Well, this Sagittarius Horoscope Compatibility is the second part. The first part of “Sagittarius Horoscope Compatibility” tells about the compatibility love between Sagittarius with Aries Zodiac (for both Sagittarius woman and Aries man; Sagittarius man and Aries woman)-> and then, it follows the order to Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo. And now, we continue with the next 6 signs.

Sagittarius Libra compatibility love

I have seen two best female friends who are Sagittarius lady and Libra lady in the University time at Viet Nam. Changing into Sagittarius man and Libra woman, the compatibility reduces a little bit. If it needs to put into a score, the relationship starts at 70/100.

In the relationship between Sagittarius man and Libra woman, Sagittarius man is the one who acts first. Libra woman is the one who gives the answer for Sagittarius man’s offer. Libra woman knows with her beautiful face, her intelligence, and her social skills, she has a lot of ‘tails”! Libra woman is not easy going when choosing the lover. Libra woman would notice how Sagittarius man different from others.

Libra woman would

  • see how Sagittarius man is honest in almost everything. Even with his feelings, his emotions. This is one thing Libra woman adores. But not too much. Because Libra woman, somehow, finds it’s hard for her to share with someone about her emotions and feeling.
  • feels happy when she hangs out with Sagittarius man. Even it’s a short period of time…
  • find the romantic side and the charm of Sagittarius man different from others.

Sagittarius man chooses Libra woman as the love partner quite easily. Naturally, Sagittarius man likes the active, alive, intelligent girl. Libra woman has more than it. Sagittarius man feels attracted when capturing the beautiful moment when Libra woman does in a social event. Libra woman is hard-working. She will move around to help others.

After a few dating, things go not so well in the long run. The main problem lays in each other characteristics. Both Sagittarius man and Libra woman, they want to have some free and alone times for them to look back, review the experience. During the alone times, Libra woman takes a longer time since she can not decide by herself. In the meanwhile, Sagittarius man is having fun for the outdoor activity or for the travel trip already.

Slowly, the distance between Sagittarius man and Libra woman expands when Sagittarius man loses patience with Libra woman. In fact, there are a few things about Libra woman makes Sagittarius man angry. It could be the communicate style of Libra woman (the Sagittarius man is straight forward vs Libra lady with the indirect talking). or Libra woman finds someone better than Sagittarius man, someone who more suitable with her.

About Sagittarius woman gets together with Libra man, this couple doesn’t have a happy ending like the Sagittarius man and Libra woman. If they don’t know how to compromise together. Sagittarius woman and Libra man make good teamwork when they are discussing together the project. They open the project in a wide range of sub-topic. They start to talk about Life together. Once it is going, it won’t stop after one hour long. Both Sagittarius woman and Libra man aim enough the knowledge to continue the conversation.

Most of the time, they feel happy when they are talking together. If they talk so long… quarrels won’t appear soon. The reasons derive from each party. Sagittarius woman wants to feel love and be loved. Libra man is shy and feels it’s not necessary to say “I love you” or something romantic.

Sometimes, Sagittarius woman is complaining about Libra man about the time. Libra man spends most of the time in the carrier and the social-related events. Libra man usually leaves Sagittarius woman alone. That behavior makes Sagittarius woman feel the relationship is kind of loose. The connection between them would represent in the invisible thin line.

There is one special thing about this relationship between Sagittarius and Libra. Once they break up, they still come back to the friendship. Not every couple could do that.

Sagittarius Scorpio compatibility love

Honestly, Sagittarius and Scorpio don’t have a good relationship. Sagittarius and Scorpio can work well as the team for the creative project with Scorpio as the leader. In love… the maximum can go is the short-term lust between Sagittarius and Scorpio. To Scorpio, it’s the short term lust for sure. Not even grow big until it can call “love”. For Sagittarius, it’s still a lust but the like stays for more than 3 months.

