Gne shares in the previous post, which is about the Aries man. We have Adam already. Now, we should talk about the Eva for even the odds. In last few days of the Aries Month, we talk about The Aries Woman.

Again, Gne will share my own experience with the Aries woman :3

The Aries Woman friend that Gne knows

Gne would do a little different with other astrologers. Gne uses one of my old friend as a real example. It shows you that Astrology is partly truth, but it retrieve almost 80% traits and personalities of that person.

In this case, Gne would talk about the Aries Woman. Well…Gne doesn’t sure that Gne female friend is a woman or still a young lady girl. Gne doesn’t ask her much detail about it.

Remind you a little bit about my two Aries Men, both of them share the same birthday which is March 28th. And there is one more coincident that one female friend in my class (back then in my home country University) was born in the same date.

🙂 Gne considers a lucky when Gne has a chance to get to know three different people who have one same birthday.

Sharing a same birthday-> it means their Sun Sign is the same. All three are Aries. They still have a different personality because of different time birth, a different birth town and different genders.

Gne shares about my two Aries Men: Iron Kun and Na (their nickname). And now let’s me introduce one female Aries XD

Her nickname is Laura Quincy. She has that nickname around the time when she gets around with Iron Kun, Na, Gne and other classmates. Gne doesn’t ask Laura Quincy why she has that nickname since Gne usually calls her by the real name.

The Aries Woman physical attraction

Hehe somehow, Gne can make friends with other ladies in my age easier. Gne still remembers a few physical attraction of Laura Quincy XD

The Aries Woman overall physical attraction

If you ask the reason, Gne will say because of the FIRE. Laura Quincy’s Sun Sign is Aries. It’s the first sign of the Fire Element. And my Moon Sign is Sagittarius – which is another Fire Sign. As the natural attraction, Gne gets together with Laura Quincy easily. We make friend easily.

Under Gne memory, Laura Quincy is a small Aries lady. Gne says small because of her height 😛 Gne bets If Laura Quincy can read this, she would be mad, haha She would put out her lower lips-> In English, it calls pouting. -> that is one first thing about Aries Woman: her lower lip would be thicker than the upper lips. And for Laura Quincy, she has been pouting frequency so that her lower lips look bigger in the neutral.

One more body part that Aries Woman has is bigger -> it’s her nose. Of course her natural big nose, not cosmetic surgery for a beautiful nose -.- The nose would a little put out a little bit. This type of nose has almost in Aries Sun Sign of both genders.

Laura Quincy belongs to the second group of Aries Woman. The group is gifted with the agility. The body sharp would nearly be a square sharp. Her shoulder would be little wider than other girls without practice swimming butterfly stroke or fly stroke or dolphin stroke.

Swimmer in butterfly position

Gne also has one female relative who has the Sun Sign in Aries. That relative practices a few butterfly stroke, so her shoulder in average is wilder.

Back to Laura Quincy, she has the average height of Vietnamese girls. She has a long dark hair. However, Gne notices she doesn’t take care much of her hairs. Just don’t smooth girly 😛

It’s okay because Aries symbols for a masculin-> of course, Aries Woman doesn’t tender at all. Gne would open my eyes O.O and my mouth so wide that a fly can go in when Gne sees an Aries Woman wearing a girly dress such as a mini-skirt or something similar.

It’s simply because Aries Woman body doesn’t build for girly dress haha. Aries Woman is born for physical movement, just like Aries Man. Thus, you should not expect Aries Woman has a small hip, other girly things.

Gne confirms about it because Gne does have a few times walking behind Laura Quincy and observe the way she moves. In normal moving setting, you would see Aries Woman moves her head a little forward as she walks. The shoulder would be behind the head. And her feet. Aries Woman moves their feet fast O.o

If you see an Aries Woman walk slowly, you would have a feeling that she is dancing, not walking at all. It’s doesn’t matter the Aries Woman learns to dance before or not, it’s like the music behind their feet. It’s not happy feet, but they are happy when they can move.

Do you know what Aries’s most important body part?

ram head

It’s the head. Aries Sun Sign rules the Head. Laura Quincy is kind of clever when she can remember the knowledge in a short term. After a small test in the class, Gne asks her a few questions. She is confident to share her answers-> it turns out she is right.

Since Laura Quincy and other Aries Woman, they sometimes have a few problem with their head.

There is one time Gne catches Laura Quincy has a headache. It’s during the road to the school. Gne notices Laura Quincy doesn’t walk like normal, so Gne approaches and ask. She says she has a dizziness. She just needs to stop and rest stand a little bit.

Her charms?

Haiz~ That is one of Aries Woman charms. Aries Woman is one of many signs that is born to be stubborn.

Even Laura Quincy has dizziness like that, she still doesn’t need help -.- Perhaps Gne is not the person she needs. To her, Gne is a normal friend or a fellow -.-

After rest in a stand position a little bit, we walk to the class. -.- Again, Aries Woman still wants to lead. Even Laura Quincy has a headache, she still takes the lead, and walk in ahead.

