it the way which “wriggle” law? Is it create a new look for the existing, old things? Do you agree with Wikipedia definition about creative?

To me, creativity also means using some existing stuff for fixing surroundings. One real-life example is my father work. My Sun Sign Father is Leo Zodiac. My father birthday is coming in next week.

Last Saturday, August 10th, my father had a little free time. My dad decided to fix our wood fence at our rear house. Our fence was fell into the neighbor backyard because of the strong wind. The strong wind occurred a few months ago. It blew our fence falling like 150 degrees with the ground. Our family didn’t have time for fixed it when the accident happened. We just left the fence like that in a few months.

It was good that our family didn’t have any complaint about our falling fence. The neighbor house was under the process of remodeling. The house owner and their construction team didn’t pay attention much about our falling fence.

Until last weekends, my father tried to push back the fence-> nail it with the trees-> reinforce some falling fence blocks-> my dad also had the idea: using some short wood pieces -> asking the permission of the neighbor -> put, arrange the wood pieces from 30 degrees until 60 degrees of the neighbor backyard-> it will help a little blocking force from other sides.

My father and I, we spent around 2 hours 30 minutes long in Lowes stores for discussing, considering, buying one power drill, some wood screws, some wood pieces. So far, my father chose to buy two pieces of 2 x 4 x 16 feet natural wood-> ask them to cut it into smaller pieces with 4 foot long. In the end, we have around 8 pieces of wood 2 x 4 x 4 foot. -> those pieces would use as some small pilaster function.

Before our family asks permission from the neighbor owner and the construction team, my father just strengths the fence in our sides first.

Here is the short video about my father temporary creative project to reinforce the fence in place.


Leo, Virgo, Libra are the top 3 Zodiac Signs following the idealism. They usually do their best as they can. When the supervisor, the boss gives the instruction, Leo, Virgo, Libra sometimes do better than the expectations. Leo man idealism is kind of…?

Show off

Usually, there are two types of show-off people. One kind of people shows-off because they know they are the best in the field. They know they have a strong ability and experienced knowledge. Another show-off people is just the big box outside but empty inside. How it relates to Leo man? Can you guess what kind of Leo man when he shows-off?

To me, Leo man is the mixture both types of show-off people. As the moment Leo man is born, The sun – his main ruler – gives Leo man some advantages. Thus, Leo man is a show-off person because Leo man is proud of what he has. The sun gifts to Leo man a handsome face, a strong manpower source, a creative mind. Those are the main reason Leo man usually shows off to the public.

big empty box

However, there are a few times, Leo man pretends to be a big box outside. However, the public doesn’t know at the time, inside Leo man claims is empty. After, Leo man is worried about his big claims in public. He is afraid other people will ignore him, will abandon him. Therefore, in the secret and private place, Leo man works hard to fill out his empty box-> At the end, when people look inside his “big” claims, everyone gives Leo man a compliment because they see, feel what Leo man claims before.

In short, the type of Leo man show off is “fake it until you make it”


Manipulation is another not-tell-him to Leo man. This is just one side of Leo man Idealism expression. If you want to be Leo man girlfriend, you need to prepare in advance.

At the first few dates, you will see how good is Leo man. Every single time Leo man shows up in your place, you notice he has done everything. He combs his hair in the tidy, stylish. He chooses his clothes well and suitable for the dates. In his hand, Leo man prepares a few roses. And then, Leo man will be a gentleman-> he opens the car door for you-> he will take you into a luxurious restaurant with his romantic setting. (even Leo man can’t take you into a luxurious restaurant, he would invite you to a nice restaurant with the Master Chef standard.)

dinner table in romantic restaurant

When Leo man and you come in the reserved romantic spot in the restaurant, once again, Leo man will pull the chair for you and ask you to sit down. During the menu time, his control starts.

Leo man might play nice and ask you what food you want. Next, Leo man might suggest his dish that he chose for you in advance. Sometimes, he would skip your opinion and go ahead with his menu for the couple.

While both of you are waiting for serving food, Leo man starts to look at you. He will observe your hairstyle, your facial makeup, your clothes, your body shape, your accessory, your perfume, etc. If something isn’t perfect like Leo man idealism, he expresses his opinions right away. If you have done some good things, Leo man isn’t hesitant to give the compliment.

For the “not-so-good” parts, Leo man tells you what you need to do. For example your hairstyle, Leo man tells you is what hairstyle suitable to your face, what hairstyle in his opinion is better to you, how you need to comb your hair.

When the food is served, Leo man will continue his manipulation. He will ask about your job, your family, your friends, your co-workers, etc. If your job isn’t interesting to him, Leo man will tell you to switch into his ideal job for his girlfriend. He decides in advance which movies you need to watch with him in the next date.

After a few more dates, Leo man will “look for you” more often. Leo man sends messages to you, call you -> asks what you are doing. Unless Leo man is busy with something, he definitely wants to know every single your activity. He wants to know today who you are talking with, do you talk with any man besides of him. Even with your male coworker, Leo man still wants you to stop “communicate” too much with other men.

When you hang out with your friends, Leo man still wants to know where you guys are going, what are the names of your female friends, does any male friends go with you, what topic you will chitchat with your friends, what time you will leave your place to go there, how long you will stay with your friends, and so on.

High self-confidence

High self-confidence is the good side of Leo man. However, high self-confidence dark side is a big ego. Indeed, Leo man is born with the full high self-confidence. This is a natural characteristic of Leo Zodiac. Whatever Leo man does, he is confident with himself. He knows what he is doing. He is proud of his handsomeness. He is proud of his charms that every lady wants to “be a friend” with him.