It happens in the case of the Sagittarius man and Scorpio woman. If we image Scorpio woman as an “icy” woman, Sagittarius man needs to use the fire within his Zodiac to warm up Scorpio woman. It’s hard for Sagittarius man uses the fire to melt down the ice from Scorpio woman.

icy queen

When the “ice” of Scorpio woman starts to meltdown, it changes to the liquid. As you know, water and fire are not get together for so long. if the water is too much, the fire won’t exist anymore. In this case of Sagittarius man and Scorpio woman, the “ice” from her likes the big iceberg from the North Pole… The more Sagittarius man’s fire meltdown the “ice”, the quicker the Fire death.

For the case of Sagittarius woman and Scorpio man… The fire has no chance of water. Scorpio man will splash the cold water to Sagittarius woman… After it happens a few times, the Sagittarius woman feels tired with a Scorpio man. Choosing to leave would be better for Sagittarius woman

Sagittarius and Sagittarius compatibility

When Sagittarius man meets another Sagittarius woman, they likely choose to be a best friend more than the lovers…There is one main reason Sagittarius man and Sagittarius woman can not get over the best friend relationship. It represents their own sex gender.

If you have a chance to observe a Sagittarius man, you will see Sagittarius man does has some “feminine” sides. It doesn’t have much, but you will find the gentleness, the polite in Sagittarius man. He has built his soft skills in order to attract to other ladies.

Not every lady likes the gentleman. Sagittarius woman is one example. Sagittarius woman has the more “masculine” in her traits. It expresses to the generous when she helps other people (regardless of gender). Sagittarius woman is also an easy-going person, doesn’t have the complex mind like other women.

Sagittarius man and Sagittarius woman, they can not find what they look for a lover in each other. Sagittarius man would love to have a caring girlfriend/wife on his side for the future house, for the future travel companion. While Sagittarius woman looks for a lover who is “bold”. She also feels “allergy” with a man who shows too much “feminine”.

Sagittarius Capricorn compatibility love

Sagittarius man has a strong foundation in love with a Capricorn woman. The essential for that strong and stable foundation is one common trait between Sagittarius sign and Capricorn Zodiac.

It’s about the truth. Sagittarius man is straight forward. He usually says the truth. Even it’s hard-to-hear. Sometimes, Sagittarius man talks so frankly that it hurts someone’s pride. Other women not like that much. Capricorn woman is different. Capricorn woman cherishes the most when someone volunteers to tell the truth. Capricorn woman definitely chooses the silence instead of telling something is not correct in reality.

heart lock

It likes the key and the key lock. Sagittarius man owns the key that always tells the truth. It is fit with Capricorn woman key lock that ONLY allows the truth to go through. Once the “truth” key enters, Capricorn woman would choose to die instead allow another key to go in.

When Sagittarius man gets together with Capricorn woman a long time, the strong foundation love will grow stronger since other things are based on the communication. Both agree a long time ago that they don’t keep the secrets in front of each other. If need, just let each other know that it isn’t ready to share. If it needs time to choose the way for expression, just let another know how long for the waiting time. And the result is very fruitful when both Sagittarius and Capricorn understand each other deeply. Therefore, their love based on understanding each other.

With Capricorn man and Sagittarius woman, it has more challenges than Sagittarius man and Capricorn woman couple above. This couple still shares stable communication based on telling the truth. It’s little difference because Capricorn man is shy at the time expressing emotions. To Capricorn man, emotions are his weakness. He can not let others see his weakness. When others know about the weakness, the majority of people will take advantage and blackmail Capricorn man. He really doesn’t like it and it’s very annoying!

And Sagittarius woman wants her Capricorn man to share more about his hidden emotions. Sagittarius woman knows she has no problem telling her Capricorn man about her feelings, her emotions. She expects Capricorn man would do the same. Sagittarius woman wants to help her man to solve the difficulties.

It’s a good thing that Capricorn man’s just slow. Capricorn man trusts on Sagittarius woman since she doesn’t hide anything from him. She always tells the truth based on her knowledge. He needs more time to learn how to express emotions and feelings to Sagittarius woman. Sometimes, Sagittarius woman feels Capricorn man is cute when he is trying to say something emotional.

