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All about Capricorn Woman – starting with I

The most important characteristic of Capricorn woman, which starts with the “I” letter, is Independence. Capricorn women since thousands of years ago have been independent already. Until this decade 2020, the modest model “independent woman” has been famous. Somehow, I feel the trend derives from the strong characteristic of Capricorn women.

I don’t deny the effort for becoming “an independent woman” of other women. In opposite, I support it. Special with Capricorn ladies. It was and it still is a hard decision for me to support Capricorn ladies to become independent. When you have been loved [or at least sincerely like] Capricorn lady, you will find some charm from this characteristic.

Aigoo~ sometimes Capricorn woman’s independence… special about the job and her carrier… I know Capricorn woman wants to be independent about the money issue… Just, she has been addicted to working…

For some Capricorn women… independence means freedom. And that is one of many of her goals.

Capricorn woman won’t accept to be a lovely and submissive wife, haha In another angle, don’t you feel that is one lovely thing about Capricorn woman?

Yeah~ I still love Capricorn woman’s independence, but…sometimes I want Capricorn women to take easily a little bit. No need to always try and show off how independent you are. ? We are human. Indeed, we will have some time to relax and “being weak”. Is it a chance for you to become stronger?

If I can add one more word about Capricorn woman starting with “I”, I will choose the word “insistence”. This attitude appears and grows during the road Capricorn woman chase on her “independence” goal. Capricorn woman knows she is born without many things like other girls. She knows she has one gift that not easy to find in other girls.

Capricorn woman believes: When she sets up the goals, she needs to insist to do it until the day she touches her hands to her goal. During the insisting time of working, Capricorn woman might lose the patience. It’s okay and that not happen very often. Simply because Capricorn woman usually remembers she has a goal.

All about Capricorn Woman – starting with J

While the insisting time, Capricorn woman, definitely, has some short periods feeling “Jealous” with others. For some common, Capricorn woman might jealous of other peers in school time. When Capricorn young lady sees her peers have some new gadgets, some new clothes, even some new good scores…she still feels the jealousy inside. You won’t able to see this. Even with me, who has been loved Capricorn ladies… I still not sure is she jealous of those things?

And then when Capricorn young lady becomes more mature and grows up… she would jealous with other’s success. Having a good and stable income, having a good family starting with, having some good friends who support in the downtime, etc… And special 🙂 Capricorn lady would be jealous when she is single haha

Sorry for the smile, but listen 🙂 After all, Capricorn lady is still a woman. She still needs love. Like all other women, Capricorn lady wants to feel love and be loved. It will definitely a period when Capricorn lady questions herself why other couples seem so happy when they are together. She wonders if she has a boyfriend, will she be happy like other couples she has been seen?

In a short moment, a Capricorn lady feels jealous when she doesn’t have a boyfriend yet.

And then 🙂 there is one thing I love about Capricorn lady when she feels jealous in those moments.

Unlike other women, Capricorn lady chooses to work and put her efforts to gain that.

I mean people jealous usually because that person doesn’t have one thing which another person has. And Capricorn lady won’t mind taking time to build, to create the thing she doesn’t own yet. When Capricorn lady achieves what she secretly jealous in the past, she will be happier.

All about Capricorn Woman – starting with K

Don’t you feel Capricorn woman is kind when she doesn’t steal something, someone at the jealous moments?

However, Capricorn woman chooses people to be kind to. And her kindness has a limited amount too. Her family where she is born from, it’s granted for her kindness. Outside it… everyone else… Capricorn woman doesn’t guarantee how kind she is.

For some close friends, Capricorn ladies might help to do some homework from school. She still reminds her friends that they need to put their own efforts. What she does is helping in the short term.

And the kindness for Capricorn woman’s husband hihi it’s still unknown. One reason is hidden in her Moon Sign and her Venus planet. For initial about the Sun Sign Capricorn woman, the kindness to her husband express in the way how Capricorn woman takes care of her husband. I have not become Capricorn woman’s husband yet 😛 If you are the husband of one Capricorn woman, can you share how your wife kind to you?

