Continuing in the series about Scorpio compatibility, we have viewed Scorpio Aquarius, Scorpio Pisces, Scorpio Aries, Scorpio Taurus, Scorpio Gemini, Scorpio Cancer. And now it’s Scorpio Leo compatibility.

Scorpio Zodiac usually pushes everything to the root. If we call the relationship between Scorpio with:

  • With Aquarius: the smartest relationship (since each individual is the high intelligence)
  • With Pisces: the most romantic relationship
  • With Aries: the most unbalance relationship (between an adult & a childish mindset person)
  • With Taurus: the sexiest ( sex usually is the tool to smooth out the difficulties until a better solution)
  • With Gemini: the weirdest
  • With Cancer: the most compatible for life marriage

And with Leo (now): the most unexpected relationship.

How the most unexpected relationship meets each other

People don’t expect Scorpio and Leo can get together as boyfriend-girlfriend. It would be more surprising if Scorpio gets married to Leo. Even within the relationship, Scorpio doesn’t unexpected to have the romantic relationship with Leo at all

Because their images are so different!

Leo’s image likes the sunshine. Leo brings the happy to people who Leo talks with. Leo likes to be the central image in the social. Leo usually shows off the fancy image.

Scorpio’s image opposites. Scorpio has a common image. Scorpio is not the “celebrity”. Scorpio hates the noisy environment. The Scorpio image has some darkness. And people very curious about Scorpio’s mysterious if they catch Scorpio in the actions.

Perhaps fate brings Scorpio and Leo together in order to learn more from each other. If Leo and Scorpio can choose, meeting each other is an unexpected thing because of their different backgrounds, since they go to an unusual place from their lives.

woman and lion in the lost place

When Scorpio meets Leo in an unexpected place, they are attracted to each other because of their different self-image. The meeting place probably was in the public where Leo is collecting public attention. And then Leo sees a mysterious person. Most of the cases, it’s Scorpio. (if not, it’s a criminal…)

With Leo’s personality, Leo likes to discover new things, and highly curious. Leo finds Scorpio has a lot of secrets behind. Even Leo doesn’t sense the secret’s dangerous, Leo still follows Scorpio and want to get to know more detail.

For Scorpio’s side, Scorpio feels annoying when Leo keeps following Scorpio around. Following around bring uncomfortably. And then, more annoying when Leo keeps talking loudly and unstoppable. Noisy, show off, shiny are the first impression Scorpio has for Leo.

Somehow, it doesn’t matter to Scorpio since it happens once. Scorpio would not allow happening twice.

If Scorpio and Leo had a chance to meet each other again, Scorpio would go to the caution mode. While Leo actives the natural Lionion’s hunting.

“Hunting Scorpio” is challenging. Right inside nature, Lions don’t eat Scorpions at all. With the human relationship, when Leo man chases on Scorpio woman or when Leo woman wants a Scorpio man, it’s a different story with nature.

With normal self Scorpio, staying a distance with Leo is the must since both are still strangers. Scorpio still doubts what Leo wants to do. Scorpio still observes what actions Leo is going to do.

The good things when Scorpio and Leo are still dating

While still dating, Leo somehow yields more than normal. Leo doesn’t show off often. Scorpio also gets to know more about Leo show off. Scorpio understands Leo can show off because Leo has the real ability to do it. Special Leo’s strength.

And then, Scorpio surprises about Leo. When Leo really likes Scorpio as a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship, Scorpio feels Leo becomes a different person in dating. Scorpio usually is pulled-in to Leo’s activities. Leo usually invites Scorpio to go out more, to play more, to enjoy Life more.

couple have fun

Leo also protects and caring for Scorpio while going a date. At first, it’s still awkward when Scorpio rejects Leo to touch the skin. Actually, it’s Scorpio’s test. Scorpio thought Leo would be angry -> demand or even using the force to do what Leo wants to do. In reality, Scorpio sees different behavior.

Leo doesn’t upset so long. Leo treats it as a challenge. Leo accepts to embrace the challenge. In the future, Leo will do more things for gaining Scorpio’s trust. When Scorpio is comfortable enough, Leo believes Scorpio will allow Leo to get more intimacy.

Truth. Slowly, Scorpio starts to smile more, to happier, be more positive, warmer, more comfortable when Scorpio around Leo.

Leo also learns more. Leo needs to accept everyone is normal, ordinary people. Even Leo itself. Because Leo is still a human. Once it’s human, everyone has the emotion, feeling, the needs, the wants, the desires, the craving and so on. For Leo, Leo’s a special person than others. Leo has the leadership talent. Leo brings warm to everyone. Included Scorpio.

And Scorpio, secretly, thanks for it. Scorpio doesn’t say it by words. Scorpio uses actions instead. Scorpio will help Leo to calm down if someone, something makes Leo angry. Scorpio also takes care of Leo if Leo catches a cold, when Leo needs a healthy meal during the sick days.

Marriage? Could.

It’s the conditional tense because there have some problems during the marriage life.

The biggest problem both Scorpio and Leo’s experience, perhaps it is the essential ingredient for a divorce, it’s about how to spend money. Leo likes fancy things. It means Leo will spend more money than the need to buy beautiful things, the shiny products, the fashion for public attention, for pride, for eating, etc. That spending habit is very annoying to Scorpio.

spending habit

If Scorpio and Leo share the joint account in the same bank, debating about money appears daily and monthly. Scorpio works hard and will be happy to see some money deposit into the account. However, the small happiness doesn’t stay long while Leo is super excited at the paid day. Once the account has some money, Leo is happy to use those money as a reward. Scorpio doesn’t against much if Leo doesn’t over-spending.

When the discuss heated, separating the bank account would be the best choice. Leo has the 100% authority to spend the money Leo has been earned in a month. Even Leo’s account reduces into the zero balance, Leo’s pride doesn’t allow Leo to ask more money from Scorpio.

Yet, Scorpio isn’t much selfish. Sometimes, Scorpio still electronic-sends some amount to the Leo account. Scorpio understands spending money is the need. Everyone needs it. However, Scorpio limits that spending amount because Scorpio wants to control over Leo’s over-spending habit.

That also represents the second problem: possessiveness. Both Scorpio and Leo want to take control. They just display differently. Leo demands others. Once it happens, Leo doesn’t care what others. Leo demands. You do it or not? If you not do, Leo will bla bla. Scorpio manipulates better. People agree to do things for Scorpio because Scorpio knows their secrets or because Scorpio really earns the respect from them.

The last thing needs to aware is about sex. For some reasons, one of them, Leo or Scorpio, would have an affair outside the marriage. Or the affair would happen before Scorpio agrees to marry Leo.

The relationship between Scorpio and Leo still challenges. The short term solution is joining the creative project since both can devote the energy to bring some good ideas. How about the long term? The answer lays in their natal birth charts.

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