Scorpio month is passed. As today, the Sun enters the Sagittarius Zodiac. The transition is quite easy since we move from the hard-working Scorpio into easy-going Sagittarius. It likes we have been worked hard at the beginning of producing. And now, we can slow down, do the light works, the easy tasks in this month.

Let’s review Horoscope Sagittarius regardless of gender.

About Horoscope Sagittarius: Basic information

sagittarius month

Horoscope Sagittarius Position: 9th Sign in the 12 Zodiacs

Horoscope Sagittarius Dates: Range from November 23rd until December 22nd

Horoscope Sagittarius Element: Fire

Horoscope Sagittarius Quality: Mutable (which means changeable)

Horoscope Sagittarius Energy: Masculine

Horoscope Sagittarius Ruler: Jupiter

Horoscope Sagittarius Symbols: two main symbols which are the archery and the centaurs, creatures with a human upper body and the lower body of a horse.

Horoscope Sagittarius Icon: ♐

About Horoscope Sagittarius: Constellation and mythology

 It is one of the 48 constellations listed by the 2nd-century astronomer Ptolemy and remains one of the 88 modern constellations.

As seen from the northern hemisphere, the constellation’s brighter stars form an easily recognizable asterism known as “the Teapot“. The stars δ Sgr (Kaus Media), ε Sgr (Kaus Australis), ζ Sgr (Ascella), and φ Sgr form the body of the pot; λ Sgr (Kaus Borealis) is the point of the lid; γ2 Sgr (Alnasl) is the tip of the spout; and σ Sgr (Nunki) and τ Sgr the handle. These same stars originally formed the bow and arrow of Sagittarius.

Marking the bottom of the teapot’s “handle” (or the shoulder area of the archer), is the bright star (2.59 magnitude) Zeta Sagittarii (ζ Sgr), named Ascella, and the fainter Tau Sagittarii (τ Sgr).

About Horoscope Sagittarius: Mythology

In mythology the centaurs stand for the ambivalence between the unconscious world of animal instincts and the conscious, intellectual and cultural world of humans. This made them unpredictable. Some of them, in particular Chiron, were highly cultivated and sought spiritual enlightenment. Chiron was both a teacher and a student who continually sought to increase his knowledge. Others were instinctive, quarrelsome and enjoyed drinking and raping. In their wild attacks on Hercules they usually came off worse.

Another version

the constellation is related to the Satyre Krotos, a human-like creature with the tail of a horse and the horns and legs of a ram who invented the bow. He grew up among the muses and was the son of their wet nurse. Similarly ambivalent characteristics were attributed to the Satyrs as were attributed to the Centaurs. They could be civilised and responsible, but also wild and uninhibited.

About Horoscope Sagittarius: Explanation about the symbol and the icon

First, we review the Sagittarius icon ♐ . The next right is the bigger picture of the icon. As you can see, the shape similar to an Arrow. When you look at Sagittarius’ constellation, you will need to use the imagination to link up all the starts together. Once you have done the job, you will see how similar between the constellation with the icon Arrow. That is the first explanation where the icon derives from.

The arrow’s shape also presents one personality about Sagittarius Zodiac. Sagittarius people are very straight-forward. They usually say the fact, the truth without thinking much. They also find a hard time to tell a lie. if they are lying, people will quickly notice the difference.

An arrow combines with a bow-> it’s a great tool for our humanity since the Age of Stone. Ancient human uses the bow and the arrow for hunting thousand of years. The arrow shape needs to be straight in order to hit the goal. That is the experience concluded from thousand years ago.

As you know the archery’s function. The arrow is shot for hitting something. It could be the meat of wild animals. It could help to activate a trap. It could be a survival tool when we tied a rope at the arrow’s end. Or more dangerous and deadly in some situations when people use the poisoned arrow to kill others.

Sagittarius people mind shares the similar. They eye on the goals they are interested in. Once the arrow left the bow, it can’t stoppable. The arrow only knows one thing: go to in front with the straight line, with the specific targeted. Sagittarius won’t stop until they hit the goal they set up before.

When ancient Astrologers observe the people who are born under the Sagittarius Zodiac, they find the most remarkable which is their positive mind. Thus, the icon starts from the bottom and then rise to the higher. You might ask why the arrow icon starting from the left side bottom instead of the right side. It doesn’t matter which side is it since it doesn’t have much difference with Sagittarius people.