It’s one kind of knowledge. Capricorn woman also urges to have more knowledge. Since a young age, Capricorn lady knows and understand clearly: in this modern world, knowledge and information are the necessaries. She needs to have knowledge!!! For her school study -> for her job -> for her future life.

All about Capricorn Woman – starting with L

The first thing starting with “L”. LIARS are the one special thing Capricorn woman HATE THE MOST. As the first part “all about Capricorn woman”, honest is the thing she cherishes the most.

And the next “L” word is love and like. At a young age, Capricorn ladies will experience lust/like when she has a boyfriend. As time passes, and she becomes more mature, love means more important. It will be because of love, Capricorn woman will choose one good man to become her husband.

…Most of the cases… Capricorn ladies would experience the failure of first love in her life. In some cases, Capricorn lady is lucky to have a happy ending first love. 🙂 sometimes, Luck counts as one capacity.

Libra is the Moon Sign of my second Capricorn girlfriend…My Mars planet is in Libra-> It means I am attracted to my second Capricorn girlfriend’s Moon Sign. However… long time… Moon Libra can make me lose my temper… For simple understanding, Libra is Air Sign and my Moon Sign is Sagittarius which is Fire. The more air comes in, the more fire becomes… It’s warm at the moment…Until the peak point… the heat climbs up…the fire burns everything…

A leader is another important word about Capricorn woman. Well…it doesn’t need to explain more since it’s a natural gift for all Sun Sign Capricorn. In other words, Capricorn’s destiny is becoming a business owner. Being a leader is just one preparation step. Take a look to your Capricorn in your network, do you feel all Capricorn Sun Sign has the ability of the great leader?

All about Capricorn Woman – starting with M

Hmmm… For the letter “M” about Capricorn woman… I can find only one. It’s about Mountains. I guess it’s nature call for Capricorn XD somehow, Capricornians like to climb on the top of mountains. Even they can not move the physical body.

They still set up their goals like a mountain. They prepare step by step. The next step has a little higher position than the previous one. It will look like the mountain “foot”-> go up slowly to the middle mountain-> slowly go to higher.

Once Capricornians reach the top already-> they will prepare for the next adventure climbing to another higher mountain. It is true for both mountains in physical and in their carrier.

All about Capricorn Woman – starting with N

If need to choose only one word, I will choose “negative”. Actually, Capricornians try to avoid as much as can when it involves “negative”. For example with my current Capricorn girlfriend, we agree we will abandon and don’t care about negative things. We choose to look at the brighter side where happiness and joy take place. The negative things will stay at problems.-> we will need to solve the problems. -> no need to let “negative” effects on us.

Therefore, my current Capricorn girlfriend usually said:” it doesn’t matter”… Sometimes, I really don’t understand what is matters to her. Sometimes, I completely understand what she means haha

When you change the viewpoint into “necessary”, you will understand what Capricorn woman eyes on. Capricorn woman focuses the most on the necessaries thing. If she feels it is not the need-> she would skip.

For example about Capricorn woman love. In the love life, we have many things to build in the relationship. For Capricorn woman, she would like to drop off all the rest things. She would focus on the love only. She would not mind about her partner’s good looking or not, his education background, his financial status, his social rank, his flaws, etc.

