On this Earth, some people love you. Some also dislike you. You can not satisfy all. You can’t make everyone happy because there always has at least one natural enemy.

In some aspects, each person has its own natural enemy. With some natural opposite characteristics, Scorpio has one natural enemy which is Sagittarius. That is the theory when we compare the same gender. In the romantic relationship, Scorpio man still gets together well enough with a Sagittarius woman. Scorpio woman and Sagittarius man have a little higher compatible than the couple Scorpio man and Sagittarius woman.

The natural enemy also applies in Agriculture such as feeding Predators by kill Grasshopper, allow Snakes to eat crop Rats, temporarily ignore mouse eats seeds, etc.

Why Scorpio is the natural enemy of Sagittarius

If we don’t add the gender identification, Scorpio Zodiac needs to fight with Sagittarius – the natural enemy. It’s their core characteristics.

Scorpio is born with the doubt and the caution mind with strangers. While Sagittarius naturally can make friends with anyone.

Scorpio isn’t easy to trust someone when Sagittarius is the easy target of the bad thing.

Scorpio worries too much since Sagittarius is kind of naive, indifferent.

Scorpio thinks deeply, and Sagittarius thinks quite simple and childish.

Scorpio controls and hides the self emotions very good in front of a stranger. It’s easy to “read” Sagittarius while every emotion shows on Sagittarius’ face.

Scorpio wants to make the plan before doing actions. Sagittarius does things based on instinct.

Scorpio usually has a negative mood. The greatest thing about Sagittarius is never sad too long!

Scorpio wants to control almost everything Scorpio can. Sagittarius is easy-going

Scorpio likes the intensity, and Sagittarius loves the freedom

Scorpio saves more money. Sagittarius… doesn’t pay attention much about money.

The list of differences continues more. And we should not dig deeper because, in reality, it has more.

Even Scorpio has a lot of difference with Sagittarius, they still share a few common traits:

  • Both final goal is getting more knowledge.
  • Both are serious when they find true love
  • Both usually talk with sincerity. Sometimes, in a special situation, they can use the liars.
  • Both have their own passions
  • Sometimes, both need a personal alone moment to do their things.

After all, differences, common traits, and gender identification bring Scorpio and Sagittarius together. At first, they feel attract together because of the differences. They definitely want to know more. They might discuss, debate. They might sit down and analyze each other.

How Scorpio and Sagittarius still get together in the long term

It’s also a little strange how Scorpio and Sagittarius still get together in the long term. At the beginning of the relationship, they don’t like each other much. In some cases, they walk on their own path without looking at another. Their love story just begins with some attractions. And then, the end.

That is the common ending between Scorpio man and Sagittarius woman. The relationship between the Scorpio woman and Sagittarius man stays longer. It has the potential to be husband and wife. Let’s review how Scorpio woman can get along with Sagittarius man.

It’s just one main thing glue the relationship between Scorpio woman and Sagittarius man. It’s a mutual goal. Since Sagittarius man wants to make Scorpio woman happy and smile more often, Scorpio appreciates it. Then, she follows and returns with the same kindness to Sagittarius.

lady with light smile

When Sagittarius man falls in love with a Scorpio woman, he tried all everything to make his Scorpio woman happy. Sagittarius man will think many things. He will be creative to design some games to make Scorpio woman smile. To him, it’s a challenge also a goal. He has been seen as his Scorpio woman wearing a not-so-good face. He wants to see Scorpio smiles. Even it’s just a light smile, it’s a great achievement already.

Sometimes, Sagittarius man is tired because he runs out of ideas. His Scorpion woman still stays with him. She will take care of her lover’s body since Sagittarius is well-known about not care about his health. When Sagittarius man feels horny, Scorpio woman will bring some surprise on the bed.

After recovering from his Scorpio woman care, Sagittarius man pays back by bringing his lover to outdoor. Sagittarius man will introduce many interesting to him for his Scorpio woman. Sagittarius man doesn’t mind when his lover is picky 🙂 because Sagittarius man knows there are tons of things out there. His Scorpio woman doesn’t travel very often, so there are a lot of things will get her attention. Even with Sagittarius man, he still can’t travel all the place on this Earth yet. Sagittarius man also wants to have someone to travel, to share all the adventures with him.

After traveling for a while, Sagittarius man knows his Scorpio woman needs some personal lonely time. And he respects it. Sagittarius man also takes some rest while waiting for his lover’s mood becoming normal.

Tips for marriage life more durable

The first tip for Sagittarius man (and for Sagittarius woman in the relationship with Scorpio man). Pay more attention to money! Scorpio doesn’t say anything. It doesn’t matter it’s okay. Scorpio usually saves money for some emergency. Sagittarius can’t use all for travel. Scorpion will be happier when Sagittarius can make money from travel trips.

The second tip for Sagittarius (for both genders). Don’t get so close with opposite-gender friends. Scorpio easy jealous. Thus, before hanging out with opposite-gender friends, Sagittarius should let Scorpio know in advance. What Sagittarius wants to help, you can share with Scorpio first. More head is better!

The last tip for Sagittarius (for both genders). Don’t go out and play for so long. Scorpio is staying at home and worrying for Sagittarius.

The first tip for Scorpio. Control yourself a little bit. Scorpio doesn’t need to tight Sagittarius tightly. It will bring the opposite effect. Sagittarius’ love-freedom spirit can’t stand in the cage for so long. The more tight, the more Sagittarius wants and needs to get out of it. Find the comfortable control zone for both of you.

The second tip for Scorpio. It’s about sex. You have the master skills in the bed already. Sagittarius is not. Sometimes, Sagittarius brings some weird ideas to the bed. You can try and then gently give feedback.

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