In love, there is a quote like this “When you want to love someone, you need to love yourself first”. Scorpio hasn’t been loving the self when getting together with 11 Zodiacs. Even Scorpio has some very compatible relationship with Aquarius, Pisces, and Cancer, Scorpio still keeps the core, unmoveable characteristic. When Scorpio meets Virgo, it’s a different love story.

If you are Virgo Sign like me, and you have a chance to know Scorpio, you will understand what I mean in the long term. For the short term relationship with Scorpio, Virgo – us – still have some benefits. And, Scorpio, of course, does receive some benefits in return. It’s a win-win situation. Just need to pay attention to a few small things in the relationship.

Some ancient astrologers believe: Scorpio and Virgo derive from one single Zodiac. Look at the symbol of Scorpio and Virgo, we see the common M shape letter. Scorpio’s symbol end is pointing out. And Virgo’s one returns to inside. It significates for their traits. One is more open at the end. Another come back.

difference symbol between scorpio and virgo

Scorpio normal personalities are the dark sides of Virgo

Putting Scorpio and Virgo in front of each other, you will feel you are looking at the mirror. Yet, the dark side inside your Zodiac reflects on the mirror. Scorpio is the dark side of Virgo.

It means they have some common characteristics between Scorpio woman & Virgo man or between Scorpio man & Virgo woman. Both are:

  • Hard-working attitude
  • Dislike or even hate someone lazy
  • If you don’t cherish them, okay! they will leave you alone in order to find someone cherishes them and love them.
  • When Scorpio and Virgo eye on the goal, they usually not give up until achieving the goal. During the process, both seem to like to work hard at the beginning. And then, relax or do the light work after.
  • Both understand “respect needs to be earned”, “nothing is free”, “age is just the number”. It means old people don’t have the respect automatic from Scorpio and Virgo. You need to show the actions. If you are talkative, sorry that we, Scorpio and Virgo, keep the polite for you only. Respect… need to be earned! It’s not a grant. (For our grandparents, we respect them deeply because we understand. If it doesn’t have them, we do not exist in this world. And you. Sorry. You are a stranger to us)
  • Under some people’s viewpoint, we – Scorpio and Virgo – are arrogant in the workplace, in life. However, in love, we are different.
  • We just show those soft sides to people who we love. We take care of our loved ones. When it has the occasion or the situation needs, we – Scorpio and Virgo – can sleep on the hospital floor and still take care of the health of our loved ones.
  • For strangers, we usually at high doubt, in cautions mode. We observe and analyze you. We can sense do you tell the liars through your body language, through your words.
  • We usually use the actions for “talking”.
  • When it needs, we talk about the main points. If need to explain, we choose the main reasons and explain enough. If you want the details, contact us in the private setting.
  • Yup, we respect your privacy because we expect you respect ours. If not our business, feel free to treat us like invisible people 🙂
  • We are not picky when choosing a life partner. Just some girlfriends, boyfriends can not be husband and wife. Thus, we allow ourselves to choose the right one rather than a hurry.
  • Once we find the right one, we still observe longer because we want to get married as we find love.
  • We are not interested in the love game.
  • We can draw clear boundaries between lust, like, and love.
  • Money is important. Yet, true love should overcome.

Being together, Scorpio Virgo completes as the one

This is the idea from Virgo’s perspective. Virgo feels all Virgo’s dark sides unite in Scorpio Zodiac. Looking at Scorpio, Virgo needs to learn how to love the self. In this case, loving Scorpio equals loving Virgo self. Scorpio likes the dark and missing pieces in Virgo’s characteristic. Having Scorpio, Virgo’s complete.

Scorpio also learns more from Virgo. The most important lesson is putting more trust. For the rest 11 Zodiacs, Scorpio’s trust is skimpy. Sometimes, Scorpio doesn’t truth in you at all, but Scorpio still follows your “dirty” to see how it works.

The relationship between Scorpio and Virgo starts with mutual trust and the deep understanding of each other. When Scorpio meets Virgo at the first time, physical attraction doesn’t work well. Instead, something else brings us together.


We share the same attitude about learning. We know what we have learned is never enough. It’s just a drop in the enormous ocean. We urge to get more knowledge. Scorpio… prefers more about tattoos…That, sometimes, makes Virgo feels “ugly”. It’s not a big deal with Virgo as long as Scorpio explains why. Tattoos are Scorpio’s interest. And Virgo respects it because Virgo also has its own interests.