Well, honestly, Gne doesn’t have any attraction with Laura Quincy as a girlfriend at all. At that time, Gne is still nostalgia about my ex-girlfriend.

And do you know what? The person Laura Quincy needs and wants is Iron Kun 🙂 She does many things with Iron Kun. They sometimes argue too. As an outsider, Gne finds they are cute when they have some small argument like that :3

They practice the choreography “Cry Cry Cry” of T-Ara together. With a few classmates too XD, but Iron Kun and Laura Quincy have paired together.

One charm about Aries Woman is the beauty. Laura Quincy and other Aries Woman don’t have the beauty like other girls. Their beauty is on the action. You will find some beautiful moments when you see Aries Woman moving.

You would find one more Aries Woman beautiful moment when she is mad and angry mode. Yes, you don’t read wrong. That’s remarkable about Aries Woman beauty. Almost every Aries Woman is beautiful when they are mad -> that’s quite of unique-> Gne confirms it because Gne does catch a few moments like that. Gne bets Iron Kun experiences more than Gne.

In the end, they have been officially together. Gne doesn’t remember when Iron Kun and Laura Quincy have been in a relationship. Therefore, Gne doesn’t talk more about someone’s girlfriend XD

Here are some suggestions on how to attract The Aries Woman

When Astrologers interpret about the Aries Woman as the Sun Sign, here is the list about Aries Woman personalities you need to remember:

  1. She needs short-term goals. No matter it’s material goals, her carrier goals or the relationship goals, you should be the one who initial design the short-term goals for her. If not, she would DIY-> it means you are no longer a potential partner-> your place is decreased into a friend or worse a fellow -.-
  2. Besides, the short-term goals, you should usually give Aries Woman some challenges. Some challenges outside her comfortable zone-> some challenges inspire her. -> The common challenges for Aries Woman are sports. If you challenge her in other aspects, she might not bother since she’s not interested. -> Make some threats about sporty challenges would bring some attention from Aries Woman in general.
  3. You should prepare in advance some extra physical challenges just in case the Aries Woman loses her fire during the road.
  4. Being brave to offer a challenge to Aries Woman. At first, they might decline since you are strangers. After explain and being honest enough about the challenge, she would likely accept it.
  5. If you want to see how beautiful the Aries Woman is-> piss her off-> make her angry. The Aries Woman is a short-temper. She is easy to get fire. However, the fire is cool down quickly too-> be aware of that.
  6. After you feel her fire is sparked already, it’s a time for flirting. You should say something like “you are so beautiful when you are angry” Or “I can not help to not respond back because I am looking at your beauty” -.- Well, don’t use this sweet talk in the wrong person at the wrong time. This method is worth with Sun Sign Aries Woman only. That’s a real-life warning. Make sure she has the Sun Sign in Aries. If not, it would be a joke for her to share with her friends. >.<
  7. Next, observe how she reacts. If the Aries Woman does nothing, then you fail. The most correct reaction from the Aries Woman is using some physical attack to hide her shyness inside. If you would do right, the Aries Woman would have the series reactions like this: she would stop angry a little bit. For comprehensive what you just talk -> maybe shy a little bit, but it’s hard for you to notice it-> because Aries Woman hides it by physical “touch” you. -> DO NOT EXPECT she touches you gently. She would “bam” to your arms, or knock your legs or use both hands and legs to attack you. -> that is also a very cute moment of Aries Woman. You can not notice it haha because you are busy with her physical attacks. In real dark meaning. Love considers as one special battlefield for Aries Woman.
  8. After a series of a physical attack like that, she would calm down and ask you a direct question such as “are you serious?” or “Do you like me?” -> be honest with yourself and for her. -> at this moment, the Aries Woman releases a little bit her feminine -> enjoy yourself because it will pass quickly.
  9. ” The Aries woman needs a good clean fight to clear the air and get her perspective back, and she respects an honest opponent who can meet her own honesty directly. Fighting is often her way of generating some heat in a relationship, too, if the passion has begun to wane. But don’t play power games or employ manipulative tactics “
  10. If you could, put yourself as one challenge for The Aries Woman. Refresh and renew yourself. If you keep repeating old tricks, the Aries Woman would have an affair with someone more interesting.
  11. If you running out of ideas -> do not think much-> just ask the Aries Woman do it with you. The Aries Woman see the adventure as a matter. The Aries Woman would love to discover new things in you, with you-> It likely you would have an exciting relationship.
  12. After all XDD Gne doesn’t know much. Gne isn’t interesting much with Aries Woman. My favorite type of woman is another Sun Sign XD Gne just suggests a few things to get close to the Aries Woman. My Moon Sign – Sagittarius – is compatible with Sun Sign Aries, so Gne knows pretty sure the relationship with the Aries Woman is an outdoor relationship-> it means you would be out of the house more often than stay in one place.

Today can count as the last day of Aries Month. Next week, it’s Taurus Month. For who has a birthday in the transition between Aries Month with Taurus Month, that person will have a combination, a small trait from Taurus and versa.

Last time to say Happy birthday to you, Ariens!

Aries birthday

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