It’s super rare when Scorpio man falls in love with Scorpio woman. If it happens, it has two scenarios only.

One would be the best, the sexiest, the 100% (even 200%) compatible relationship.

Another one would be the most dangerous, the worse nightmare of each Scorpion.

The most important step in the love between Scorpio man and Scorpio woman

The relationship between a Scorpio man and Scorpio woman… still exists at the micro-level in this 3,4 billion adults population on this Earth. Both share the same characteristics. They have almost everything the same together. Except their gender. Because of biology, Scorpio woman loves more romantic. She also has the ability to kill a Scorpio man by having sex continuously.

Sex is important in the relationship between a Scorpio man and Scorpio woman. However, it doesn’t forme to a long-term relationship.

The most important step to make Scorpio man falls in love with a Scorpio woman or reserve, it’s about their first feelings for each other. If one of them doesn’t feel they can love each other, they would forever stay as the best friends with connecting soulmates. Like or Love would never come. Except one of them uses the time machine to return to the past and set up a romantic scene for both Scorpio falls in love with each other.

First scenario: Scorpio man loves Scorpio woman deeply.

Once it succeeded, it would turn into the most beautiful relationship (to Two Scorpios only), the sexiest relationship with multiple hot passion love on the bed plus somewhere else!

Like the movie “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”, Scorpio man and Scorpio woman would have many hot passion sex scenes together. They definitely enjoy intimacy very much. They would make love after having sex. The number of their passion could reach two digital numbers.

One thing needs to be careful. Don’t have sex many times during 24 hours. With biology between man and woman, Scorpio woman can kill Scorpio man with her body… Do you know when some conditions are met, one woman can have sex with 10 men without any problem? In this case, it has only one Scorpio man. Even Scorpio man has only his Scorpio woman. Yet, her sex skills, her naughty ideas, her stamina worth like 10 women. She would become like that If it was not a Scorpio man. With another man, Scorpio woman could not show that much passion. Because she doesn’t feel comfortable, feel safe enough.

Besides sex, all aspects of this relationship are good. Scorpio man and his Scorpio woman understand each other without saying much. Once one person feels down, another tries all in order to make happy. Where they want to go, both Scorpio man and Scorpio woman agree almost instantly. They don’t have many problems in marriage life. They have known each other secrets. -> just don’t go too far on that topic. The end of the road is a purely negative thing. It could destroy what both of you have built together.

One more reminder for Scorpio woman. Don’t control your Scorpio man too much. Even his stamina stands longer than other men, he still is a human. If you push him to go beyond his limitations many times, you would lose his life forever. And then, you would receive the greatest grief. If it happened, you know your choice when your brief reaches the highest point, right?

Another scenario: Each will turn into the most dangerous, the worse nightmare for each other.

If the most important step failed, it would not affect much to the relationship. Scorpio man can still be the best friend with the connecting soul with a Scorpio woman. When Scorpio woman feels not so good, Scorpio man always can sense it. He would take care of her too.

The most dangerous in this scenario is when someone has an affair. For frank, it could be the Scorpio man has sex with another woman, outside his Scorpio wife. Or the reserve version.

Betrayal is the most unforgivable to Scorpio. No matter what reasons, Scorpio blind-love turns into hatred. If this Scorpio betrays, another Scorpio definitely invents all the darkest punishments, the most dangerous and longest torture.

Two bosses can not stay in the same area. The only result is running away. Does it go to another area? or it goes to the dead world?

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