One reason for it might be the majority of humanity is right-hand. Only around 10% of the human population is left-hand

The second is about the centaurs symbol. If you watch the Disney movie series “the Chronicle of Narnia”, you will see the centaur’s image. In the fight, they can use many kinds of weapons. That is the gift and the remarkable about the half upper body of a human. With a human brain, the centaurs can learn many things starting from nature to the language of humans. With a human’s heart, centaurs also have feelings, emotions (happy, sympathy, angry, loyal, brave, etc.). Sagittarius people aim to their own philosophy.

And the lower body of centaurs, it represents for the animal within a human. With a science viewpoint, we – humans – are developing from a monkey. No matter how we ignore, there is alway has the animal instinct inside every human being. And just for Sagittarius people, the animal side happens to be a horse.

With the half-horse at the lower body, centaurs can travel miles to miles. It tells about the stamina, the stability and the durable of Sagittarius people. Sagittarius people also like something fast and quick. Another saying, Sagittarius people weakness is being patient. Sagittarius people feel boring when seeing someone do things slowly. Sagittarius people want to push up the process-> make it go faster. Somehow, they can do that with the “horsepower”

About Horoscope Sagittarius: Negative traits/personality

  • Sagittarius will rebel at a different level when
    • Sagittarius feels a fetter
    • Sagittarius freedom is limited
    • Sagittarius loses the temper
  • Sagittarius sometimes lost the temper
  • Sagittarius treats easy-going with the things not interesting
  • Sagittarius sometimes uses the energy in the wrong channel
  • Sagittarius sometimes does things which others consider as the unnecessary
  • Sagittarius might play around a lot
  • Sagittarius sometimes act childish

About Horoscope Sagittarius: Positive traits/personality

  1. The first remarkable about Sagittarius’ positive personality is an optimize mindset. Sagittarius is not usually sad for so long. After, Sagittarius feels happy again since Sagittarius can find the new interesting things to do.
  2. Sagittarius people are very bad about telling a liar. Sagittarius usually talks frank, straight-forward!
  3. Sagittarius’ element is Fire, but it’s not similar to the Aries’s Impulsive Fire, to Leo’s warm radiant Fire. Sagittarius’ fire locates at somewhere in the middle between Aries and Leo’s Fire. It’s warmer, more passion.
  4. The Fire element has one more expression through ideas. Sagittarius has a creative mind. It boosts to the max when things involve traveling.
  5. Sagittarius loves the most three things: travel, freedom, and having fun.
  6. The most passion for Sagittarius is travel. The second place is freedom. And having fun XD Sagittarius can play many kinds of games
  7. Sagittarius treats traveling very serious since that is the way to satisfy the need for freedom, for getting more knowledge, for adventure, for discovering new things, and the most for the feeling “moving”
  8. For things Sagittarius feels not interesting and boring, Sagittarius is very easy-going.
  9. Sagittarius can make friends easily with anyone at any age. This sometimes brings some troubles
  10. Even so, Sagittarius doesn’t mind, doesn’t scare troubles. Sometimes, Sagittarius is exciting when it has a challenge.
  11. Sagittarius loves the speed. Sagittarius usually wants to do things fastly, quickly. Sagittarius people might yawn when seeing someone do the physical job slowly.
  12. Sagittarius does sometimes lost the temper. Once it happens, Sagittarius can be arrogant and refuse all the responsibility for the leave.
  13. The reasons for the anger are many. Usually, Sagittarius gets angry for things matters, and logical.
  14. Sagittarius has its own philosophy. And it is still developing, opening for the new things, engage more for better by the time.
  15. Sagittarius collects the fact, the information, but not like Gemini. Sagittarius wants to understand their meaning and how they come together.
  16. Knowledge, Faith, Experiences are the top priorities.
  17. Sagittarius is interesting about international, crossing cultures.
  18. Sagittarius people also have a higher chance of international marriage. Basic, Sagittarius usually ends up with a foreign husband/wife.
  19. Sagittarius somehow is good at the entertainment, special helping younger people to have fun.
  20. Sagittarius can work independently. However, Sagittarius feels happier when Sagittarius has someone for traveling together around the world.

Sagittarius people have a simple mind, so it’s easy to understand Sagittarius man and Sagittarius woman.

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