Since the Chronaturacity Door opens freely within the first ten days of Aries month, we need to prepare a few things before discovering Chronaturacity.[Today is the 6th day already]. Just like other travel trips you have been done: preparing some clothes, getting to know in advance a few things about the destination, map around, local embassy, local foodies, getting alarmed with some culture shocks, tattoos, etc.

As Chronaturacity is an astrological world, let’s Gne informs some basic knowledge about Astrology before we enter the world.

[If you have known some knowledge about 12 horoscopes or 12 Zodiac signs already, it’s great, but Gne will say it doesn’t enough for Chronaturacity since the world is more complicated than it.]

The first thing you need to know before the Chronaturacity trip is about Astrology Birth Chart.

What is Astrology Birth Chart?

Natal Birth Chart is another common name for Astrology Birth Chart.

The natal chart is the basic chart or starting point for other horoscopes. It is often not possible to interpret these other charts without reference to the natal chart. A natal chart or nativity usually refers to the birth of a person, whereas a radix chart could refer either to birth or to the moment of an event in mundane or electional astrology, or the moment of a question in horary astrology.

Astro Wiki.

Astrology Birth Chart is a visual circle chart having three major factors:

  • 12 Horoscopes or 12 Zodiac signs that are fixed in order-> Starting with Aries (when we are now – the Aries Month) -> Taurus -> Gemini -> Cancer -> Leo -> Virgo -> Libra -> Scorpio -> Sagittarius -> Capricorn -> Aquarius -> final is Pisces.
  • 12 Astrological Houses-> it’s marked from 1 to 12. Each house has their own meaning.
  • Planets. Astrology only counts 12 planets in our solar system. Not like Astronomy and Cosmology where they always discover many new celestials body of the Universe.
  • Even it’s literally 12 planets, but modern astrologers only work on 10 planets. There are in order: Sun -> Moon -> Mercury -> Venus -> Mars -> Jupiter -> Saturn -> Uranus -> Neptune -> Pluto
  • You read right about the Sun and the Moon. To astrologers, they count Sun and Moon as planets since they have a major influence on the individual in Earth.

Below is our current USA President birth chart as an example.

Donald Trump Astrology Birth Chart

As you can see in the Planets small table, it’s 13 in it. The “Mean Node, Chiron, Lilith” are those unusual planets as astrologers interpret the individual birth chart. With some expert astrologers, they will explain some about Chiron Planet. And about Mean Node, Lilith…honestly Gne doesn’t know yet. We will learn about those two unusual planets when they have some aspects with our Earth.

When you look at this chart the first time, you won’t understand at all. You only skim one information which is about your Sun Sign. Thus, you don’t need to hurry or overwhelmed about reading, understanding this birth chart. -> the job relates to the interpretation which you need to learn by the time (if you are interested)

🙂 For Chronaturacity trip, Gne suggests you remember three main factors inside your own birth chart:

  • The Sun Sign
  • The Moon Sign
  • And the AC – short for Ascendant – when the Sun rises.

Sharing about the Sun – Moon – AC signs

If you have a little problem for remember those three main factors : the Sun sign, the Moon sign and the AC sign. Here is one small idea could help.

Gne reads this idea from somewhere, but Gne can’t find the source information.

The idea is you should imagine those three main factors as a cocktail drink :3

As Gne shares before, Chronaturacity door can be open inside each individual-> and you can “taste someone cocktail” hihi.

This time, Gne is volunteer to be an example.

My three main factors inside Gne Astrology Birth Chart are:

  • Sun Sign locates in Virgo
  • Moon Sign moves in Sagittarius
  • AC sign arms in Pisces.

It means way at the bottom, it’s Sagittarius flavor-> above is Virgo beauty -> and way over the top where you drink the very first is the Pisces.

In your point of view, you will “taste” the order: AC -> SUN -> MOON.

Here is an illustration about Gne “cocktail” XD

Horoscope cocktail

How to get Astrology Birth Chart? (free XD)

And now is the how to get your own customized birth chart XD -> yes, it’s unique birth chart only for you because it’s based on your own birthday. Don’t worry if you share the same birthday with other million people. You are still unique!

Click on the button below-> it will link you directly to Cafe Astrology blog about “how to obtain free chart” -> then you just follow their directions-> have fun with Cafe Astrology there!

For Gne, my first recommendation is Astro website. It’s simple because Gne still uses their free services hehe, so Gne shares with you the source :3

For Astro site, it has 5 steps, a little more complex than Cafe Astrology software, but it’s represented more traditional style 🙂

Step 1: Click on the button below.

The button will open a new tab in your browser-> and link to Astro dot com website. To Gne, those two websites – Astro and Cafe Astrology – are the best two websites that provide a free service obtaining birth chart. The birth charts from those two websites are of high quality and much more detail than the rest sites.

By the way, the above chart is an example from Astro site.

Step 2: Click on their “Free Horoscope” menu-> look at the third column-> choose the “Natal chart, Ascendant”. That is one way. You can type in the keyword “natal chart” in the searching bar.

Astro natal chart

Step 3: Make your choice. Astro website gives you two options:

  • Option 1: You continue to use their birth chart software as a guess-> create your own birth chart.
  • Option 2: Or you can register a free profile with them. Gne registers mine 🙂 Gne has used the software to get the natal birth chart of my little sister and a few more people around Gne.
Astro login

Step 4: Fill all information that you know so far in their “Birth Entry Data” software.

Astro birth chart data entry

There are some must-know information:

  • Your Christian-based Calendar with the format DD/MM/YYYY
  • Your Place of birth-> it mentions to the city where you were born, or the town of the country 🙂 no need to put the hospital address or the resident address if it was.
  • Your exactly (or close enough) hour of your birth-> it means what time during the day that your mother gave birth of you? -> Were you born at 1 AM in the early morning or at 7 PM night? -> if you don’t know this information, ask your mother if she still alive and remember-> Even your mother has a poor memory as result of aging, the estimate or close enough hour is still fine. However, this information is a must-have. If you choose unknown for this information, the birth chart result won’t be very accurate. Gne tries a few times… Missing the hour birth leads to a mishave. The place of Moon and other planets are mess up-> leading a misinterpretation.
  • -> One special thing about this is the difference between an individual and Twin children or Triple children. If it’s a case, you will need special software for twin birth chart. Perhaps triple as well -.- Gne sees one twin birth chart, but Gne hasn’t seen a natal birth chart of triple children.-> It would be interesting :3
  • Your full name -> well, this does not really matter since it’s for distinguishing from this individual with other.
  • Last is the gender-> Gne doesn’t mean offense here, but the gender here is classified as an individual, not about the event (aka mundane)

Step 5: hit their button “continue” -> you don’t need to made anything extra-> the software understands you are using their defaut.

If you want to customise your own birth chart with different display, you can do it as well 🙂

At Step 2 above, you need to choose “Extended Chart Selection” instead of “Natal chart, Ascendant”. There, there are some box for you to play around -> Gne played a little bit, but Gne still can’t read the chart yet haha since Gne chose the chart for two partners 😛

Final about Astrology Birth Chart

This Astrology Birth Chart can be use for an event or other things too (for example, travel). If you wonder how the event birth chart looks like-> here is one example about the day when all Christian celebrates their Christ Jesus.

Christmas event birth chart

This Astrology Birth Chart plays like your identity in Chronaturacity. You will be answered about it as you enter Chronaturacity door. We will meet at the main gatekeeper – Cephalate. He also is the guardian for the Aries World – where we will discover first 😛

Still Happy birthday Aries! 🙂

Aries birthday

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