You might wonder: Should you agree to have a romantic relationship with Sagittarius man before getting know, understanding Sagittarius man?

Understanding is a process. It needs time for understanding an individual. The time varies from person to person. With some smart people, they can understand a Sagittarius man instantly. Some don’t. Some even get angry with Sagittarius man. Attracting a Sagittarius man is just the beginning.

What you might feel attracted to Sagittarius man

With “About Horoscope Sagittarius“, it lists out more than 20 common characteristics for both Sagittarius man and woman. Now, we refilter what you might feel attracted to Sagittarius man.

The first Sagittarius’ charm is how friendly he is. Sagittarius man, somehow, can make a friend very easy. Especially, while Sagittarius man is traveling. Meeting a new friend with a new culture, a different background, Sagittarius man feels it always has something for him to learn more. Sagittarius understands and aware of this world is so big. Our galaxy is bigger. Besides, the whole Univer is more enormous. Sagittarius thinks it’s so broad that he wants to discover all everything he can, whenever he has time. Therefore, making a friend and being friendly with a new person during the trip is the only way to achieve Sagittarius’ goal.

It’s the truth that Sagittarius man is friendly, but he keeps some distances with other men. The reason: Sagittarius man feels other men are not interesting at all. Men, in general, are simple. After a while chatting, playing sports together, work together, Sagittarius man will feel bored with other men.

some kinds of sports

With girls and women, it’s different. As the Law about opposite-sex attraction, Sagittarius usually feels girls and women are much more interesting than men. He also can make friends with other younger girls instantly. For other girls, women at his peers, it takes a little longer to make a friendship. And for older women… less than 20 years old older, Sagittarius earns their favorites because Sagittarius man treats them like an older sister in his family. For the more mature women, they all see Sagittarius man (no matter how old is Sagittarius man) as a child -.-

The “weapon” Sagittarius man usually uses for earning girls, women’s favorites is his smile. It’s not very special about Sagittarius man’s smile. Not so beautiful, but to girls, women, they can feel his smile like a sunflower. Sagittarius man smile is natural. And with something, his smile has some joys, some fun. It brings some warms, some lights as the sunflower always urges for the sunlight.

One more thing ladies usually like about Sagittarius man is he is willing to help them. And this only works with the group of girls, women who are younger than him. He usually helps with physical actions such as carrying the heavy stuff, graphs the shopping bags when he follows ladies, helping ladies with the computer things, lifting some stuff to the shelves, open the water bottle, etc.

That is the majority of cases. No one is perfect. Sagittarius man does receive some cautions, some defense, some offend, some dislike even hate from some types of girls, women. He can not satisfy all the people in this world.

It violences to one remarkable about Sagittarius Zodiac. Sagittarius man loves freedom. It is one part of the horse’s nature inside him. Sagittarius man needs some “spaces” for both physical and mental. Sagittarius man doesn’t want to stay a long time in a house, in a room. If you can see Sagittarius man stay hours after hours in a room, usually the reason is he is working. He “travels” by his mind instead of his physical body.

Sagittarius man needs some movements. When someone wants to trap Sagittarius man, he definitely finds what he can do in order to escape it. About mental freedom… Sagittarius man can take some pressure but things will change when it is over his limitation. He can quite or suddenly disappear when he feels like in prison…

The Ultimate Guide for understanding Sagittarius man

In order to understand Sagittarius man, you need to know, to learn about the reason behinds his behaviors, his actions. Sometimes, the reason is simple such as he likes to do it, he wants to do it. After all, the reasons will summary into one important thing.

man travel to mountain

The first priority, the most need, the most want, to Sagittarius man, is travel. Physical travel will be the best thing to make Sagittarius man happy. If his body can’t travel in a certain situation because of duty, responsibility, he allows his mind to “travel”.

Talking about “travel” by the mind, you will see many times Sagittarius man is playing around. In some common cases, you will see Sagittarius man plays game hours to hours. He can play online games, Playstation games, some games on the cellphone, tablet, even VR games in the future. If Sagittarius man feels games don’t enough for him. He will choose one more thing. For satisfying his imagination. Read fiction book is one method. Another method is reading comic books.

About real travel… Sagittarius man still wants to experience by his own body, his own mind, his own heart. Sagittarius man might like to watch some TV programs about travel but it doesn’t help much. In fact, it inspires him to do real. He wants to experience all by himself.

In his mind, Sagittarius man plans he can spend all his lifetime to travel around. He wants to travel from city to city, from country to country. Sagittarius man wants to leave his print foot in every place on this planet as much as he can, as much as the time he has. When the technology is good enough, Sagittarius man definitely saves some money for traveling outside the Earth. Sagittarius man loves to discover the new place, the new things, the new knowledge.

Therefore, you will find Sagittarius man usually does some unnecessaries during daily life. Things change when it comes to travel. You can say Sagittarius man is a genius in the travel industry. He doesn’t need someone to teach him. He finds the way suitable for him in reality. He will do some experiments. When it fails, Sagittarius man will be sad a little bit. And then, not so long, Sagittarius man will do another experiment because he knows there are so many things in this world. They are waiting for him to find out. It doesn’t matter when someone discovers the place before him. The main point: it’s new to him.

When he can travel, he can apply what skills he has-> he can learn new skills during the trip. When he can travel to another country, he can learn more about different cultures. When traveling, he can make more friends from different races, different backgrounds, different nationalities. He wants to know more about the world. And the most, know more about himself, about what he has, about what he can do to this world.

In short, Sagittarius man will become the best version of himself when he can travel physically. Therefore, are you strong enough for traveling with Sagittarius man? Would you offer him a short travel trip as his birthday gift? Do you have enough energy for company with him on that trip? Do you have an open mind for expanding his horizontal with him?

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