She needs to know what is love between two people and how to express her love. She also asks one necessary: she wants her partner to love her back for the sincere heart. No betrayal. No cheating… Aigoo~ it takes me a while to remember the word “cheating”… I know the word, but it never stays in my life dictionary. When I get to know my first Capricorn girlfriend, I start to forget permanently that word “cheating” in our relationship. I am brave to share the reasons for breaking up with my first Capricorn girlfriend are other reasons… it’s about family situations from each side… the main reason is I follow my family to move to the USA in 2014… Before the immigration comes… my first Capricorn girlfriend and I… not stay together…

(sometimes I blame my first Capricorn girlfriend is stupid… We could have a long-distance relationship…but she chooses to give up at that time…-> However, thank for it XD I have met my current Capricorn girlfriend who I want to get married and live the whole life together hihi)

All about Capricorn Woman – starting with O

Hmmm… “O” I have the word “open” only… Maybe I don’t think about many details… Maybe it’s the main point about Capricorn woman hihi

First, Capricorn woman is the open-mind. She’s willing to learn new things. For the final purpose: become a better version of herself.

Second, she is open to some specific people only. The group has her closed friends and her future husband. Even with her boyfriends… Capricorn woman won’t be open so much. She won’t share all her ideas, all her things for boyfriends.

Third, Capricorn woman is “open” in the bed haha She is not very strict. Even she likes traditional, you will have some surprises haha I can not tell what are they. Each Capricorn woman is different. Plus, it’s privacy for each couple, right? I don’t need to talk further. And I know you understand what I mean here

All about Capricorn Woman – starting with P

For the letter “P” about Capricorn woman, I have 5 words:

  • Pain
  • Patience
  • Pressure
  • Pretty
  • Promise

About the First word “Pain”… Capricorn woman shares one this behavior with Cancer woman… They both work hard in the job. When they have some pains from the job… they don’t complain… They stand with it. They usually keep the pain to themselves…

When Capricorn woman and Cancer woman have sad things, they would find one quiet corner-> slowly “gnawing” the pain…

In love life, at some points, Capricorn woman still keeps that behavior. Aigoo~ other people only see the strong image of Capricorn woman…they don’t have the chance to see her pains…Thus, I remind myself all the time when I am with Capricorn lady: Don’t hurt Capricorn lady! she’s cute and she deserves to be loved and love. And I still believe it’s worth with Capricorn lady only. Hehe, I guess I have experienced some pains before I meet all three Capricorn girlfriends so I am empathy with them easily.

In order to do that, I need to learn how to be patient. Until now…being patient is the most difficult lesson for my Moon Sign Sagittarius. Even my moon sign Sagittarius knows there is something, some events can not be hurried. Sometimes, we need to slow down and enjoy. I cherish the time being with Capricorn lady because they teach me to be more patient. When Capricorn ladies see me like that, they mirror and start to patient more 🙂 somehow, it turns into a game: who will be more patient, win.

Another internal reason is Capricorn’s lady belief. Somehow, from a young age, all Capricorn ladies realize when she stays patiently, some good things will come to her. -> this only happens with Capricorn lady 🙂 When other Zodiac try this method, I do not guarantee it will worth it!

Sometimes, being patient is the only choice during the pressure. To Capricorn women, pressure good effect and bad effects exist in the loop. Other women don’t like the pressure at all (special Sagittarius Zodiac haha)

At first, pressure brings some good effects to Capricorn woman because it brings out her ability and capacity. It’s weird, but the more pressure Capricorn woman feels, the better her performance. Pressure now stays as motivation.

And then…the pressure continuously is on in a long time… It leads to a bad effect. Capricorn woman not often can feel this pressure’s bad effect…

The bad effect which my first Capricorn girlfriend receives is the scars… Actually, it is the prof left-over after her commit suicide doesn’t success…

Keep the promise is the purpose when Capricorn women accept the pain, being patient, stand under the pressure… Seem like Capricorn woman learns this by herself. The promise is the essential ingredient to build trust in the business. Maybe that is where Capricorn woman learns from. She usually makes the promise that she knows she can keep it happen for sure. With some unrealistic promises, Capricorn woman doesn’t make the decision quickly.

About the last word with the letter “P” hihi, I think it’s only me who sees Capricorn woman is pretty. I mean about her normal face without makeup.

We will continue the rest of Alphabet all about Capricorn woman in the next post. 🙂

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