Scorpio and Libra don’t have much the common. They don’t enjoy sharing activities together. The dating activities even are varied, but the quality… feel insipidly to Scorpio. For Libra, Libra seems to have more joys when Libra stays in a small group rather than being with Scorpio long time.

Scorpio nature symbols for Water, for emotions. Libra nature is the Air which has high intelligence. Imagine yourself. What happen when we combine air with water together? It brings life to aqua-animals.

For the human, it’s not so good. We need air when we dive underwater. Even water has air inside, our lungs don’t have the function to clear and separate oxygens for breathing underwater like aqua-animal. By the time, we need to go up and crave for the oxygen beyond the waterline.

air bubbles underwater

Scorpio and Libra are similar in some aspects. Scorpio’s high possessive wants to keep Libra tight and close. At first, Libra feels that it is a good thing. Slowly, the air can’t stand, can’t take it anymore. It produces the bubble and craves freedom in the sky.

If you are the Scorpio man and you feel attracted to a Libra woman

Dear Scorpio man, you feel attracted to a Libra woman. You remind me of a situation in my small group friends about 5,7 years ago. In the group friends, it has one Scorpio guy and one Libra girl. They study in the same department at the University. They sometimes hang out together with other friends.

It’s good that the boyfriend of that Libra lady is not that Scorpio guy. I guess your situation is different.

Well, Libra lady is very attractive. She has many tails following her beautiful appearance, her beautiful mind. In short, Libra lady is the truthful beauty with the smart brain. She also is actives and seems so livable, lovely. She helps others and very active in the community, social settings.

Those Libra girl’s qualities are so good. You would feel proud when you have Libra girl as your girlfriend.

You’re active to chase on Libra lady. It’s not a hard task for you since you know what to do since you have a ton of ideas to get attention from her.

And then, you feel so good when you achieve your goal. Libra lady now is your girlfriend. You feel your relationship is quite compatible.

Yet, it’s just the beginning Scorpio.

You feel happy when your Libra lady brings more colors to your life. You also learn a lot of things from your Libra lady.

However, somewhere in your heart, you feel not very safe when your Libra lady is not around. Even you know your Libra lady is busy with her friends. Sometimes, you feel jealous because your Libra lady spends more time with them. You also pay more attention when your Libra lady has fun with some male friends. You might ask why she gets so close to some male friends. It boosts the warrior spirit inside you. You feel the heat of competition between you and Libra lady’s male friends.

arm competition

Often, you feel annoying and angry when your Libra lady doesn’t listen to your idea, when she doesn’t do like you said. Once your Libra lady does the actions following your idea, somehow, you don’t understand her actions.

Even you feel your Libra lady has a fault, you feel unfair when you need to yield and take the responsibility to your side when you do nothing wrong. This happens very often when your Libra woman period comes. Her mood changes during the process. Even her request sounds unrealistic and unreasonable, you still follow her ideas and do the actions, at the end. Right? I know you do the actions because you still like your Libra lady.

There have some periods when your Libra lady fights back. It happens when you control your Libra lady too much. It gets over her boundaries. She feels it’s unfair to her. She needs to stand up and fight for her rights.

Aigoo~ Scorpio man… Libra lady is only good and beautiful when she has freedom. Remember, she is the Air, the wind, the bird. They are only beautiful when they don’t stay in a cage.

If you are the Scorpio woman and you feel attracted to a Libra man

Scorpio lady, do you feel that Libra man looks like the idol? It’s so far, yet it’s so close. You feel happy when “your” Libra man has many talents. He can sing songs. He can play sports well. He knows how to play the guitar. He is good-looking. His fashion sense is well-balanced with the combination of clothes and accessories. He is smart. He knows a lot of good stories. He owns good knowledge of many topics for keeping the conversation friendly. And he smells good too ?

When you can feel “your” Libra man is the idol in the normal life, you feel you even like him more. He acts like a gentleman. He is sweet with some romantic actions during dating. He prepares so well for the confession moment with music, romantic dinner with light candles, delicious food, flower.

romantic dinner on beach

Even you feel those things are just for a show, somehow you still feel his heart. You try to change yourself to fit his needs. When he has a meeting with his friends, you want to go with him. You feel a little pressure when his standard of clothing is higher than normal. You take it as a challenge to be “his perfect girlfriend”.

When you go to the social meet-up with “your” Libra man, you feel proud of yourself when many people give him a compliment about how beautiful and attractive you are. You enjoy it. But not so long. When his female friends find “your” Libra man in the meetup.

You feel cautions and feel the competition atmospheres when his female friends introduce themselves. Some of them make you feel angry and annoyed because they keep him away from you. You see “your” Libra man gets entertainment with them. You feel not very safe and start to doubt the relationship between you and “your” Libra man.

The couple Scorpio and Libra have the potential to get married.

Scorpio and Libra relationship compatibles enough for a marriage. You two will need to sit down and discuss honestly together a few issues.

The biggest problem lays in one characteristic that opposites from each side. Scorpio wants the intensity, intimacy while Libra needs air, needs some freedom, needs social connection.

The solution to this issue is easy to say but not easy actions in real. The idea is about balance. Scorpio needs to yield and follow Libra’s idea. The couple needs to balance almost every aspects of the marriage. Scorpio should reduce the want of being together all the time. Libra also increases the time staying with Scorpio than spending hours with friends in the personal network.

When Libra hangs out with friends, you should report a few times to Scorpio if Scorpio stays home. Or Before you leave Scorpio for friends, you need to tell Scorpio

  • Who you will hang out with,
  • Where all of you go,
  • When you think you will come back to Scorpio,
  • What [social] event is about,
  • Why it’s necessary. If not, can Scorpio go with you?

It’s Scorpio’s worry. Scorpio worries you have an affair. Scorpio worries about your health…

After all, dear Scorpio and Libra,

With 3,4 billion adults on this Earth, it’s hard to find someone can like [ or love ] you, can live with you, can stand with your flaws. Both of you should cherish each other even it has differences.

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