One more example of the problem between the Sagittarius woman and Capricorn man. It’s about time staying together. Capricorn man usually doesn’t spend much time with his Sagittarius woman. He usually focuses on his job. He is busy to make the plan, do the actions in order to meet the set-up goals. He wants to have some success for the self-achievement, the self-gratitude and for himself.

Capricorn man doesn’t pay much attention to his Sagittarius woman. Sometimes, he doesn’t send a message, make a call to his Sagittarius to ask how are things going, today he would come back home late, etc. Sagittarius woman is sad when he leaves her alone. She can go out and find her man in the workplace. Sometimes, Sagittarius woman chooses to travel with her friends intentionally. However, in her mind, Sagittarius woman wants to skim her Capricorn man out of the workplace and help him to relax.

Travel with lovers is different from travel with friends.

Sagittarius Aquarius compatibility love

Sagittarius woman has unique compatibility with Aquarius man. Converting to the score, it’s range from 70-90 out of 100. It’s kind of “weird” since this couple is compatible together in an abnormal way. Together, this couple has many weird and very unique ideas. However, they feel happy together when they can share openly about those weird ides together.

Aquarius man takes the role of inspiration for Sagittarius woman. When they discuss together, the topic changes many times. They chitchat everything in the world. When they touch one topic, they will go deep that topic-> after they feel they don’t interest more about that topic-> they jump into a new topic. -> then, they go deep the new topic-> when it’s boring, they change again-> the loop keeps running.

Sagittarius woman can chat for a very long time and have a fun time with an Aquarius man because their characteristics are similar to each other. Both are extrovert. Both like outdoor activities. Both like to make new friends. Both like to travel around. Both arm enough knowledge to reply to another.

After talking for hours to hours, they don’t get boring with each other. They grow to understand each other deeper. They also share a positive viewpoint on life. This couple needs to pay attention to one thing: give each other a little freedom. Both of you really need a little freedom in order to attract to each other again.

Sagittarius man with Aquarius woman gets closer because:

  • Both have a strong personality
  • Both are an intelligent individual
  • Both like freedom. Even space, a short time for breathing.
  • Both have higher energy and restless than others
  • Both have the creative

The relationship between them builds from deep friendship when Sagittarius man usually has a thoughtful discussion with Aquarius woman almost everything. Both are interesting to expand their own world with more new things, new knowledge, new people, new skills, etc. Travel is a common choice.

Before, During and After the trip, they have some “discuss” because Sagittarius man doesn’t pay attention to his spending habits while Aquarius woman is realistic and control the money. They “communicate” by words. Sometimes, it heats more than it needs. Even so, Sagittarius man still respects Aquarius woman.

Sagittarius Pisces compatibility love

Sagittarius man is stunned for the first time seeing Pisces woman. Sagittarius man can feel the romantic soul, the cuteness and even the weakness in Pisces woman’s body. A hero saves a beauty would likely be the case when Sagittarius man meets Pisces woman. After, she would miss and think about Sagittarius man a lot of time. Sagittarius man also doesn’t mind to company with Pisces woman if they get together.

Once they are dating, they have known it doesn’t have much the common. They need to work together in order to meet at the middle point. Sagittarius man feels sad if he needs to leave Pisces woman for a few hours because Pisces woman needs emotional intimacy. She would beg Sagittarius man with the beautiful, round eyes and her cuteness. She makes Sagittarius man feel depend and need. Pisces woman’s sacrifice is another reason Sagittarius man worries.

The chemistry between Sagittarius woman and Pisces man is promising that love is worth the efforts. Sagittarius woman would help Pisces man to make the dreams come true. At first, Pisces man is interesting because Sagittarius woman can help. Slowly, Pisces man feels not very content. He feels he is alive when he has a dream. It doesn’t need to dream comes true. The dream is the channel for his romantic soul.

Pisces man will help Sagittarius woman become more feminine, less fierce. While Sagittarius woman helps Pisces man “man up”. They also work on communication for mutual understanding. Both are willing to listen and change the viewpoint to understand a different angle.

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