Since his popularity, Leo man likes to be the enter of attention. That boosts his pride, make his values more than his peers. Leo man is so confident that he always considers he’s correct. He will force his belief, his idealism on you. If you resist, Leo man will order you to do this, do that, follow his saying. Yeah, he will turn into the bossy mode.

And then… what will happen if you also have your own opinions, your ideas, your own thinking, and belief?

The argument is inevitable when your ideas, thinkings, your actions don’t match with Leo man. As the heat goes up, Leo man won’t pay attention to your emotions, feelings. He will harass you for sure. He will nag you such as you know nothing about it. He has more experiences than you. He does this because of your well being. He wants you to do this, do that because he wants you to match with him. If you are his gf, you should be worthy to him.

High sex drive

A male lion can mate up to 100 times a day in a process that lasts only about 17 seconds. They can keep this up for around four to five days. Phew!

That is the fact in nature. Lion and Lioness are the symbols of Leo Zodiac. Even you are not like Lioness ? but Leo man definitely has the mating ability like their cat nature. And you haha need to prepare for Leo man in the bed.

After you turn him on, his true nature will release XD Leo man now will turn into a big cat. He doesn’t have patient to foreplay, to kiss passionately with your lips, to kiss over your neck. He will hurry to take your clothes off. Sometimes, when he’s horny, he is lazy to take your clothes off. Leo man will pull your bra down and play with your breasts without taking your bra off.

Leo man also is in a hurry for the main business. Leo man can’t wait for your body to get wet a little bit. Leo man might use his saliva -> apply it into your private part-> and then you know what is his next action haha

Leo man is strong. When he has time and bored, he will play with you until his body is tired. Even you are in your woman period, you better follow his order and let him release his horny. If you are so tired, you just can’t ignore Leo man needs. You still need to give him a hand or let him borrow your mouth ?

Don’t expect Leo man will satisfy with silicone sex toys. If you let him masturbate with the toy, he will ignore you completely in the future. Perhaps worse more when Leo man will find a different lady who can satisfy him in the bed.


Jealousy is the spicy favor in love. It’s also hard to use. if you don’t take advantage of this, you will lose Leo man forever. That’s just Leo man attitude. Don’t do anything making Leo man feel jealous. It’s okay when you see a little bit jealousy from him. Leo man will think: if you are his girlfriend already, why you still look at other men? why do you keep talking with other men? What they have better than him?

And then you should comfort and explain to Leo man. If you are really fond of Leo man, this is the thing you must know. Leo man sets up his priority. Once you agree to Leo man’s girlfriend, you need to discipline. You need to give attention enough to Leo man.

If you let Leo man jealous too much, he will think you are betraying in him. Leo man will angry and use some physical force to question you. He might abuse you if he feels the red flag. Once Leo man confirms, Leo man will be cool and leave instantly. Once Leo man leaves you, he never comes back to you.

leo man turns his back to betrayer

No matter what method you try, Leo man definitely stays away from the betrayer. His pride is hurt so much. Because of his pride, his high ego, Leo man doesn’t allow you to enter his life anymore. He also is angry with himself because he chooses to give you his trust.

And the betrayer… doesn’t cherish it. Leo man is angry that he can not kill the betrayer. The only way for Leo man to release his anger is by finding the betrayer’s partner. Leo man will let his angry explore. Leo man will dive in and let his Lion claws out-> fight until Leo man wins.

And then, Leo man will find a new lady who is better than you 100 times. Leo man also “marketing” how good is his new girlfriend. He will show off his new girlfriend in his social network and let the crowd decide how is more worthy to be Leo man’s girlfriend.


Unlike Cancer Man, Leo man takes the protector role only as his girlfriend agrees to be Leo man long life partner. Once Leo man knows for sure you are his wife as a married couple, Leo man will do all in his ability to protect you. What Leo man will do is just protecting your physical, away from the outside danger. And protect you from other men as well.

In this point, Leo man caring is still not so good as Cancer man. Cancer man has the better skill when Cancer man won’t only take care of the wife’s physical body, but also caring, comfort about mental health. If the wife has some stress, some concerns, Cancer man quickly notice. Cancer man will be active and come to the wife side and discuss the issue together. Cancer man will listen and find a way to solve the wife’s troubles.

That is one missing point of Leo man. Leo man sees those “girly, woman” emotions, feelings as small things. Leo man won’t have time to listen to your concerns, your stress, your complaining in the workplace. If it is a small thing to Leo man, he will completely ignore because Leo man believes he’s born to do the big thing.


However, Leo man has one characteristic compliment with his caring. Leo man has one minus when Leo man doesn’t pay attention to the wife’s emotions, feelings like Cancer man. Leo man has one thing Cancer man doesn’t have. Leo man is the warmest husband in the world. Leo man is a mini Sun. Leo man generously gives away warm energy and give some light to the surrounding. When the wife needs Leo man, he will be a superhero and save the day for his wife.

Even Leo man doesn’t know how to comfort his wife stress, emotions, feelings, Leo man uses his creativity to make his wife happy. Leo man would book a massage session for his wife. Leo man would buy flowers for delight a day for his wife. Leo man will set up some romantic to make his wife feel loved.

In the end, Leo man is warmest because he gives away so much. For others, Leo man can allow the weaker people to take grant on his help. For his wife… Leo man expects the same amount returning.

Ladies, Leo man is a King to himself. Leo man is willing to treat his partner as his Queen. The question for you: Will you dare to love Leo man and loyal with him in the long term? Want to be Leo man’s Queen, you will need to pay the price.

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    1. I agree with you since my dad Sun Sign is Leo 🙂 I’m kind of proud of my dad’s strength, his creative mind for fixing the thing, warm and generous to his co-workers. Thank you for a short comment and your time to read

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