Respect connects with trust, right? And trust derives from understanding. People might don’t understand what Scorpio and Virgo do. it might not make sense to them. To us, Scorpio & Virgo, we understand each other actions because we see the reasons, the responsibilities behind it.

Being together as a couple, there are a few things you can do and you can not do. Scorpio and Virgo know about it without saying. It brings our communication to a deeper level. We call it’s ” an instinctive understanding ” hihi

And then, the relationship grows more when we – Scorpio and Virgo – get over the life challenges together.

Next, sex, responsibility, and love lead us to marriage.

Marriage? Yes. And a few small things for maintaining passion love

It doesn’t need to talk much. Scorpio and Virgo know where is the position. Both will go to work. It doesn’t need to work together in the same department, in the same company. Each has its own career.

Most of the time, it’s Scorpio who wants to be with Virgo. After the working day, we come back home together. We don’t hang out much with friends, colleagues after work. Because we have things to do at home. We might take the shower together haha for saving time and saving other things ?

Next, we might take a turn to cook meals. If today Virgo takes care of the meals at home, Scorpio will take responsibility for the next day. It’s the reality because both Virgo and Scorpio learn how to cook before they meet each other. In the past, both seem to leave alone because parents are busy. We need to learn how to cook and save ourselves from dying. We do sometimes eat outside. Just on some occasions.

And then, we might relax together. Even we say “together”, we would do different activities. For example, Scorpio might watch a series movie while Virgo listens to music.

cat listens to music

The marriage will maintain good when we – Scorpio & Virgo – arrange a few things together.

First is about sex. Scorpio ah` Scorpio. You should control yourself a little bit. In bed, your passion burns a little fast. Virgo needs time to catch up with you. Virgo also needs time to learn how to show more passion in the bed with you – Scorpio. Slowly, we will do like Mr. Smith and Mrs. Smith in the movie. Until then, more gentle and teach Virgo more about the tattoo in the bed ? We will learn it together and make it as our happy intimacy moment. We should enjoy it together.

Second is about Scorpio’s secrets. Virgo understands and respects it. Everyone has secrets. Virgo believes Scorpio will tell Virgo when Scorpio feels comfortable. Yet, can Scorpio tell a little bit for Virgo to not over-thinking, and worry?

Third is about Virgo critical. Virgo also needs to control the critical when Scorpio silences. Scorpio usually chooses the silence when Scorpio is tired, when Scorpio doesn’t want to explain. That habit keeps Virgo curious. If Scorpio has some personal lessons for Virgo, Scorpio can tell the main points. Scorpio can share the details later.

Fourth is about Virgo cleaning habit. Virgo sorries about moving Scorpio things during the cleaning process. Scorpio ah`, Virgo needs a clean and tidy enough environment. Scorpio doesn’t organize enough. At least, let Virgo helps a little bit.

There have a few more during the marriage life. We – Scorpio & Virgo – have got over challenges before marriage already. Those small problems, we can solve together.

2 Replies to “Scorpio Virgo Compatibility”

  1. I like this one kid and he is a virgo and he makes me feel happy since school let out I havent been able to talk to him exseot for when we play kickball every two months I want to add him on snap but I’m scared should I take the chance or no

    1. Dear Kayden,
      Well 🙂 I don’t have any right to guide you or force you to do anything. -> what I can is giving you a suggestion and a few advice based on my own experience.

      My suggestion: Go for it, Dear! I support you. Who really care about you, think for you, they will support you. Even the result is not… they still are on your side

      So, collect more braveness inside you-> give a try-> do the action: adding him on the snap. or whatever software to keep in touch with you. You not afraid one day he will move to somewhere else and not come back?

      Dear Kayden, I am a little jealous with your situation. Because you can see his face. You can play kickball every two months with him. Most important “he makes me feel happy”!

      My current girlfriend and I… still have one ocean between. The Virus crisis, the big gap in geography, the difference of time zone -> only make me and my girlfriend cherish each other. When we can meet in real life, we definitely cherish each other more and more.
      -> First advice: cherish what you have.
      -> Second advice: do any action that you can. Then, you would not regret doing anything.
      -> Third advice: Be more confident in yourself.

      No matter what result, what he replies, time can help you. That will be the test to check if he will stay with you forever or just step in your life and then go. At any time, you can create some small test -> for checking if he really likes you as the person you are.

      Fighting and Good luck! Be brave. (if your Sun Sign is really in Scorpio, I believe you are able to put down what you can pick it up)

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